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10 Most Played Mobile Games In The World That You Should Play Too!


Free Fire and PUBG surely did break all records. However, they are not the only games that did so. You will be surprised to know what the most played mobile game in the world is!

- Updated: 11th Jun 2024, 22:59 IST
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    Most Played Mobile Games In The World – Top 5 List
    • 1. Garena Free Fire
    • 2. Roblox
    • 3. Subway Surfers
    • 4. Stumble Guys
    • 5. Among Us
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    Mobile Games To Check Out – Honourable Mentions
    • 1. PUBG Mobile
    • 2. Candy Crush Saga
    • 3. Ludo King
    • 4. Pokemon Go
    • 5. Clash of Clans
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    Final Thoughts

Mobile gaming is undoubtedly the biggest thing right now. From titles like Subway Surfers and Free Fire, there are several titles that can be referred to as the most played mobile games in the world. However, since 2020, we have seen the rise and fall of several of these titles. India has been the hotspot of games like PUBG Mobile and Garena FF.

However, ever since their ban due to the ongoing India-China tension, things have taken a drastic turn. Games like Ludo King, Among Us and a variety of other games, came to the spotlight and gained immense popularity.

By the end of the day, it all comes down to those numbers. From how many downloads the games have accumulated around the globe to their daily active player count, we will take it all into account. That is the best way to determine the most played mobile games in the world right now. It is time to now take a look at the list!

Most Played Mobile Games In The World – Top 5 List

1. Garena Free Fire

Most Played Mobile Games In The World Garena Free Fire

Downloads: Over 1 Billion

Daily Active Players: Around 150 Million

Region Most Played In: Indonesia and Brazil

When you play a mobile game, especially a battle royale, you don’t want lags. Neither do you want to face terrible frame drops or way too high system requirements. These issues are a common occurrence among players who play on entry-level or mid-range devices.

What makes Garena Free Fire so amazing is that it did not require you to have a flagship smartphone. You can easily play it on a gaming mobile phone under Rs. 15,000. Additionally, the game does not rely on super accurate aiming as even the aiming is comparatively easier than games like Call of Duty Mobile and BGMI.

That makes it a beginner-friendly game. On top of that, each of the characters in the game give you unique abilities. This allows you to play the game in uncountable different ways. While you are at it, you will also know which character you use the best.

However, the problem is that Free Fire was recently banned in India. So, you are left with Free Fire MAX. It is basically the same game. Just more enhanced graphically. So, you can try it out instead:

Google Play Store | App Store

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2. Roblox

Roblox Most Popular Mobile Game For Kids

Downloads: Nearly 383 Million

Daily Active Players: Roughly 56.7 Million

Region Most Played In: United States and Canada

Roblox is, what you may call, the Minecraft of 5 to 12 year old children. Teenagers and adults play it as well. However, it is the most popular among children, and for valid reasons. Roblox is a game that allows you to make other games. You can create and publish games for other players to play.

This automatically allows you for a child’s creativity to bloom. Moreover, this is a great game for parents to play with their children and spend some quality time on a peculiar off day. Roblox is super fun and we won’t lie, we were addicted for a while. You should try it too!

Google Play Store | App Store

3. Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers

Downloads: Over 3 Billion

Daily Active Users: 32 million

Region Most Played In: India

We bet you can already hear the theme song in your mind as soon as you saw Subway Surfers pop up. Don’t worry, you are alright. We hear it too! This is just such good a game. After Temple Run, this is that one game that used to be on every single person’s phone, gamer or not.

This is not meant for you to be a hardcore gamer. It is meant for you to spend countless hours and try to constantly see your friend’s high score and try to beat it in the leaderboards. This game can never be not fun and that is what makes it one of the most played mobile games in the world.

What is commendable is that the developers still roll out updates and release new locations to play on. That makes the game seem different every time you play it. Kudos to Kiloo and SYBO for blessing us with this simple masterpiece.

Google Play Store | App Store

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4. Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys Most Played Mobile Games In The World

Downloads: 265 Million

Region Most Played In: 30 Million

Most Popular Country: UK

If you have played Fall Guys on PC, you will totally dig Stumble Guys. It is basically the same thing, but on a mobile phone. With more mobile-optimised visuals and a massive 30-player lobby, this game can provide all the fun you need.

Join a Discord channel, add your friends and play this. We guarantee you that you will probably share some of the most preciously funny moments ever. Recently, the game pretty much blew up in the UK and the US. From the looks of it, this is just the beginning of success for the Stumble Guys. No wonder this is one of the most played mobile games in the world, having released just last year.

Google Play Store | App Store

5. Among Us

Among Us Most Played Mobile Games In The World

Downloads: 530 Million

Daily Active Players: Around 15 Million

Region Most Played In: United States

Among Us is a notoriously popular game that works on the fundamental elements of human psychology. So, it can actually get real toxic real fast. We have had our fair share of experiences. Let’s not get into that. But, this is not your regular mobile game. Let’s establish that first.

The funky upbeat graphics can mask the dark nature of the game pretty well. And, that is exactly what makes it so much fun and still a widely loved game today. This is another game that broke the internet during the COVID-19 crisis. However, the game never really lost its player base much. It is still one of the most played mobile games in the world!

Google Play Store | App Store

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Mobile Games To Check Out – Honourable Mentions

1. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Official OG Banner

Downloads: 1.3 Billion

Daily Active Players: 30 Million

Region Most Played In: China & South Korea

The mere mention of PUBG Mobile brings back so many memories. This game changed it all. PUBG Mobile was the title that made battle royales so insanely popular across the globe. Especially, handheld battle royales. Even now, people prefer battle royale games over anything. It is exactly why the entire gaming community looks forward to upcoming battle royale titles like Call of Duty Warzone Mobile.

Most importantly, this game created the careers of so many talented gamers in the world. Mobile gaming started receiving equal importance in the eSports world because of games like this. Additionally, India became one of the leading countries at the eSports world stage because of PUBG Mobile.

This is exactly why there was a major rampage when the game was banned in India. Sadly, BGMI, its Indian counterpart, met the same fate. Hopefully, Indian players will soon get to see a comeback of BGMI.

Since both PUBG Mobile and BGMI are banned in India, you can try PUBG New State instead:

Google Play Store | App Store

2. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Most Played Mobile Game In The World

Downloads: Over 3.4 Billion

Daily Active Players: Roughly 10 Million

Region Most Played In: United States

Candy Crush Saga needs absolutely no introduction. This is another title that has been around for a decade now. Guess what? People who started playing way back then have finally started completing the game after all these years. That’s how addictive the game can get.

Besides, don’t be fooled by the simple user interface of this gem fest. As it goes on, the sheer challenge it presents will make you want to quit the game and install it all over again. We just can’t get enough of Candy Crush Saga and so can’t you!

Google Play Store | App Store

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3. Ludo King

Ludo King Best Popular Mobile Game

Downloads: Over 800 Million

Daily Active Players: Approximately 10 Million

Region Most Played In: India

Ludo King rose to fame during some trying times when everyone had no other option but to stay at home. Yes, we are talking about the COVID-19 crisis that hit us back in 2020. It’s been two years already, eh? Well, the game did arrive as a major life saver to spend some quality time with friends and family.

The Ludo King player base skyrocketed from 15 million to a whopping 60 million in the same year. Maybe there are not so many players that play it now as life is all busy all over again. However, the game is still a staple in the mobile gaming community and enjoyed by millions on a daily basis even in 2022.

Google Play Store | App Store

4. Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Best Popular Mobile Games

Downloads: Over 1 Billion

Active Players: Around 8 Million

Region Most Played In: United States

Remember when Pokemon Go basically broke the internet with news of several accidents and parents expressing their concerns? The game did have a couple of major hiccups because of the concept it was based on. However, being the very first of its kind back in the day, it deservingly made the headlines.

Believe it or not, the game is still one of the most played mobile games in the United States. The amount of player base in the region alone makes it one of the most played titles in the world. You get the idea now.

There are several reasons for it. United States has always been a hotspot for all the major Pokemon Go contests and live events. There is just so much happening in the US for the game. If only the developers could do the same for other regions. Then, you probably won’t have to come across deserted and haunted Pokemon Go Gyms at your location anymore.

Google Play Store | App Store

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5. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans Banner

Downloads: Around 700 Million

Active Players: 1.87 Million

Region Most Played In: United States

Clash of Clans has been around for as long as we can quite possibly remember. It is undoubtedly one of those games that revolutionised modern-day strategy mobile gaming. The game has been going strong since its inception way back in 2012.

Surely, the player base has gone down over the years, but that doesn’t stop SuperCell from still making major changes in the game. If you used to be a Clash of Clans player, you will be stunned if you come back to the game.

Chances are you will probably be overwhelmed into leaving the game. Maybe that is the problem. The content has become way too complex for returning players who are just looking for that sense of nostaliga. However, the game is still amazing and is one of the most played mobile games in the world for several reasons.

Google Play Store | App Store

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a casual gamer or a serious gamer, there is something or the other in here for you. These are some of the most played mobile games in the world for a reason. The respective developers have spent years trying to perfect these games in terms of playability and content. Subway Surfers still roll out new locations for their players to enjoy.

Garena Free Fire and PUBG Mobile still roll out fresh content on a monthly and weekly basis for their players to enjoy. It goes without saying that there’s no stopping mobile gaming. Mobile games will continue to dominate and this list, be updated with every major change in the sphere. So, stay tuned!

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Highlights of the Story

  • A mobile game’s success can easily be determined by how many downloads it has.
  • It can also be determined by the number of active players playing a game currently.
  • Based on these numbers, we bring to you a list of the most played mobile games in the world!