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How To Download Voter ID Card In India: A 4-Step Tutorial You Should Not Miss


As voting season draws near, many voters new and old will discover that the documentation process has become more digitized than ever before! This handy article covers the 4 steps you need to take to obtain your e-EPIC or Voter ID anywhere in India!

- Updated: 21st Nov 2022, 23:49 IST
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    Eligibility Requirements:
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    Download Voter ID Via e-EPIC
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    Why use Voter Identification Card?
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The National Election Commission of India issues Voter Cards for all eligible Indian Citizens. Before the Digital India initiative, obtaining your Elector Photo ID Card, or EPIC, was majorly an offline process. Since January 25th 2021, however, you can download a copy of your EPIC from the National Voter Services Portal and the Election Commission of India website.

This handy tutorial by Cashify is a must-read for every Indian citizen in 2021! With the voting season on its way to many states and UTs, many of you may be waiting for a reminder and a tutorial like this one.

This article will cover the eligibility and the process to download a Voter ID Card in India.

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Eligibility Requirements:

  • You should be a registered voter after filling out Form 6 from the Voter Portal, or the Voter Helpline App (Android / iOS)
  • If you are an NRI, you need to have submitted Form 6A.
  • Additionally, If you have shifted from a constituency to another, you should have submitted Form 8A via the Voter Portal.

Download Voter ID Via e-EPIC

Download Voter ID Via e-EPIC
  1. Check your mobile Phone SMS If you are a new voter and if your mobile number is linked. You would have a unique SMS from the Voter Portal with a link to download E EPIC Online.
  2. Click that link or log in to or
  3. Create an account with your mobile number and email, if you aren’t registered on the platform yet.
  4. Log in to view the option ‘Download e-Epic’ or ‘Download E Voter Card’ and click that.

The PDF download will begin. Open E Voter ID Card. Please review it carefully to rule out any errors in your details. The Election Commission recommends that you upload a backup of this document to your Digi Locker, where you can easily re-download Voter ID and share the document for future use.

That was all you needed to do to download a registered Voter ID Card in India! 

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Bookmark this page! Set a calendar alert for the next elections. Thank you for choosing to vote. Please comment and share this article to encourage more people to register for voting. Now you know how easy it is to get your Voter Card online!

Why use Voter Identification Card?

Importance of Voter ID Card

The Voter ID card is mainly used to identify Indian citizens when they vote. It does, however, double as a government-issued identity document for the possessor.

A voter ID card may also be utilized in circumstances when address verification is required. Additionally, the Voter ID card is necessary if a person wants to alter their residence or wish to be reinstated after being struck off the Voting Roll.

You may also use the voter’s identity card to book foreign airline tickets while processing the voter’s passport. Additionally, you may use the ID to enrol in some government programmes.

Whether fulfilling your obligation as a citizen of the nation or to serve as identity, the Voter ID card is a must. Therefore, go ahead and apply and download Voter ID!

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FAQs on voter ID card

1. Is it possible to Download Voter ID online?

Yes, voter identification cards are available for download on the NVSP website.

2. How can I get a copy of my new voter identification?

  • You may get a voter identification card by visiting the NVSP website and completing the procedures outlined below.
  • Select ‘Search the electoral register for your name’.
  • Complete all needed fields under the tab ‘Search by details’.
  • This will enable you to print a voter identification card.

3. How can I get my voter identification card?

  • You may apply for a voter identification card by following the outlined procedures.
  • Visit the NVSP’s official website.
  • Click on ‘Form 6’, which is underneath ‘Apply online for voter registration as a new voter/due to AC relocation’.
  • Complete the fields, submit your photo ID, and click ‘Submit’.
  • You will subsequently get your reference ID, which you may use to follow the status of your voter ID application.

4. How can I access my voter identification card online?

You may get your voter ID online from the NVSP website’s ‘Electoral Search’ page.

5. Can I get a soft copy of my voter identification?

  • Yes, you can download Voter ID soft copy online. First, navigate to the NVSP website and complete the procedures outlined below.
  • Select ‘Search the electoral register for your name’.
  • Complete all needed fields under the tab ‘Search by details’.
  • This will enable you to print a voter identification card.

5. How can I get my misplaced voter identification card online?

You may get a duplicate voter identification card online at the National Voters’ Service Page (NVSP). After that, click ‘Search your name in the electoral roll’ and complete the relevant details. This will enable you to Download Voter ID Card.

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