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    How To Get Your iPhone X Display Replaced At Best Price

    By Yeti - 
    23rd Feb 2021
    iPhone x_screen_repair

    Drop your iPhone X at your own cost! Quite literally, this might turn out to be true if you drop your iPhone X. 

    Here is some information on how much an iPhone X screen repair would cost you. We have listed down two major ways in which you can get your iPhone X’s screen repair/ replacement done! 

    Via Cashify

    The most reliable option is to visit Cashify. Cashify is one of the easiest ways to get your phone’s screen repair done! 

    • You can visit
    • After visiting the website, you can follow the simple steps the website directs you towards! 
    • However, Cashify offers you repair and/or replacement services at your doorstep according to your convenience, while service centres need to be visited for the same purpose.
    • iPhone X screen repair prices start from Rs. 11,999 at Cashify which may be much higher when you visit an authorized centre.
    • You also don’t have to submit your device at Cashify as we provide you doorstep services in front of you unlike authorized service centres. 
    • We safeguard the privacy of your phone as well as we ensure no parts are being swapped instead of the original ones as everything happens in front of you with complete transparency. 

    Via Authorised Service Centre

    A second option for you is to visit an authorized Apple centre for your Apple iPhone X screen repair issues. 

    • Apple authorized centres may provide you with original parts but will charge you a hefty amount for the same. 
    • You will have to visit an authorized centre as generally they do not provide any doorstep services. 
    • Service centres aren’t a good spot to choose if you are looking for instant repairs as you might have to keep your phone with them for several days in order to get your iPhone X screen replacement done.
    • This option can cost you approximately Rs.16,000. 
    • Guarantee/ Warranty is provided at services centres only if asked for or is covered under certain plans offered by them. 

    Rs. 11,999 is how much it will cost for an Apple iPhone X screen repair in India. Cashify is always upfront to help you with the most reasonable costs in such cases.


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