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How To Get Your iPhone XR Display Replaced At The Best Price

By Yeti - 
23rd Feb 2021
iPhone xr_screen_repair

iPhone XR has a Oleophobic coating which also comes along with scratch-resistant glass. It has a stunning 6.1 inches display but you need to handle it with utmost care. What happens if you drop your iPhone XR and break the screen? We have recorded two trouble-free solutions to help you with your screen repair and/or replacement issues below :

Via Cashify

The first option is the most convenient and reliable option you can find. It is Cashify, yes you heard that right!

  • You can click here for your Mobile Screen Repair
  • After you visit the site,  you will be directed towards further steps and you can follow them! 
  • When we say Cashify is the most reliable option we actually can give you strong reasons why Cashify is your one stop solution for iPhone XR screen repair purposes. 
  • We reach your doorstep with our phone repair services unlike authorized service centres where you need to visit them to avail their services.
  • We ensure to provide you with best quality parts at reasonable prices, while you need to pay hefty amounts for the same at Apple service centres.
  • Cashify offers you guarantee/ warranty as and when applicable to your device whereas service centres may not have this offer available all the time.
  • iPhone XR screen repair prices start from Rs. 8,499 at Cashify which is definitely not the case with service centres as they charge you a lot for the same.
  • Cashify is also a platform that will deliver repair/replacement services at your doorstep in front of you which ensures complete transparency regarding quality parts and safeguarding your device’s privacy as well. 

Via Authorised Service Centre

The second alternative is to visit an authorized Apple centre for your iPhone XR screen replacement purposes. 

  • An Apple centre obviously gives assurance for original parts of the device but it comes with a huge cost along with it.
  • On the other hand, you will have to visit the service centre all by yourself and no doorstep services will be provided.
  • Apple authorized centres also require a few days of time to repair your device as they need to send it out to their branches if needed. 
  • It can cost anywhere from Rs. 15,000-25,000 depending on damage. 
  • Guarantee/ Warranty would also be offered looking at the pre-existing conditions of your device.

However, this is an average of how much does it cost for iPhone XR screen repair. The costs can start from Rs. 8,499 for iPhone XR screen repair as well as iPhone XR screen replacement at Cashify!


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