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How Much Is Your Smartphone Really Costing You?

By Yeti - 
26th Oct 2020
smartphone actual cost

Can you picture a world without mobile phones? It is most certainly inconceivable especially when smartphones have become an elixir of life. They have the ability to make calls, send messages, take pictures, browse through the internet, give you access to the world of entertainment, bring all the information you need at your fingertips in real-time and so much more. The advancements in mobile technology has enabled this device to do several things, from expert functioning health trackers to authorized voice searches. So what is the most significant factor that needs to be considered before buying a cell phone? Is it the specs? Is it the reputation of the brand? Or is it the price? 

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Most people choose a phone that perfectly blends into their lifestyle and living. Hence, the amount of money you are planning to spend on a purchase matters. In 2020, buying a new phone might cost a lot. This brings us to a couple of important questions that need to be addressed – How much do you think is your cell phone really costing you? And how can you boil down this cost? Do not worry because Cashify is here to help.


We believe that the cost of a mobile is the predominant aspect pondered over before buying one. The price-specific classification of mobile phones divides it into three: high-end smartphones made for those who wish to make a bold statement, mid-range phones to meet your specific task requirements, and low-end mobiles for those with a tight budget. Mid-range mobiles are the most popular ones within the bracket of 22000-36000/- in India. The segment you choose however depends on your income. Let’s say you are someone who earns 5000/- per month and spent 60000/- on a smartphone. This means you used up 2500/- of your income per month if you are planning to keep the phone for two years. Now think how many hours and days of work it took you to buy that phone. By comparing the amount you spent or is willing to spend with the percentage of your income, you can easily determine whether it is a worthy purchase.

Repair Charges

If you are rough on your phone, then the first thing you should keep in mind is to get an insurance plan that covers a fall. This is highly necessary because your premium phone will surely have a higher repair charge. This way, if you happen to drop your phone and break its screen, an insurance will absorb the cost of repair.


Mobile phones have changed the way this world functions. To survive without a handset is no longer possible. So what happens if you accidentally drop the one in your hand? What would you do if your phone is lost or stolen? The solution is to get mobile insurance which is being offered by several companies to compensate for any damage, theft or accident. This saves you from the hassle of spending more money on an already expensive phone or from buying a new one.

Some of the major mobile insurance companies in India are Syska Gadget Secure, OneAssist, SyncNscan, Onsite Go Mobile Insurance, OneAssist Mobile Insurance, Acko Mobile Insurance, Airtel Secure Mobile Insurance, Flipkart Complete Mobile Protection (CMP) Insurance Plan, and Warranty Bazaar Mobile Insurance. These companies cover a range of insurance plans starting from screen or display damages, theft and burglary cover, protection against accidental and liquid damages, fire and allied perils cover, insurance for new and refurbished phones, extended warranty and in-warranty repairs.

Phone Accessories

A smartphone is definitely an all-in-one package. However, they can be made more useful by adding some awesome accessories. There are a number of phone accessories available today like portable chargers, car mounts, selfie sticks, USB OTG flash drives, headphones, smartwatches and screen protectors. Not all of them accompany mobile phones at the time of purchase. Even if they did, most of us prefer to buy them separately because accessories that come along with phone sets aren’t good enough.

Did you know that Apple iPhone 12 has dropped a few accessories from its box that were present in their previous models? We are left with no option but to buy an EarPod and wall charger if you don’t already own one. Additionally, you could buy a wireless charger or smartwatch if interested. To own one of these would require you to spend more money than what has already been spent on the purchase of the iPhone. 

The Alternative? Try Refurbished Phones!

One major reason why you must opt for a refurbished or older model of smartphone is its affordability. The used phone prices in India are quite low. For all those who are on strict budgets, this is the right way to go. Some important things you need to keep in mind before buying one is whether it is clear of any evidence of past ownership and has a warranty. The overall condition of the phone along with its accessories must be checked thoroughly. You can also search for several other financial plans to save more money while buying a used phone.

On the off chance, if you are looking forward to making money, sell your used mobile phone and get paid for it. Cashify fits perfectly into the role as a valued and trusted platform for selling old phones in India. In just two steps, selecting the price after considering the condition of the device and scheduling the pick up, we guarantee instant payment. Our company is definitely the best choice when it comes to selling your old mobile phone for the following reasons:

  • Objective AI-based pricing
  • Get mobile care in a click at your home or office
  • Free Doorstep Pickup 
  • Guarantees 100% safety
  • Serving 1500+ cities across the country

All you need to do is head over to the Sell used Mobile Phones domain of our official website. So what are you waiting for?


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