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Cashify Explains: Reasons for Screen Tinting And How To Fix It?


Smartphones featuring an OLED panel are prone to developing a screen tint, for example, a few units of the recent OnePlus Nord developed a green tint issue on its display panel. This usually happens at low brightness levels. Here we discuss the reasons for screen tinting and how to fix this issue.

By Tech Geek - 
25th Oct 2020
screen tinting on smartphone

Highlights of the Story

  • Green Tinting or any kind of tinting is a hue that develops on smartphones featuring an AMOLED panel.
  • A tint occurs as a deposition on the RGB panels that form a pixel mask and the pannel develops a non-uniform color output on the display.
  • Here are some steps that you can take to fix this screen tinting issue.

A smartphone user with a device that features an OLED panel might be liking the bright colors, beautiful and vivid panel, deep blacks, and reduced battery usage that comes with the inclusion of an OLED, but, the one major issue which hits a lot of (not all) and that is color tinting of the display or more commonly known as Screen Tinting.

Today, we will be discussing what Screen Tinting is, especially green tint as this is the most common phenomenon and is usually discovered in OnePlus devices. We shall also list out the reasons for screen tinting, and provide some methods to fix the same. So, without any further ado, let us begin with the article.

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When Is Green Tinting Visible?

Image Credits: Techpp

Before we discuss what exactly Green Tinting is, we need to discuss when screen tinting is evident, considering, without knowing when and where green tint occurs, you cannot talk about what it is and how to fix it. Usually, Green tinting is visible only in low lighting with the device at reduced brightness of about 15-20%. In very rare cases, you might see the tinting in proper lighting, but that is like a needle in a haystack.

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Image Credits: xda-developers

Do note, we keep saying green tinting, because it is the most common, but there are other tints that might occur on a screen, one of the major ones being pink tinting. So, once you have understood when green tinting is visible, let us discuss what it is in brief.

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What is Green Tinting?

Image Credits: Reddit

To put it easily, Green Tinting or any kind of tinting is a hue that develops on an AMOLED display, wherein the tinting or hue is visible when the smartphone is under 15-20% of brightness. This does not occur all over the screen and is more evident on certain sections of a display. As Evident by the definition of Tinting on Wikipedia (Tinting is to slightly change the color of something) there is a shift in the color of a display in certain parts of the same.

Now that you know what Green Tinting is, why not discuss the reasons for the same. Before we discuss the reasons for tinting, one must understand the process of making the display, color calibrating it, and what causes screen tinting. 

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Why Does Screen Tinting Occur?

As mentioned above, screen tinting is caused due to another process that takes place while calibrating the display. To allow OLEDs to display colors there is a process used known as shadow mask patterning.

Within this method, there is a deposition of RGB emitting layers on each and every white pixel available on the display. The white light that is produced is filtered via the RGB deposit based on the color that is to be displayed. To do this, Red, Green, and Blue layers are arranged, which emit light in the pixels of the OLED display. This also means that each sub-pixel has individual colors.

Now, this is getting too complex for our liking. While reading all these display related things, you might be wondering, why is this important? Does this play any role in the screen tinting issue? Definitely, Yes, so, let us get into that without drifting to all these technical terms.

Image Credits: Techpp

The cause for the screen tinting issue occurs during the process that has been explained above. The colored layers mentioned above are deposited on the LEDs using a special stencil referred to as the color mask. If the mask, which is important in this process, is disturbed and or not placed accurately during the deposition, there can be a major error in the spacing process of the color deposits, which causes a non-uniform color output on the display.

Image Credits: Techpp

Also, there is no necessity of the tinting being green, considering some other devices, such as the Asus ROG 2 featured a pinkish tint in some of the units of the device. So, now that you know what screen tinting is and how it is caused. You might be wondering how can you fix this? Let us list out a few methods to fix the screen tinting.

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Fix 1: Return the device and ask for a replacement

The simplest of the methods to fix screen tinting is to return your device. Sometimes you just get unlucky and receive a defective unit. If so, do not throw away your phone box and preserve it and, ask for a replacement from the service center. Usually, the brand is aware of these issues and the technician at the service center shall check the device and, when you show them the screen tinting, they will take away the device and issue a replacement. This is the easiest way to get rid of screen tinting. 

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Fix 2: Calibrate your display

If you see that the whole display is tinted, that is not screen tinting, rather it is a poorly calibrated display. To fix the same, you can use a simple tool to make the screen balanced in terms of colors, which will result in the eradication of the above-mentioned tint. Or you can even try factory resetting your device. Still, if this does not fix the issue, try visiting the nearby service center and get the issue fixed.

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Is Screen Tinting a Major Issue?

In simple words, No. Screen Tinting is something that is visible only in very rare circumstances. One needs to be in a low light environment and keep the device at just 15% brightness to even view screen tinting. If you are not a display nerd, you might not even be seeing this issue. That being said, if you are a display nerd, you might have a weird itch in your mind to fix the issue and we do not blame you for that. However, do note the issue is not as major as some people are pointing it out to be.

This concludes our article on screen tinting, what it is, how to fix it and more. We hope this has been helpful in understanding what screen tinting is and how to fix it.

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