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How To Apply Tempered Glass On Your Smartphone In 120 Seconds


Tempered glass has the ability to protect your mobile phone screen from accidental drops to a certain limit. Installing a tempered glass is not an easy task and it requires precision. Here we list out a step-by-step installation process to apply the tempered glass on your smartphone.

- Updated: 27th Oct 2022, 12:29 IST
  • 1
    What is a Tempered Glass?
  • 2
    How will a tempered glass work its magic?
  • 3
    How to Apply Tempered glass on your own?
    • Step 1: Settle in a suitable area
    • Step 2: Remove the old one
    • Step 3: Cleaning process
    • Step 4: It’s time to apply the screen protector
    • Step 5: A Vital step to do

Smartphones stay with you throughout the day. From morning to night, our lives won’t run without them at all. Being an indispensable part of our lives, they need proper protection from accidental drops as that screen replacement ain’t no cheap.

While some people are safeguarding their smartphones with external mobile covers, tempered glass also comes in handy to protect the phone’s display screen. However, the installation of tempered glass is not that easy and always requires external help in the application process.

In this article, we have covered all the details about applying tempered glass on your own. 

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What is a Tempered Glass?

It is a type of safety glass that shields your mobile screen from scratches or any other damage. Normally, if your phone accidentally falls from your hands, there is a high risk of damaging the front display screen. However, with tempered glass, your screen stays guarded, even if the tempered glass gets damaged completely.

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How will a tempered glass work its magic?

Tempered glass is a thin layer of glass then sticks right onto the display of the smartphone and adds extra protection over it. The glass is thick enough to absorb any shocks produced from accidental drops and it also protects the display from casual everyday scratches.

A Tempered Glass adds an extra layer for protection on your mobile screen. It puts the outer surface into compression and the inner surface into tension. This stress makes your mobile screen incredibly stronger. Moreover, it reduces the chance of getting damaged screens and guarantees a longer life of your mobile screen. 

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How to Apply Tempered glass on your own?

Apply Tempered Glass On Smartphone

Now that you know how beneficial tempered glass is, it is time for the tedious process of applying the tempered glass on your own.

Let us go through all the simple steps so that you can learn all the easy steps without any hassle.

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Step 1: Settle in a suitable area

Settle in a suitable area

Settle yourself in a clean and dust-free environment. Place your mobile on a flat surface. Ensure that it is fine for you to get a good grip if you place the mobile on that place. Do not perform this process near windows or under ceiling fans. It may cause the dust particles to settle on the screen.

Step 2: Remove the old one

Apply Tempered Glass On Smartphone

If you already have an old Tempered glass on your phone, take peel it out from the mobile screen. It will be easy to do this task using some fine objects like a hairpin or toothpick. Remember to be patient while performing this task. Slowly try to take off the old tempered glass starting from the edges.

Make sure that it should not break into pieces; otherwise, it may hurt you. If it seems difficult to remove the old tempered glass, heat that glass using a hairdryer for 10 to 12 seconds. It loosens the glue behind the glass. After that, lift gently from one of the corners of the glass. And put the old Tempered glass in a distant place.

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Step 3: Cleaning process

Tempered Glass

Clean the mobile screen with a microfiber cloth to remove fingerprints and smudges on the screen. Or else, you can wipe the screen with a wet tissue thoroughly from top to bottom of the screen. And then, wipe the screen with a dry tissue until the tiny particles are wiped off.

In our point of view, using microfiber cloth will make the process quite easy. That’s because after using wet tissues, we must clean thoroughly to remove the wet strains. You can get this microfiber cloth from any electronic gadget shop or from amazon or it might be included in the tempered glass package.

To verify the cleanliness of the screen, tilt the phone to check for the dust thoroughly. If you spot any dust particles, clean them thoroughly because they might produce any unwanted air bubbles. Another way to get rid of the dust particles is to stick the dust stickers and peel them off in the region where the dust particles still exist.

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Step 4: It’s time to apply the screen protector

Apply Tempered Glass On Smartphone

After having a clean and clear display, gently remove the screen protector from the case and peel off the plastic protection film. And remember, never touch the glue layer on this side of the screen protector. And remember to always hold the tempered glass from the edges and avoid touching the glued area.

Usually, the thickness of Tempered glass ranges from 0.3-0.5mm. It contains three layers that include an oleophobic nano-coating, anti-shatter film, and a penetrable silicone coating. These layers safeguard your device and also improves the touch responsiveness.

Now, let’s start with the main installation process which requires much more patience.

  • Start aligning the Tempered glass on the top of your smartphone with the glue surface facing towards the screen of your smartphone.
  • If you are a bit confused about where to start, you may take the earpiece of your mobile as your reference point to align the Tempered glass properly. This process will be almost done if you properly aligned the top part.
  • Make sure that you have fixed it in the right position and also check the edges align properly in a straight line
  • Slide the mobile screen with your finger from the center to the edge to make the Tempered glass adhere tightly. 
  • Now try to remove any bubbles on the screen by rubbing over it using a microfiber cloth.
  • And it’s done, your new tempered glass is installed.

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Step 5: A Vital step to do

A Vital step

Once you have done with the application process, you may notice some air bubbles between the screen and the Tempered glass. The air bubbles are much visible if you turn off the mobile phone. Remove these bubbles by pressing on that region gently for 15 to 20 seconds. Then the air bubbles will disappear. Also, you may use a microfibre cloth or dry wipes. Invest much more time and do not rush on this step.  

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Highlights of the Story

  • Tempered glass is the ultimate protection for your smartphone screen and protects it from accidental damages
  • Applying Tempered glass is a job of precision and not everyone can do it without proper guidance.
  • The key here is to align it properly and make sure no dust particles are captured within the tempered glass and screen.

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