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    Top 10 Tips To Improve Your Predictions And Winning In Dream 11


    While creating a fantasy team on Dream11, you need to ensure the best combination of players to win big from a match. From going through the players’ statistics to getting valuable information on the playing conditions, all these things can come between your fantasy team, winning big cash, and just reaching home. Here in this article, you are going to get all the must-have tips that you need to know to improve your predictions on Dream11.

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    Updated: 17th Dec 2020 19:15 IST

    Highlights of the Story

    • You can win a lot sitting at home by playing Dream 11, you just need to follow a few points to ensure your win.
    • Research about player stats and playing conditions to make your Dream 11 team performs
    • Make sure to take calculated risks while creating teams

    Participating in fantasy sports is fun. Talking about it, Dream11 has been one of the most popular platforms out there. So, if you are a huge cricket fan creating your fantasy cricket team may be a must thing for you. But when you can win some real cash with your fantasy team, it just doubles the fun.

    So, is it only the knowledge of the game that wins you cash prizes or there is something else? No matter how knowledgeable you are, you need to follow a certain strategy to win big on Dream11. Here, we have talked about the top 10 tips that you can follow to improve your predictions on Dream11.

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    1. Check Player Statistics 

    A winning combination is lesser luck and more science. You need to have access to all the relevant data regarding the tournament. Thankfully, Dream11 comes with the feature to check out player stats while making the team.

    In Dream11 when selecting a player, all you got to do is tap longer on the player’s name to get all the details about him. You can even know for a specific tournament how many times the particular player has made it to the Dream team with his performance.

    2. Learn about the Playing Conditions

    Not only the particular player statistics you need to know about the specific match conditions. E.g. in a cricket match if there is overcast conditions, then the fast bowlers bowling in the first innings will be in advantage. So, you got to select the opening bowlers of the team that will bowl in the first innings in your team.

    Read the pitch report well so that you can understand whether the spinners or the pacers will be in advantage and you can select your bowling line up in accordance with that. The bowling pitch report can be helpful to predict the score as well. 

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    3. Know about The Ground Sizes

    Apart from that, knowing about the size of the ground is also important. In the case of the smaller grounds, batsmen can hit more boundaries, so the probability will be that they will give you more points. Apart from that, when there is a small ground spinner tends to give away more runs while settling for lesser wickets. So, knowing the ground size, you can decide how many spinners or fast bowlers you want in your team. 

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    4. Play Selective Matches Only

    Often or not fantasy players make the mistake of creating teams for all the matches of a tournament. To create a winning combination, you need to have insightful data on players’ performance, playing condition, pitch report etc. 

    Therefore, when a tournament starts, it’s better to collect these data and only after analyzing them properly, you can create the best fantasy team. The first match or more precisely the first few games of the tournament can tell you more about the players’ current form as you can predict which playing condition will suit which player you can select the right players in your team. 

    But, we can not invest a lot of time in all these things straight away. So thinking strategically, and planning things way before the match day can increase the chances of winning. Therefore, next time you wish to make a fantasy team select which match to target beforehand.

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    5. Create Multiple Teams

    Whenever you decide to participate in a fantasy contest on Dream11, don’t put all your money in one team. Rather, create teams with multiple combinations. If you talk about fantasy cricket on Dream11, then most of the contestants choose the right player. So, it’s not enough to choose players who are in the starting eleven; it’s more of the combination that decides whether you will win something big or just reach home.

    Your target is to make the dream team, i.e. the team in which the eleven players you choose from the two opponents will be best in terms of performance on that particular day. Therefore, when you create multiple teams, it means you are giving yourself better chances to get the combination right.

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    6. Be Ready to Take Calculative Risk

    Investing your money on a fantasy team is, of course, taking the risk. But taking a calculative risk means you minimize the chance of losing. While choosing the batsmen for your team, make sure you have the players who are supposed to play the most number of deliveries. Check out the recent performance of the openers and number 3 batsmen of both teams. If they are in good form, try to keep them in your team. At the end of the day, the batsmen who face the most number of deliveries are likely to score more runs for their team.

    The same concept applies to the opening bowler and the bowlers who bowl the death overs. In the death overs, batsmen try to maximize the score. Therefore, remain much more vulnerable, so if you have a good death bowler in the team, he can get you some points by taking wickets at the end.

    7. Consider Maximum Number of All Rounders

    All-rounders get to perform with both bat and bowl for their team. So, when it comes to choosing all-rounders, make sure you do it wisely.

    If an all-rounder can take one or two wickets while scoring 30-40 odd runs with the bat, he will give you a decent amount of points and should be the part of the dream team.

    At times, people get too carried away with all-rounders and make them captains and vice-captains, but that’s not the thing you should do. If an all arounder does not get opportunities to perform both with the bat and ball, then your team with all-rounders as captains and vice-captains will face the loss.

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    8. Select the right player as captain and vice-captain

    In Dream 11, the captain and vice-captain of your team give you the highest points. For your captain and vice-captain you get 2x and 1.5x extra points than what they score.

    Therefore, by analyzing the current form of the players, you need to understand which players are more likely to score the major runs or take the most numbers of wickets for their teams. Make them the captain and vice-captain of your team. If you are confused with more than two players, you can try out multiple teams with different captains and vice-captains.

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    9. Don’t put all your money in a single match

    Engaging the total fund you have allocated yourself for playing fantasy games in one match is not a good idea in any way. So, make sure you limit the investment to an extent. After that, create the team and join contests sticking to that budget.

    If you have a high budget, you can join one of those head to head contests. In that case, make sure you create a balanced team.

    But if you are not going for a high budget (which is what we prefer, because risking too much has never been an option) join multiple contests with smaller joining amounts. 

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    10. Create balanced teams

    Creating a balanced team is not a thing that you can achieve in a day. You need to have the knowledge of the game to get a balanced side that can score maximum points for you.

    You can take different players under consideration and think about different match situations considering that particular player. Now, either add or remove new players around him for each team. 

    E.g., if you are taking an opening bowler of a specific team in your fantasy team and you think he will get wickets for you in the starting overs then you should remove one of the openers of the opponent team. Eventually, one of them has to get out to get your combination right. So, think like a master of the game, and you are going to win big with your fantasy team in Dream11.

    Now, you have got all the easy hacks that you need to follow to make a winning combination on Dream11. Make sure you follow each of the tips we have mentioned here while creating your team.

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