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How To Access Spotify Wrapped 2024? Know Your Music Taste Better!


Spotify Wrapped 2024 is finally here, and here’s how you can access it. Also, want to know which artists pretty much broke Spotify this year? Know it all here!

- Updated: 7th Feb 2024, 19:22 IST
  • 1
    What is Spotify Wrapped 2024?
  • 2
    How to access Spotify Wrapped?
  • 3
    Spotify Wrapped 2024 not working: Why am I not getting Spotify Wrapped? Easy fix
  • 4
    Is Spotify Wrapped only for premium users?
  • 5
    Spotify Premium Mod APK with offline download: Should you use it?
  • 6
    Last, but not least!
  • 7
    • Does Wrapped only work with the Spotify mobile app?
    • Do podcasts count for Spotify Wrapped?
    • Do songs listened to from November 1st to December 31st count?

Yes, it is that much-awaited time of the year again, and you are probably seeing your friends posting their Spotify Wrapped 2024 everywhere! However, if you are here, you are probably wondering how to access Spotify Wrapped.

Or, maybe you already know how but your Spotify Wrapped 2024 is not working. So, whether you have been headbanging to The Weeknd or getting over a breakup with some Taylor Swift, the Spotify Wrapped festival will unveil it all.

We won’t let you miss out on it. So, let’s take a deep dive into it and know everything about Spotify’s number 1 viral campaign.

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What is Spotify Wrapped 2024?

Spotify Wrapped is a very popular campaign that gained popularity in 2016. With each year, the campaign became more and more viral. Prior to 2016, Spotify started something called Year in Review way back in 2013. However, that was limited to their official webpage. Now, with the app at everyone’s disposal, Spotify Wrapped is something everyone looks up to by the end of each year.

The campaign is so special because it gives you detailed music data. Yes, you heard that right. It has everything from your favourite artists to your go-to bands and tracks you listen to on repeat. Not to mention that the way the Spotify Wrapped unwraps itself is beautiful.

In the form of slides, you get to see all the details. What’s more, you also get to know your listening personality. Additionally, the genres you vibe to the most and how you like to kickstart your day are revealed. Spotify Wrapped 2024 is no different and adds another chapter to this brilliant campaign.

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How to access Spotify Wrapped?

“Where can I see my Spotify Wrapped?!” If the question is driving you insane, not to worry. It is rather super easy to access. However, do note that for that, you need to be a Spotify listener. If you have been using some other application for your music listening, Spotify Wrapped will have nothing to show to you. Keeping that in mind, here’s how to access Spotify Wrapped 2024 easily:

Step 1: Head over to the Spotify App on your iOS or Android device.

Step 2: Ideally, as soon as you open the App, you should see a Spotify Wrapped banner that asks you to Jump In. If that’s the case, tap on the button.

Step 3: However, if you accidentally skipped on the banner, you can see the Wrapped 2024 mini banner on your Spotify App Homepage. Tap on this.

Step 4: Now, your Wrapped should start to unwrap itself automatically!

Another workaround is, as soon as you get to see a notification from Spotify that your “2024 Wrapped is here”, just tap on it. You will automatically be taken to your Wrapped slides in the App.

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Spotify Wrapped 2024 not working: Why am I not getting Spotify Wrapped? Easy fix

If you are getting the “Couldn’t load page” error or just can’t see the Wrapped 2022 section in the App, don’t worry. This can easily be fixed. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Swipe and close the App from the Recent Apps section of your iOS or Android device
  • Head over to the App Store or Google Play Store and update the App.
  • If that does not work, completely uninstall and reinstall the App.

That should easily fix the problem and you won’t need to worry about how to access Spotify Wrapped when such an error pops up.

Is Spotify Wrapped only for premium users?

The Spotify Wrapped festival is not just for Premium users. The beauty of this campaign is that it is available for everyone to make use of. Whether you are a free or Premium user, you should be able to access Spotify Wrapped 2024. There are no addition benefits that Premium users get. Free users can add the data to a playlist as well. From Spotify Wrapped top genres to top artists and more, you will get access to all the information.

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Spotify Premium Mod APK with offline download: Should you use it?

Mod APKs surely do make your life easier and you do not have to pay a dime. However, at what cost? You risk the entire security of your device. Mod APKs are not secure and can easily allow malware to attack your device. This is because the shady websites that offer these Mod APKs do not exactly fit into the definition of trustworthy.

It is always way better and safe to install the official App from the respective stores. Yes, you do have to listen to a bunch of ads. But, at least you know that your device and data is safe.

Besides, Spotify Premium plans in India are priced keeping students in mind. So, you can get it for as cheap as just Rs. 7. You can head over to the official Spotify website to check out their Premium plans price in India.

spotify wrapped

Last, but not least!

One of the best things about Spotify Wrapped festival is that you can add all your top favourites into a playlist. Watch your music taste expand and develop, as you can make such a playlist every year. The App has a total of a whopping 433 million active users in India! It goes without saying that, at this point, Spotify is probably the first app that music lovers install on their phones.

Besides, if you are a budding artist and have been releasing your music in Spotify, there’s nothing more inspiring than this. You get to know who are listening to your music, their total listening minutes and more.

Now that you know all about Spotify Wrapped 2024, we hope you don’t have any issues trying to access it. So, unleash your favourite artists, bands, songs and share them with your friends! It is time to shine with Spotify Wrapped this year!


Does Wrapped only work with the Spotify mobile app?

While Spotify Wrapped considers media consumed across both the desktop site and the mobile app, accessing your personalized data is exclusive to the Android or iOS app, rather than the desktop app or website.

Do podcasts count for Spotify Wrapped?

Absolutely, podcasts play a significant role in shaping your Spotify Wrapped insights, contributing to your overall listening experience.

Do songs listened to from November 1st to December 31st count?

Unfortunately not. Listening activity during this period isn’t factored into the following year’s Spotify Wrapped data, ensuring a fair reflection of your year-round music journey.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Spotify Wrapped 2024 is here, and you can easily check yours too right now.
  • It lists the top artists that you have been listening to all year alongside their favourite tracks and more.
  • This article shows you how to access Spotify Wrapped and tells you all about it!