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    How To Buy Mobile From Cashify A Step By Step Guide


    Cashify is a great place to sell your old smartphone or buy a refurbished one that is certified and comes with a warranty as well. With detailed inspection and different grading systems, the platform provides easy access to anyone looking to buy a new or used smartphone at a great price.

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    Updated: 23rd Jul 2022 12:32 IST

    Table Of Contents

    • 1
      Advantages of buying a Refurbished Smartphone
    • 2
      A step by step guide on How to Buy Mobile From Cashify
    • 3
      How one can buy flagship devices at half the price

    Highlights of the Story

    • People tend to sell their device once it becomes outdated or is damaged, these devices are then restored and are sold as refurbished.
    • Cashify provides the option to buy a refurbished device as well as sell your old smartphone on their platform.
    • All the phones sold on the platform are checked thoroughly and come with a warranty.


    You can now Buy Mobile From Cashify! Thinking how? Cashify is an online platform that lets you sell, repair, recycle and manage your phone in a simple manner for the best price. What began from one room of three people is now to 15 offices with more than 800 people dedicated to providing you with refurbished smartphones that are certified and come with a no-questions-asked return guarantee. 

    Cashify sells refurbished smartphones, which are cheaper options for old smartphones that might have some minor physical damage or open box and are in excellent condition. All those devices are sold on Cashify with the terms like ‘renewed’, ‘pre-owned’, or ‘reconditioned’. Here are some advantages of buying a refurbished smartphone and later we shall talk about how one can buy a mobile from Cashify.

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    Advantages of buying a Refurbished Smartphone

    The most significant advantage to Buy Mobile From Cashify is that buying a refurbished phone saves a lot of money compared to buying a brand new phone. And you can have your favourite flagship smartphone at almost half the price. Also, with maybe a few minor scratches or marks. These are restored and are fully certified by Cashify’s technicians when you Buy Mobile From Cashify.

    Another advantage of buying a refurbished smartphone is that it reduces e-waste production. Whenever smartphones get damaged, people or companies throw them into landfills which is not suitable for the environment. But instead, if it is refurbished and repurposed, it can then be sold to interested customers. And one refurbished smartphone means one less brand new smartphone that would be manufactured.

    You also get a limited-time warranty which is another benefit of buying a refurbished phone. When you Buy a Mobile From Cashify, you will probably have a 180-day warranty period. This warranty provides you with a choice to get your refurbished phone repaired if you notice any malfunctions.

    Cashify is a top-rated platform if you want to buy refurbished smartphones. All the smartphones go through a process of inspection. After that, they are given grades as per their condition. The platform has 32 different checkpoints that smartphones have to pass through. Then grades are there from three different categories on the basis of their quality.

    Visit Cashify’s Refurbished Store HERE

    PhonePro certified:

    This is grading for smartphones that have a condition similar to new phones. It contains mostly phones with open boxes and original accessories. This is the best category to buy phones from as mostly all the smartphones are just like new with this grade.

    PhonePro Refurbished Superb:

    This category contains phones with minimal scratches. Cashify restores phones that were in use for a brief length of time prior. This does not include any original accessories but contains compatible accessories in the box.

    PhonePro Refurbished Good: 

    Phones from this category contain scratches and even a few dents on their body. But these are absolute value for money smartphones as they have the lowest price point. The phones also include compatible accessories in their box. 

    A step by step guide on How to Buy Mobile From Cashify

    Buy mobile from cashify

    After all this information, you might be wondering if I want to buy a refurbished phone how I can? If you are wondering about this, here is a step-by-step guide.

    If you want to buy a refurbished smartphone, it is best to go from a platform like Cashify. Here you can find various devices under different grades, which indicates their conditions. 

    1. Visit the Cashify store.
    2. Tap on the ‘Refurbished Phone’ tab. 
    3. Here you’ll have multiple brands of smartphones that you can choose from.
    4. Select any brand and you’ll see page with all the smartphones available to buy. Click on the smartphone you want to buy.
    5. Now on the device page, you can see the condition of the device. It will show whether it is Refurbished Good or Refurbished Superb. 
    6. You can look at different devices; and after your satisfaction with the device of your choice click on ‘Add to cart.
    7. In the last step, you can complete the payment and Buy Mobile From Cashify.
    Apple iPhone XR Deal on Cashify

    There are multiple different ways for which you can choose your payment method and purchase your new phone through the platform directly by completing the payment online. 

    How one can buy flagship devices at half the price

    If you are looking to get rid of your old smartphone and Buy a mobile from Cashify, then you can get your new phone for half the price. Not sure how? Let me show you,

    Buy used redmi k20 from cashify

    Suppose you want to buy a refurbished Redmi K20 and you have an old Redmi Note 6 Pro then you can sell your old phone on Cashify for about Rs. 7,660. While the refurbished Redmi K20 costs around Rs. 14,899 on the platform. You can then use the money you received selling your phone on Cashify and Buy Mobile From Cashify for almost half of its price.

    Sell Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro cashify

    In order to buy a flagship phone, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go for the most expensive smartphone. It is all about finding the right phone for your needs. Companies such as OnePlus, Huawei, and Oppo offer flagship specifications that can compete with flagship phones from companies like Apple and Samsung without the hefty price tag.

    But before you purchase your flagship phone, you can first try and sell your old phone on Cashify. It is straightforward to sell your device through this platform. To Buy mobile from Cashify first, you have to select your device and specify its current condition so that the platform can provide a perfect price for your device. 

    Visit Here to Sell Your Old Smartphone at the Best Price

    Once you are satisfaction lies with the price, you can then schedule a free pick-up from your home or work at a time slot that is convenient for you and suits you best. As soon as the Cashify executive picks up the device, you get instant payment.

    Once you have completed selling your old phone, you can now purchase your new refurbished flagship device from the Cashify store. The platform has devices from all the major manufacturers and provides you with a limited warranty as well.

    Click here if you’re looking to sell phone online, or want to recycle old phone, and Cashify will help you get the process completed right at your doorstep.


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