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    How To Manually Update Google Play Store To Latest Version?


    Google Play Store keeps getting updates now and then, and it is important to keep the store updated to the latest version. The OTA update can take about a few days/weeks to arrive for your device. But the best way is to download the latest apk version from apk mirror websites and install it on your smartphone.

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    Updated: 25th Dec 2020 23:07 IST
    Update Google Play Store manually

    Highlights of the Story

    • Google Play Store is the default app store on Android smartphones and it is important to keep it updated
    • You can manually update the app by downloading the latest apk version from third-party apk websites
    • Make sure to keep your Play Store updated to the latest version.

    Google Play Store is the default app store for all Android smartphones and it keeps getting updates quite frequently. Altough its good thing to keep the app store updates but it might take days/weeks for the latest update to arrive on your device.

    All the Google Play store updates are core updates and it might not bring something new with every update, but it does fix existing bugs and makes the app even more secure. Now you may think all applications downloaded from the Play store can be updated there itself but how to update the Play store? Here’s How.

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    How To Manually Update Google Play

    Although there is no official way of updating the Google Play Store, besides waiting for the Over The Air (OTA) update to arrive. But this could take some days to arrive as these updates are rolled out in batches depending on your smartphone and your geolocation.

    Step 1: Downloading via APK file

    The best way to update Google Play Store is to sideload the APK file of the Play Store and install it on your smartphone. You can download the Google Play Store apk file from many trustworthy apk mirror websites and install it on your device. Here’s how to do it:

    1: Download the Play Store APK from APKMirror

    2: Download the app by following the website’s instructions.

    3. Now a popup will appear in Google Chrome stating “This type of file can harm your device.”. Click on “OK” to close this popup and start downloading the file.

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    Step 2: Enable Security Permissions

    Android OS by default does not allow users to install third-party apk on the device due to security reasons. Once you download the apk file and click on it to install you will get a popup to enable Unknown Sources and once you enable it you can install the apk. Also, you can manually disable the security restriction by following the given steps.

    • Go to the Setting Menu of your smartphone
    • Go to ‘Security.’
    • Find the “Unknown Sources” option and click on it and Enable it.
    • A pop-up message appears. Agree with its terms and conditions and continue.
    • Finally, click ‘OK.’

    This will enable you to install any type of APK files from unknown sources. In some cases, search for unknown sources option in privacy settings or app settings instead of searching for it in device settings.

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    Step 3: Find the APK file using File Manager

    The downloaded file is usually saved in the Downloads folder in the File Manager. To look for File Manager just search for “File Manager” in the app launcher screen and open the file manager and navigate to the Downloads folder and look for the file. The naming of the Google Play Store apk would be like “” where the “xyz” represents the version number.

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    Step 4: Manually Installing the APK

    1. Once you have located the Google Play Store APK file with the File Manager as discussed in Step 3.

    2. Now click on the APK file and the installation will begin.

    3. A popup will be shown with the app name and a message “Do you want to install this application”. Click on Install to proceed.

    In case you can’t find the file manager you can download these apps:

    Files by Google | FX File Explorer

    Step 5: Disable Unknown Sources

    Once the installation process is done you can disable the app permission to disable unknown sources. To do so follow the steps below:

    1. Open Settings Menu
    2. Look for Security Settings or search for “Unknown Sources” in the search bar in the settings menu.
    3. Now uncheck the box in front of Unknown Sources to disable the settings.

    You must keep this setting disabled to avoid the installation of any unauthorized apps.

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    Step 6: Check the Version of new Google Play Store

    To verify that the update has been complete or not, you can check the version number of the Play Store. To do so:

    • Launch the Play Store app.
    • Slide-out the burger menu
    • Tap on settings
    • Scroll down to the bottom
    • Look for version number under “Play Store Version” under the About section
    • There you will find a ‘build number’ entry. Tap on it.
    • If an update is available, you will receive a pop-up message there.
    • If it needs no update you will receive a popup stating “Google Play Store is up to date”

    Please note that updating the Play Store will not alter any data or settings available in the Play store.

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    This sums up our guide to manually update the Google Play Store. Make sure to keep the play store updated and do check for updates every week and in case a new version is available, make sure to update it as soon as it arrives.

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