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Hill Climb Racing Tips & Tricks To Beat The Game Like It’s Nothing


Hill Climb Racing is not your regular run-of-the-mill racing game. Don’t be fooled by the simple graphics and gameplay.

- Updated: 29th Dec 2022, 14:39 IST
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    Top 5 Hill Climb Racing Hacks To Win Every Game
    • 1. Don’t speed up unnecessarily
    • 2. Know when to hit the brakes
    • 3. Use the right upgrades
    • 4. Get those cars!
    • 5. Keep a check on your fuel
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    Should you download Hill Climb Racing MOD Apk?
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    Happy Climbing!

There are some games that have set an unbeatable benchmark when it comes to mobile gaming. Hill Climb Racing is one such game that you have probably heard of a lot. You have probably even devoted tens of thousands of hours playing the game. It is that addictive, and for good reasons.

Remember playing Alto’s Adventure for hours on end? It is mostly because the background score and overall setting gave off a very peaceful vibe. That, along with undertones of seamless gameplay is what made Alto’s Adventure such a brilliant game. You won’t be able to stop Hill Climb Racing for its challenging missions. Don’t be fooled by the simple design and cartoony graphics of the game.

Hill Climb Racing is a lot more than what meets the eye. Some levels can keep you playing them for weeks on end, trying to beat them. To avoid that and the frustration that tags along, we have put together a list of the best Hill Climb Racing hacks to keep you winning these levels.

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Top 5 Hill Climb Racing Hacks To Win Every Game

1. Don’t speed up unnecessarily

Of course, accelerating is the vital element to win at any racing game. However, Hill Climb Racing is not remotely close to being one of them.

Instead, here you need to use the slow-and-steady-wins-the-race formula to win. If anything, Hill Climb Racing is not about going all fast and furious.

You really need to keep a check on the speed of your vehicle in the game. A little extra throttling and you will end up breaking your neck.

Hill Climb Racing Accelerating The Right Way

Pro Tip: Try not pressing down on the accelerate button. Tap on it and release it as the speed increases. Prevents your vehicle from flipping over.

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2. Know when to hit the brakes

Talking about breaking your neck, it does bring us to the next point. Appropriate braking is of utmost importance in Hill Climb Racing. When you master the break, sorry, brake, you will easily know how to get out of tricky situations.

However, braking unnecessarily will also make you flip your car. Definitely, one of the best Hill Climb Racing hacks when mastered!

Pro Tip: If your car is on the verge of flipping, try using the brakes immediately to return to a favourable position.

Hill Climb Racing Know When To Hit The Brakes

3. Use the right upgrades

Upgrades are everything in not just Hill Climb Racing, but in any game. Makes everything easier. They can be super useful Hill Climb Racing hacks too, when used in the right way. Here’s what each of the upgrades do:

Hill Climb Racing Upgrade Hacks And Tips
  • Engine: If you are facing difficulties climbing on steeper lands, upgrade your engine.
  • Suspension: Improves the overall handling of your car.
  • Tires: Upgrading your tires helps in braking and accelerating more accurately.
  • 4WD: Adds to the better handling of your car. Upgrade this alongside your Suspension for superior handling.

The latest version of the game does not showcase the upgrade part names. Instead, you get to see icons. We have mentioned what each of these upgrades does in a left-to-right sequence. We have also added an image to make understanding the upgrades system easier. You can also tap on a particular part to reveal its name. Hope that helps!

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4. Get those cars!

HCR Cars

It is important to not hoard gold in the game. Use your accumulated gold to purchase newer cars. Not only will they keep you from getting bored, it will also help you win each level significantly easily.

5. Keep a check on your fuel

HCR Fuel Cannisters

You have to make sure that you are not going too slow. That consumes more fuel and once you do run out of it, it’s game over. So, keep a steady speed throughout and try to grab those fuel canisters while you still have time.

Bonus Tip: You may face a situation where your car flips partially and does not move by either accelerating or braking. In that case, just restart the level. There’s no way to undo this, sadly.

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Should you download Hill Climb Racing MOD Apk?

If you have been using Android devices for a long time now, you should know how malicious third-party apps can be. More so, if these apps are MOD apks of sort. These MOD apks are modified applications that hack the game into giving you what you are looking for.

For example, with Hill Climb Racing MOD Apks, you can expect to get unlimited Gold or Fuel or similar resources. This will easily help you progress in the game, for sure.

But, is it safe? Absolutely not. These MOD Apks are malicious in nature and can get access to your sensitive information and files. So, in no way do we promote the usage of such applications. You should always use the legit version of the game, downloaded from the respective stores (Google Play Store and App Store).

Happy Climbing!

Now that you are equipped with the most important Hill Climb Racing hacks or tips, you should be able to progress in the game easily. Moreover, these tips and tricks do not just apply to the original Hill Climb Racing. You can also use these tips for Hill Climb Racing 2 as the game mechanics remain exactly the same.

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