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How To Get Poco F1 Display Replaced For The Best Price

By Yeti - 
23rd Feb 2021
poco f1 screen repair

Poco F1 is a phone that has been in the Indian market since August, 2018. Poco happens to be a sub-brand of Xiaomi. If you’ve accidentally damaged your Poco F1 screen then don’t worry, getting it replaced and/or repaired is actually a very easy process. Here’s an article to inform you how does much it cost for Poco F1 screen repair.   

We have listed two of the safest and most reliable ways for the same purpose below:

Via Cashify

The first option for all your phone repair and replacement services should always be Cashify as we are always upfront when our customers need us! 

  • You can click here for your Mobile Screen Repair
  • You will be directed to further procedure on the website itself. 
  • However, there are some vivid reasons for Cashify being the best place for your Poco F1 screen repair and Poco F1 screen replacement.  
  • The first and the strongest reason being Cashify offers you door-step repairs while you have to visit authorized service centers by yourself.
  • Cashify ensures to provide you quality parts at affordable prices while service centres may charge you a high amount of money for the same parts! 
  • Talking about price, at Cashify, Poco F1 screen repair price starts from Rs. 1,499 which looks like a great double deal of quality parts and reasonable prices!  
  • Cashify offers you warranty/ guarantee services as applicable but service centres don’t always provide a guarantee/ warranty. 
  • Also, we do your phone’s repair in front of you and at your doorstep unlike service centres where you have to leave your device at their hands. 
  • This is definitely a great measure to ensure that Cashify has authentic parts of your device and no parts are being swapped. 

Via Authorised Service Centre

The second option for your Poco F1 screen replacement can be to visit a Xiaomi authorized centre :

  • Xiaomi centres provide you with original parts of a device but again that comes with a heavy amount of price to pay.
  • Your Poco F1 screen replacement process gets longer as authorized centres demand to reach out to them! 
  • As you visit an Xiaomi authorized centre, you will have to wait for at least 6 days to get your Poco F1 screen repair done. 
  • The cost at authorised centres will be approximately Rs. 6000. 
  • Any further issues with the phone may take a longer period of time and you will have to stay away from your device! 

This is an average of how much does it cost for Poco F1 screen repair. The costs can start from Rs. 1,499 for Poco F1 screen repair as well as Poco F1 screen replacement at Cashify!

The Poco F2 is now highly anticipated, as fans loved the Poco F1. It remains to be seen whether the successor will live up to the hype, but Poco is not expected to disappoint.


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