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How To Get Your iPhone 7 Display Replaced At The Best Price

By Yeti - 
23rd Feb 2021
iPhone 7_screen_repair

iPhone 7 is quite an old iPhone model now. However, if you have dropped your phone accidentally, we have classified two simple ways for your phone’s repair and replacement purposes. This article will inform you how much does it cost for iPhone 7 screen repair. Your first and foremost option should be : To visit Cashify for iPhone 7 screen repair purpose :

Via Cashify

To reach Cashify you can visit this website :  

  • Once you visit the website, you will be asked to follow some steps to get your iPhone 7 screen repaired.
  • Cashify is a platform that has utmost transparency with its customers. It provides doorstep services which ensures no breach of privacy of the device and also swapping of parts gets deleted here.
  • This is definitely an example of Cashify being one of the most reliable sources for screen repair and replacement purposes. 
  • Cashify charges you less compared to service centres and also provides quality parts which act as a cherry on the cake! 
  • While we talk about charges, you can get your iPhone 7 screen repair done at Cashify at prices starting from Rs. 3,499. 
  • Cashify is a provider of warranty/ guarantee as and when applicable but service centres may not always have a warranty/ guarantee scheme. 

Via Authorised Service Centre

The second option is to visit an Apple service centre. However, service centres are authorized platforms but they come with a number of cons too! 

  •  The very first con being their demand of visiting them instead of a doorstep instant service.
  • Well, the problem does not end at visiting the  service centre. You need to keep your phone with them for a few days in case they need to send your phone to further centres for repair. 
  • A service centre is definitely a place for original parts but again that comes with spending a lot of money for repair purposes. 
  • The cost can be anywhere from Rs. 7000 – 14,000 depending on damage. 
  • A warranty/ guarantee is also not assured at a service centre as they may not avail it for you if you haven’t subscribed to a particular AppleCare+ plan.

The above article was a way to find out how much an iPhone 7 screen repair cost in India. The prices begin from Rs. 3,499 at one of the most appealing platforms that is Cashify!


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