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How To Get Your iPhone 6S Display Replaced At The Best Price

By Yeti - 
23rd Feb 2021
iPhone 6s_Screen_repair

iPhone 6s has a 4.7 inches display with Ion-strengthened and Oleophobic coating glass. It has a strong, stunning and an impressive display. However, if you tend to damage your iPhone 6s’s display, you don’t have to worry! Here are the easiest possible ways to repair and/or replace your iPhone 6s’s screen and they are as follows :

Via Cashify

The first option and a very convenient option happens to be Cashify! Cashify is here to help you with your iPhone 6s screen repair and will alert you how much does it cost for iPhone 6s screen repair. 

  • All you need to do is, Visit
  • You will be notified with further procedure on the website itself which you can follow in order to get phone repair services done at ease. 
  • With On-site repair available, Cashify gives you services at your doorstep which no authorised service centre may be able to provide you. 
  • While Cashify reaches your place based on your convenience, service centres are a total opposite case as you need to visit them for your phone repair and/ or replacement purposes. 
  • Cashify is also a trusted platform and provides you quality parts of your phone at reasonable prices unlike service centres that might charge you a lot for the same.
  • Prices starting from Rs. 1,499 is how much it would cost for an iPhone 6s screen repair at Cashify.
  • Cashify also ensures a guarantee/ warranty is provided to its customers whenever available which is not the case with service centres always.  
  • You’ll have to keep your phone at the service centres which can take a few days or even weeks. Instead, Cashify will reach your doorstep with instant repairs for your convenience. 
  • This ensures protection of your phone’s data and also no parts are being swapped in your presence. 

Via Authorised Service Centre

The second option can be moving to an authorized service centre for iPhone 7 screen replacement to be done : 

  • Service centres are authorized platforms and may provide you with the best quality parts but they will also charge you a huge amount of money.
  • On the other hand, service centres may also skip the guarantee/ warranty part if they have no such policy involved.
  • The cost can be as high as Rs. 14,000. 
  • The third major drawback of service centres is that they are time consuming as you need to leave back your phone with them.
  • This may be a threat to your device’s privacy.

Hence we can conclude that iPhone 6s screen replacement charges in India start from Rs. 1,499.

The iPhone 6s was one of the best devices Apple has offered in its entire iPhone lineup. If your phone is still working well then definitely repair it instead of tossing it away!


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