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How To Get AG Coins In BGMI?


Here, you’ll find the various steps on how to get more AG coins in BGMI. You can then use these coins to purchase plenty of in-game cosmetic items.

- Updated: 7th Feb 2024, 20:48 IST
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    Best Ways to get AG Coins in BGMI
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    • Royale Passes
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    What do you do with the AG coins?
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    • What to buy with G in BGMI?

If you want to know how to get AG coins in BGMI, you’re in luck. Ever since online games that are free to download introduced the idea of microtransactions, the in-game currency has become a hot commodity. Regardless of which online game you play, the in-game currencies are essential for building your squad or your account in general.

In this article, we will explore how to get AG coins in BGMI to enrich your gaming experience further.

How to get ag coins in BGMI in 2024

To get AG coins in BGMI, players can earn them for free by completing Royale pass missions. Completing all 100 levels of the Royale pass can give over 650 AG coins. Each level requires 100 RP, which players can earn by completing weekly Royale pass missions.

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Best Ways to get AG Coins in BGMI

There are a few ways on how to get AG coins in BGMI. Some are relatively simple, while others may take hours to complete. Let’s explore each one of them:


Since BGMI is an immensely popular online game, it is updated almost daily. With these updates, you are given plenty of opportunities to earn AG currency. These events often provide different tasks for the players to complete. Once they complete the task and the game’s servers are notified, they can redeem the AG currency. For example, back in December 2021, players received a sizeable amount of AG when they completed objectives from the Holiday Exchange events. Other events can give you straightforward tasks, such as defeating a set amount of enemy players. These are usually quite easy and require you to play the game extensively.

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Daily Missions

With the regular updates for BGMI, you also get a set amount of daily mission objectives. For this, you need to log into the game daily and play a few matches. They aren’t that difficult, and you can complete the objectives through classic matches. Arena matches also provide opportunities to complete these objects for more AG coins. Ensure that you check the Missions tab daily after logging in to know what the daily objectives could be.

Royale Passes

Royale Passes are another way to get more AG currency in the game. Usually, Royale Passes are bought by players when a new season starts. With these passes, they get access to better in-game items. Sometimes, however, the Royale Passes can even come for free. For example, earlier this year, Krafton provided a free Royale Pass to all the players who participated in their Scavenger Hunt event. It would help if you kept an eye out for these opportunities as they can significantly increase your chances to get AG coins in BGMI.

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Being part of a clan in BGMI is highly beneficial. Once you’re part of a clan, new clan-based objectives are open to you. Complete enough of these objectives with your clan members, and you can redeem the objective points for AG currency. While this isn’t the easiest route, the rewards are substantial.


The Achievements section of BGMI is littered with different achievements that you can and should complete in the game. Many of these achievements reward the player with AG coins. Let’s take a few examples. The Elite Communicator Achievement will award the player with 100AG simply for sending 31 radio messages to the different chat channels in matches. Another achievement, Hello World, rewards you with 200 AG if you invite a minimum of 50 unique players to the Cheer Park you’re situated in. These are relatively easy to complete and don’t take too much time.

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What do you do with the AG coins?

Now that you know how to get AG coins in BGMI, you can visit the game’s Shop section. In this section, you can find various cosmetic items to change your avatar’s look and the guns you use in matches. There are rare Outfits to buy as well. Even though most of the items you can buy with the currency are cosmetic in nature, they help you add a personalised touch to your game.


With all these steps on how to get AG coins in BGMI, you can now buy all the cosmetic items that you want from the in-game shop. Although some of the methods will take you longer to complete, if you plan on selling the account in the future, you can get a good price for it as well. People tend to pay good money for accounts that have a good number of cosmetic items.

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What to buy with G in BGMI?

In BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India), G currency, also known as AG (Ace Gold), enables players to purchase a wide array of items such as skins, outfits, guns, and various in-game features to enhance their gaming experience.

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