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Epic Games Christmas Sale 2022: 15 Free Games Up For Grabs This Year!


From acquiring 15 free games to getting a flat 25 per cent discount on your gaming purchase, the Epic Games Christmas Sale 2022 is bound to be legendary. Check out more about this upcoming sale right here!

- Updated: 2nd Jan 2023, 13:44 IST
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    Epic Games Christmas Sale Date
  • 2
    Epic Games Christmas Sale Schedule
  • 3
    Epic Games Upcoming Free Games List
    • December 15 to December 16 – Bloons TD 6
    • December 16 to December 17 – Horizon Chase Turbo
    • December 17 to December 18 – Costume Quest 2
    • December 18 to December 19 – Sable
    • December 19 to December 20 – Them’s Fightin’ Herds
    • December 20 to December 21 – Wolfenstein: The New Order
    • December 21 to December 22 – LEGO Builder’s Journey
    • December 22 to December 23 – Fallout Classic Collection
    • December 23 to December 24 – Encased
    • December 24 to December 25 – Metro: Last Light Redux
    • December 25 to December 26 – Death Stranding
    • December 26 to December 27 – F.I.S.T. Forged In Shadow Torch
    • December 27 to December 28 – Severed Steel
    • December 28 to December 29 – Mortal Shell
    • December 29 to January 5 – Special
  • 4
    Epic Games Christmas Free Games List
    • Epic Games Mystery Game Predictions
  • 5
    What about the Epic coupon?
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    Frequently Asked Questions
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    Summing up

When you want to buy games for PC, your two best options are either Epic Games Store or Steam. However, with the Epic Games Christmas Sale 2022, it seems like Epic Games might be edging ahead of the competition. The Epic Games Store is known for periodically providing some excellent games to the public for absolutely free. Multiple sales throughout the year often reduce the price of decent games by a considerable margin. Moreover, with Christmas around the corner, it’s the perfect time to purchase your favourite games due to the sheer amount of sales!

So, if you were looking to purchase your next big game but couldn’t afford it, start saving today. The Epic Games Christmas Sale 2022 is just around the corner, and we’ll tell you all you need to know about this amazing upcoming sale. Let’s get started, shall we?

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Epic Games Christmas Sale Date

Epic Games Christmas Sale 2022 Schedule

Although Epic Games Store hasn’t revealed the sale’s start date, we do have some idea when it may begin. According to a documentation site leak, the sale will begin on December 15. Apart from this, the Epic Games Store will also line up 15 free games for their consumers!

There’s another piece of good news to this too – the sale is meant to last for quite a long time. To be precise, the Epic Games Christmas Sale 2022 will last for three weeks. Additionally, from December 8, 2022, to December 10, 2022, Epic Games will also host The Game Awards Sale. However, there will be a crucial difference between the two sales.

The Game Awards Sale will be a regular sale, featuring heavy discounts on popular games. These games will be decided upon based on their critical and audience acclaim. Moreover, the Epic Games Christmas Sale 2022 will feature the return of the Epic coupon. For games with a live component, players will also receive free cosmetic giveaways. Lastly, an extensive catalogue of games will feature heavy discounts. Additionally, discounts can be gained through the use of the Epic Coupon, up to 25 per cent!

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Epic Games Christmas Sale Schedule

The Epic Games Christmas Sale 2022 schedule has been released as well. According to the documentation leak, the sale will run from December 15, 2022, to January 5, 2023. We saw this particular type of sale the previous year as well. So, if the Epic Games Store follows the same pattern of game giveaways, we should be in for a treat!

Epic Games Upcoming Free Games List

Let’s take a look at the possible Epic Games new mystery game giveaway schedule below:

December 15 to December 16 – Bloons TD 6

Epic Games Christmas Sale Bloons TD 6 For Free

Initially an Android and iOS game, Bloons TD 6 is a tower defense game that was ported to Microsoft Windows. It’s got excellent reviews, with a 10/10 on Steam. You can download the game from the Epic Games Store official site!

Key Features:

  • Excellent visuals
  • Intense gameplay
  • Power-packed 4-Player Co-Op Mode

December 16 to December 17 – Horizon Chase Turbo

Horizon Chase Turbo Multiplayer Gameplay

Remember when split-screen multiplayer racing games were the go-to back in the day? Well, you can experience that all over again in 2022 with Horizon Chase Turbo. This game is not about stellar hyper-realistic graphics. It is about nostalgia and a super fun split-screen racing game to play with friends. Download it here!

Key Features:

  • 4K graphics
  • Classic-style nostalgic racing elements
  • 4-player multiplayer
  • Variety of different content to explore

December 17 to December 18 – Costume Quest 2

Costume Quest 2 Gameplay

This sequel to the fan-favourite 2011 release, Costume Quest, takes elements from the original and betters on it. From the RPG-style gameplay improvements to more costumes to try and overall wacky gameplay, this is a fun game to try. Download it here!

Key Features:

  • Halloween-themed landscapes to play on
  • Elements of comedy for a light-hearted experience
  • Several spooky and fun costumes to try

December 18 to December 19 – Sable

Epic Games Christmas Sale Sable For Free

Sable is one unique open world game that you do not want to miss out on playing this Christmas. You play as Sable, a character that you need to guide through a beautiful world. You have your hoverbike to explore everything from ruins to deserts and more. The unique art style is something that you won’t easily forget. Download it here!

Key Features:

  • Open-World
  • Gorgeous graphics
  • Adventurous and addictive

December 19 to December 20 – Them’s Fightin’ Herds

Epic Games Christmas Sale Them's Fightin Herds For Free

If you have been a Smash Bros fan, you will love Them’s Fightin’ Herds on PC. This adorable fighting game stands out in a very unique way. Each of the hand-drawn and 2D animated characters actually creates a unique environment. This is something that even some of the more reputed fighting games do not offer. You will not regret downloading this 2020 release for sure. Download it here!

Key Features:

  • Explosive 2D fighting game
  • Multiplayer Mode
  • Upbeat graphics

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December 20 to December 21 – Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein The New Order
Source: Polygon

Wolfenstein: The New Order is the first AAA game that’s available for free in the Epic Games Christmas Sale 2022. This first-person shooter combines frantic action and adventure with some excellent gunplay mechanics and an engaging storyline. If you’re a fan of the original Wolfenstein 3D, you can’t afford to miss this gem for absolutely free! Check it out here.

Key Features:

  • Superb and solid gunplay
  • Noteworthy storytelling
  • Over-the-top set-piece moments

December 21 to December 22 – LEGO Builder’s Journey

LEGO Builder's Journey
Source: Steam

LEGO is possibly one of the most famous franchises in pop culture history. From its unique spin on popular movies to video games, LEGO continues to add value to every block. With LEGO Builder’s Journey, you’re provided with a free-form puzzle and a calm ambience that lets your creative juices flow. You can either follow the instructions or do their complete opposite in order to reach your goal. There’s also a highly engaging narrative that brings in ideas of challenges and celebrations to celebrate the ingenuity of humanity. Overall, this is an exceptionally engaging puzzle game that’s definitely worth your time!

You can download the game from this link.

Key Features:

  • Beautiful atmosphere
  • Engaging puzzle elements
  • Free-form gameplay

December 22 to December 23 – Fallout Classic Collection

Fallout Classic Collection
Source: Steam

For the eighth Epic Games Store free games bonanza, the store has brought us the Fallout Classic Collection. In recent years, the Fallout series has provided us with classics such as Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, and Fallout 4. However, this classic collection takes you back to the game’s roots, especially with an isometric viewpoint. The Fallout games, at the very beginning, were quite different from what we see today. They feature deeper role-playing mechanics with a more strategised focus on action. In fact, they set the bar for the role-playing games that we see today. So, if you’re in the mood for some retro gaming, the Fallout Classic Collection is just what you need. Download the game here!

Key Features:

  • Deep progression mechanics
  • Remastered retro graphics
  • Endless level of content
  • Three complete games for free

December 23 to December 24 – Encased

Source: Steam

You’ll find plenty of survival action RPGs on the market. However, very few of those will be similar to Encased. This particular RPG combines tactical gameplay with a dystopian sci-fi future for a truly unique context and overall gameplay. With Encased, the in-game possibilities are almost endless. Each choice that you make in the game can and will have an effect on the larger story. Due to this system with multiple endings, you’ll find many opportunities for replaying the game. From choosing the right companions to knowing when to run away from a difficult fight, Encased will challenge you at all times.

Key Features:

  • Lots of in-game choices
  • Vast open world ready for exploration
  • The story unfolds based on players’ decisions

December 24 to December 25 – Metro: Last Light Redux

Metro Last Light Redux
Source: Steam

The Metro FPS series is based on Dmitry Glukhovsky’s novel Metro 2033. Metro: Last Light is the direct sequel to the first game, being set in 2034. The game follows the exploits of a soldier in Moscow, after a devastating post-apocalyptic scenario leaves most of the world in ruins. The world is now ruled by mutated creatures roaming the streets, and the mysterious threat of beings called The Dark Ones is still looming large. In terms of survival horror and first-person shooting mechanics, the game is absolutely fantastic. Moreover, the Redux version provides you with next-generation graphics and improvements to the gameplay. This game isn’t for the faint-hearted but features some of the best shooting mechanics you’ll find in games today.

Key Features:

  • Excellent shooting mechanics
  • Tense and challenging gameplay
  • Engrossing storytelling and overall ambience

December 25 to December 26 – Death Stranding

Death Stranding: Director's Cut open world pc game

Hideo Kojima’s first solo project since leaving Konami, Death Stranding is a game that baffles people to this day. In fact, it’s one of the most polarising high-profile games ever released. With some critics and audiences, you’ll find high praise for the game’s graphics and genre-breaking gameplay mechanics. With others, you’ll find complaints about the game’s slow pace. Regardless of which side you fall on, this is a game worth playing, especially if it’s available for free. Death Stranding may not be too direct with its messages, but it provides a level of gameplay and worldbuilding that you won’t find in most of today’s games.

Make no mistake – the game is complex and will challenge you in multiple ways. However, it’s also a pretty rewarding experience. To find out whether you’ll like the game or not, download it here!

Key Features:

  • Complex and rich story
  • Huge open world to navigate and explore
  • Beautiful graphics and atmosphere

December 26 to December 27 – F.I.S.T. Forged In Shadow Torch

F.I.S.T. Forged In Shadow Torch
Source: Steam

While the name of the twelfth Epic Games free games giveaway might be rather obscure, its gameplay is anything but. This is another Metroidvania game providing nonstop action and an extensive world. The game combines challenging action moments with puzzle and platforming elements to provide you with a wide variety of gameplay. Moreover, controlling an anthropomorphic rabbit with a robotic fist on its back seems more fun than initially expected!

Surprisingly enough for a Metroidvania game, it has some beautiful aesthetics, which are crafted from dieselpunk vibes and Unreal Engine 4. This aesthetic also works flawlessly with the seamless level design and arcade action mechanics. Basically, the Epic Games Christmas Sale 2022 is providing a wonderful hidden gem to the gaming world through F.I.S.T. Forged In Shadow Torch. Don’t miss this game, and download it from this link!

Key Features:

  • Excellent arcade-based combat mechanics
  • Gorgeous aesthetics with a dieselpunk inspiration
  • Seamless level design

December 27 to December 28 – Severed Steel

When it comes to first-person shooters, the genre has seen almost everything. We say almost because Severed Steel might be vastly different from the FPS games that you’ve played before. The game features a cool, futuristic environment with aesthetics inspired by voxels and cyberpunk. There’s also dark electronic music that constantly plays in the background to provide you with an unprecedented adrenaline rush.

However, these are not the selling points of the game. Severed Steel features a protagonist with one arm holding a weapon, jumping off walls and pulling off cool stunts to destroy enemies. The environments are destructible, and the enemy AI is quite intelligent, as none of the AI actions is scripted. Moreover, if you’re a fan of Bullet Time from the Max Payne series, you’re going to love Severed Steel.

If this sounds like a game you’d love to play, check it out here!

Key Features:

  • Cool aesthetics and background music
  • Aggressive gameplay with Bullet Time
  • Clever enemy AI provides a challenge

December 28 to December 29 – Mortal Shell

It’s easy to underestimate the influence that From Software games have had on the action RPG genre. From Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order to games like The Surge, the difficult combat mechanics and dangerous environments have caught on with multiple gaming studios. Bearing this in mind, the 14th free game in the Epic Games Christmas Sale 2022 is Mortal Shell. The game has been developed by the indie studio Cold Symmetry and uses Unreal Engine 4 for its gorgeous graphics and aesthetic environments. Mortal Shell was released in 2020 to some great reviews for its unique “health-leeching” mechanic and the “shell” characters.

Basically, there are seven “shells” or prototypes that players can choose from, with each shell having its unique playstyle. Players are allowed to change the shells mid-game if certain conditions are met. The enemies vary largely in design and statistics, but all of them are brutal in combat. Mortal Shell’s combat is as unforgiving as that of its inspiration – Dark Souls. So, if you prefer games that provide you with a sizeable challenge, along with some intriguing plotlines, this may be the game for you. For players who are looking to dive into the world of the Soulsborne games, Mortal Shell could be a more accessible stepping stone and give you a basic idea of what you can expect from such games!

You can check out the game through this link.

Key Features:

  • Unique “shell” mechanic
  • Gorgeous environments and graphics
  • Great variation in boss fights

December 29 to January 5 – Special

The December 29 to January 5, 2023 edition of the Epic Games Christmas Sale provides two free games. These games are Eximius: Seize the Frontline and Dishonored – Definitive Edition. Both of these games are free to claim up to January 5, 2023. Let’s check them out below:

Eximius: Seize the Frontline

If you want to try a rather different multiplayer shooter game, Eximius: Seize the Frontline could be the new challenge that you’re looking for. This game features a complex RTS (Real-Time Strategy) and FPS combination that’s very unique in comparison to its competitors. The gameplay primarily features 5v5 battles, with each squad comprising one Commander and four Squad Officers.

This squad-based combat is made more cerebral thanks to the top-down view which forces teams to evaluate every option. Moreover, the environments play a highly crucial role in how you approach each match. You’ll always have to think two steps ahead of your opponent before making your move. In fact, one wrong move could be fatal for the entire squad. With such intense and deep gameplay mechanics, this game combines elements from two genres that aren’t supposed to blend well together. Nonetheless, Eximius: Seize the Frontline has managed to exceed expectations and deliver something truly unique!

You can download the game from this link.

Key Features:

  • Deep, strategic gameplay
  • Can either play as a Commander or Squad Officer, with vastly different mechanics
  • Decent graphics and environments

Dishonored – Definitive Edition

If you’re looking for a AAA gaming title that will knock your socks off, Dishonored – Definitive Edition could be the game you need. The game has been developed by Arkane Studios and was released initially in 2012. The Definitive Edition, with all the added DLC and enhanced graphics, was released in 2012. If you haven’t heard of Dishonored, all you need to know about this game is that it’s been cited by multiple players and critics as one of the best games ever made.

The action and adventure elements in the game, along with the gameplay mechanics and semi-open world provided plenty of freedom to the player. To make things easier, picture a first-person Hitman game set in a Gothic context. From magic to melee combat to traversal, this game has influenced countless others in the years gone by. Furthermore, the game’s “chaos” system fluctuates based on your gameplay style, taking into account violence or friendly fire. As the “chaos” changes, so do your character’s world and the game’s story. However, this still allows you to play the game your way, without compromising on your preferred gaming style. Overall, Dishonored – Definitive Edition is a must-play for any gamer!

To download the game, visit this link.

Key Features:

  • Unique and addictive gameplay mechanics
  • Plenty of player freedom
  • Chaos system dictates the gameworld and the story

In case you’re wondering, the final game giveaway is supposed to last for an entire week. This is because 15 games are confirmed to be on the roster for the giveaway. Moreover, the campaign for the sale is supposed to last for a total of 21 days.

Epic Games Christmas Free Games List

Tomb Raider

The year 2022 has been a fruitful one for gamers. There have been plenty of amazing games which have been released to excellent reviews and audience acclaim. Nonetheless, don’t expect the latest games to be on the giveaway list just yet.

In terms of expectations, you can expect the Epic Games Store to include some popular titles from the past two to three years to get into the list. In the Epic Games Christmas Sale 2021, excellent games like the Tomb Raider Trilogy and Control were on the giveaway list. Considering the quality of these giveaways, gamers will likely see titles such as God of War or Red Dead Redemption 2 to be available for free. However, Epic Games Store hasn’t confirmed the games list yet. So, we’ll have to wait to find out.

Epic Games Mystery Game Predictions

While it’s difficult to accurately predict which mystery game the Epic Games Store will roll out for free, we can gather some ideas on it. According to Reddit user Shy247er, the trophies on the promotional banner look similar to those in Horizon Chase Turbo. This arcade game was initially released on the Nintendo Switch platform.

In case you’re wondering if any AAA games will be given away for free, you’re in luck. A Dealabs user, going by the username billbil-kun, estimated that Mortal Kombat 11 could be an Epic Games Mystery Game for December 19, 2022. This is a possibility, as games that were previously not on the Epic Games Store have joined the client through Holiday events!

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What about the Epic coupon?

The Epic coupon is one of the most popular aspects of sales held by the Epic Games Store. With this coupon, you can avail of a flat 25 per cent off on any game that you choose to purchase. This coupon has been a fan favourite for the past years. However, the Epic Games Store did not release any Epic coupons during major sales in the past six months.

So, the return of this coupon will signal more sales and purchases from customers. If you’re wondering how the coupon works, it’s really quite simple. The coupon is eligible for use if the price of your purchase is $14.99 (INR 1219) or more after any sale discount. Applying this coupon on the purchase will then result in a further 25 per cent reduction in the price!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Epic have a Winter Sale?

Yes. The Epic Games Christmas Sale is the only sale on Epic Games Store during the winter season. Usually, this sale provides massive discounts on AAA games and provides plenty of free games as well.

How long is the Epic Games holiday sale?

The Epic Games holiday sale, or the Epic Games Christmas Sale 2022, will last for three weeks. The event begins on December 15, 2022, and continues until January 5, 2023. If you’ve got Epic Coupons, you can use them on games costing $14.99 (INR 1219) or above, for a flat 25 per cent discount!

How do you get $10 (INR 826) free on Epic Games?

To get the free Epic Games coupon, you’ll have to create an account on Epic Games Store. During this process, you’ll be prompted to sign up for the wishlist alerts and emails from the Epic Games Store. If you sign up for this process, you’ll be rewarded with the coupon!

What is the next free game in Epic Games 2022?

From December 15 onwards, Epic Games Store will be putting up one major game for free. This game will be available for 24 hours, after which another game shall go live for free in its place. This is part of the Epic Games Christmas Sale 2022 selection, and the list of games has not been revealed by the Epic Games Store. At the moment, however, you can get Saints Row IV Re-Elected and Wildcat Gun Machine for free at the Epic Games Store.

Will Epic Games give GTA 5 free again?

Although GTA 5 has been put for free on the Epic Games Store a fair few times, it isn’t available for free right now. However, the game is usually available at the Store for heavy discounts. It may even return for free as one of the leading free games during the Epic Games Christmas Sale 2022. Apart from this, Epic Games Store has not specified if it will release GTA 5 for free anytime soon.

Are free games on Epic Games Store free forever?

Yes. If a game is available for free on Epic Games Store for a limited period, you will just have to claim the game to own it. After that, the game will be available on your Epic Games Store account for free, as long as your account is operational.

Why is Epic Games Store giving so many free games?

The likes of Steam usually dominate the gaming client scene. To compete with this, the Epic Games Store decided to put up a few games for free. This way, they get user engagement and some great reviews. Usually, the games that are made available for free are older yet popular games, such as GTA 5, which was released almost a decade ago. In simpler terms, it’s an effective marketing strategy.

Summing up

Winter always brings in some happening sales to provide consumers with a purchasing power that’s unseen throughout the rest of the year. Moreover, winter gaming sales often include the best titles that were released throughout that particular year. These epic titles are then made available at a heavy discount, allowing plenty of players to enjoy their favourite games. So, if you’re looking forward to the Epic Games Christmas Sale 2022, keep an eye on this space, as we’ll update it with the titles once they are announced!

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  • The Epic Games Christmas Sale 2022 is about to begin on December 15, 2022.
  • Up to 15 games will be given away for free by the store.
  • The campaign will last for 3 weeks, with the final game giveaway being made available for a week!

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