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How To Get Legendary Weapons in COD Mobile


Legendary weapons in the Call of Duty mobile version are a rarity.

By Susshmita Choubey - 
28th Dec 2020

Highlights of the Story

  • COD Mobile Legendary weapons can be found in BR, or as blueprints.
  • They are the rarest weapons to find in the game aside from the Mythic weapon.

Call of Duty is a first-person shooter video game published by Activision. In the game, Legendary weapons can have different uses depending on where they are. Moreover, they were the rarest weapons that players could get. Now that there is a Mythic weapon in COD Mobile in the form of the Fennec, it is a tier below now.

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So what exactly are they? Legendary weapons are basically blueprints. Using blueprints, the player can have attachments on a weapon and drastically change the aesthetic and design from the original blueprint. However, the meaning of it changes though depending on whether it is a blueprint or a Battle Royale weapon drop.

To take charge of Legendary Weapons in Cod Mobile, gamers have to reach certain levels. In turn, it will also benefit them by winning rewards and titles. 

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This is a revamped version of a weapon with a whole new set of designs. When talked about in the general sense, a Legendary weapon would simply mean a blueprint for a weapon. For players in the usual multiplayer matches, blueprints can mean a few things. Players who do not have a weapon ranked up yet, but have a blueprint, can use or equip the blueprint of a weapon. In turn, use those attachments with anything else they have unlocked. This can save a lot of time and provides an easier leveling experience.

By Purchases

Legendary blueprints can usually be obtained by purchases. However, they are usually available in small spurts. They are some of the most unique weapon aesthetics in the game. Again, however, they are fairly expensive whether they are purchased directly or through the lucky draw. There is no earning them through gameplay.

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Legendary Weapons Through Battle Royale

It is a completely different meaning here as it is the rarity and strength of the weapon found in the match more than an aesthetic blueprint. In this case, there is no purchasing. Finding them is left up to chance on the map.

Hot dropping in places with more loot boxes is going to provide a higher chance at finding a BR Legendary weapon while opening a drop crate usually provides the highest chance for a player to get their hands on such a weapon on COD Mobile.

Shailendra toppo
3 Months ago
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Shailendra toppo
3 Months ago
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