The best Apex Legends characters provide a good balance of defence, attack, and speed. They should also have an excellent Ultimate attack that can ensure as many wins as possible. With Season 12 of Apex Legends upon us, new characters have been added in recent months. Moreover, there are now over 20 Legends that you can choose from based on your playing style.

When EA released Apex Legends, a free-to-play battle royale game, it was at the peak of the battle royale craze. People weren’t particularly enthusiastic about EA‘s foray into the battle royale genre. After all, there were already so many battle royale games on the list. However, people were excited that Respawn Entertainment, the geniuses behind Titanfall 2, were designing the game. In addition, they added parkour elements to the game, transferred directly from Titanfall 2‘s fantastic gameplay. Fast forward to 2022, and Apex Legends is now an excellent battle royale game. Coming to the characters, let’s look at the best Apex Legends characters that you can use today.

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Bloodhound is classified as an S tier character, which is the best tier offered by the game. This character isn’t meant for a player who wants to inflict serious amounts of damage. Their abilities aren’t meant for tracking enemies. While it sounds rather basic, the abilities are excellent and can help your squad keep track of their nearest competition. As a character, Bloodhound hasn’t received any significant changes of late. None of his abilities has been either buffed or nerfed. Instead, Bloodhound is meant for those teams who want a proper balance.

In case you want to use Bloodhound as your main Legend, you should use his abilities to the maximum. Scan is a beneficial ability and will let both you and your teammates know the whereabouts of the nearest enemy. Since this could have a massive disadvantage for other players, the developers have ensured fairer gameplay. Enemies that Bloodhound has scanned will be notified. Even then, you’re at an advantage here. Moreover, his Ultimate ability, Beast of the Hunt, will highlight all enemies in red and give updates on their movements. For a well-balanced team, Bloodhound is inevitable.

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Wraith best apex legends characters

Wraith has been a popular Legend ever since Apex Legends was released. She’s classified as A tier Legend, and it’s easy to understand why. Although she won’t balance out the team as well as Bloodhound, she’s got a few abilities that will make your team’s gameplay much more manageable. Moreover, she’s one of the most picked Legends of all time. It’s no wonder why she’s one of the best Apex Legends characters.

Wraith has a Tactical Ability called ‘Into the Void’. This ability allows her to sneak onto unsuspecting enemies and avoid damage while doing so. For example, if your team is under heavy fire, the Wraith character can use her Tactical Ability to sneak past the enemies and flank them on a different side. To use this Legend to her full potential, you’ll need plenty of time to master her abilities. Nevertheless, if you’ve managed to play appropriately with her, the character is nearly indispensable in all matches.

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Moving on to a B Tier Legend, we have Revenant. Apart from Revenant’s scary looks, he’s an excellent character to use. While he may not be one of the best Apex Legends characters, he can be a menace if you know how to use him. Some of his abilities are particularly useful. For instance, his Ultimate ability helps you and your teammate escape the clutches of death, albeit for a short while.

Revenant was added to the Legends character list in Season 4. Since then, he’s had a lukewarm reception. His Passive ability, while helpful, doesn’t bring much. It’s undoubtedly one-dimensional, with him being able to crouch and climb faster. However, unless you’re a seasoned veteran, it’ll be challenging to use this Passive ability to its fullest extent. He does have an excellent Tactical ability, though. The ability is called Silence and can damage enemies for 20 seconds. For those 20 Seconds, the enemies won’t be able to use their abilities either. If you know how to use these abilities and plan accordingly, Revenant is a worthwhile Legend.

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Seer looks incredibly cool when you have a look at this poster. He was introduced in Season 10, primarily as a tracker. In the beginning, his abilities were so strong that he became an overpowered character. Most people would either choose him all the time or would disallow his presence in matches. After Season 10, Respawn limited his powers to make him more balanced. Now, he’s settled in the C tier.

Nevertheless, he’s still an excellent tracker. His abilities have the power to interfere with most enemies. Combine his Passive and Tactical skills to become a complete nuisance for the opposing team. You can track your enemies and interrupt their revival, healing, and even their abilities. You’ll need to put in more effort when playing with him.

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Valkyrie was introduced to the game in Season 9 and has been a popular addition. She sits comfortably in the S tier and might take a while for you to master. However, her movement makes her one of the most powerful characters in Apex Legends. Valkyrie’s Ultimate ability is called Skyward Dive. This ability will help you and your team redeploy to another part of the map. If you see that there’s fire raining down on all sides, don’t hesitate to use the ability to gain a tactical advantage.

The passive ability also helps her with movement. She uses jetpacks to instantly gain a better vantage point over her opponents. However, you can’t use any weapons when you’re using the passive ability. This is why you’ll have to be extra careful. In terms of tactical ability, they’re mostly suitable for stunning your opponents. The mini-rockets don’t damage the enemies much, but it will make the opponents a more accessible target if you’re in a trio. Overall, she’s one of the best Apex Legends characters you can use today!

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If you haven’t played Apex Legends with Horizon yet, you should. This is another Legend who has the ability to gain higher ground and attack from above. When she was introduced to the game in Season 7, she was extremely powerful. Since then, the developers have nerfed her abilities as most players started complaining about the buffs.

Now, Horizon’s Gravity Lift ability won’t allow you to stay in the air for more than two seconds. However, she’s still quite mobile, and her abilities can still wreak havoc on unsuspecting enemies. She initially belonged to the S Tier, but she’s down to the A Tier with the recent nerfs. Regardless, you can use Horizon as a Legend in the matches, especially if you’re an intermediate level player.

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What are the best Apex Legends characters for beginners?

If this is your first time playing Apex Legends, or if you haven’t been able to get the hang of the game, don’t worry. Even if you use S tier Legends, it can take some time to get habituated to their playing styles and abilities. Thankfully, there are a couple of good Legends that you can use to start your Apex Legends journey. Let’s have a look at them now.


Lifeline best apex legends characters

Lifeline sits comfortably on the A tier of Apex Legends characters. She excels in supportive duties. As her name suggests, she provides excellent cover for revives and healing. Till Season 9, she could’ve been easily an S tier Legend. However, Respawn removed some of her abilities, nerfing her into the second tier.

As mentioned above, she’s a good supporting character. As a beginner, you won’t have to drop into the middle of fights as much. With Lifeline, you can fight on the sidelines while healing two of your teammates simultaneously. Moreover, she drops upgraded gears through her Ultimate ability!

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Octane isn’t an S tier character. Regardless, he’s one of the best Apex Legends characters in terms of fun factor. Thanks to the jump pad, he’s extremely fast and can soar over enemies. He’s not extensively useful in gunfights, however. As a beginner, you could use Octane to get used to the movement style and try to attack enemies by surprise.

Furthermore, he’s received a buff in recent years. His stims can damage enemies substantially, and the cooldown period is almost non-existent. If your enemies can’t catch you, they can’t kill you, right?

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Nope, not the city. Bangalore is a B Tier character in Apex Legends. Regardless, she’s highly underrated and is a proper support Legend. She can cover a considerable radius of the battle with smoke, making it easier to target the opposition. However, this ability’s biggest asset is that it’s a welcome change when you’re handling too much suppressive fire.

Nonetheless, Bangalore isn’t your character if you’re looking to do some severe damage. What she is good at, though, is using her Ultimate ability (called Rolling Thunder). The missiles she sends may not be the most powerful but will definitely stun anyone in their crosshairs. The rest of the crew can then move in for the kill. Play as Bangalore if you like being a Support gunner.


These were our top picks for the best Apex Legends characters. We’ve tried to include a good, balanced character from every tier. Furthermore, if you’re a complete beginner, you’ve got a couple of well-rounded options to use in your first playthroughs. Apex Legends will continue to be updated with new Legends as the Seasons progress. For now, though, these are some exceptional characters worth your time.

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