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Confused Which iPhone Model You Have Got? Here’s How To Identify


If you are wondering how to identify iPhone model but not sure where to begin with, this article is just for you.

- Updated: 19th Nov 2022, 12:02 IST
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    How to identify the iPhone model?
    • Method 1: Identify From Settings
    • Method 2: Identify iPhone Model From A Number

Apple has released over two dozen iPhone models since 2007, but some iPhones resemble each other in terms of design. Although Apple releases the updates quite frequently, those changes are mostly from inside- like faster new components and very less changes can be witnessed in the design, making it really hard for the users to identify the iPhone model. There are instances when you want to know how to identify iPhone model, it can be that you are planning to sell your old iPhone or your iPhone is facing some issue and so you need the model name.

However, the best part is that you can easily identify which model you are using. Here, we will talk about two ways to identify the iPhone model.

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How to identify the iPhone model?

It’s very easy to identify the iPhone model, the most common way to do so is to check the “A” model at the back of your iPhone. However, Apple doesn’t print A numbers at the back anymore, but you can still check it from the Settings. Here’s how:

Method 1: Identify From Settings

how to identify iPhone model

You can look for the model name and number of your iPhone in the Settings. Follow these steps to know:

  1. Open the Settings on your iPhone and then go to General>About.
  2. On the next screen, you will see the Model name at the top entries only. Below it, you can also find the Model number.
  3. The page also shows other details like Capacity, Warranty, Serial number, etc.

Note: Some older iPhones don’t have the model name listed on this page. Instead, you might find a combination of letters and numbers there. No need to panic though! That is the model number that you can use to identify the iPhone model.

By default, these model numbers start from “M” or in case you are using a replacement model, it will start from “N”. But when you tap on it, it will show the “A” number which is used to identify the iPhone model.

Method 2: Identify iPhone Model From A Number

how to identify iPhone model from 
 a number

Older iPhone models have A number printed on the back. This number starts with “A” followed by a number sequence. For eg., A1089. This number is really very small when it comes to reading with the naked eye. But if you are using iPhone 8 or later, you might not find this A number at the back and then again, you will have to look for it in the Settings.

So, when you have finally found the A number, you can check them against the list mentioned below to identify your iPhone model.

Note: Some iPhones have more than one A number due to the different territories, network standards, etc.

A Number For The Different iPhone Models

A1203: Original iPhoneA1456, A1507, A1526, A1529 or A1532: iPhone 5cA1723, A1662 or A1724: iPhone SE (2016)A1984, A2105, A2106 or A2108: iPhone XRA2275, A2298 or A2296: iPhone SE (2020)A2481,
A2628: iPhone 13 Mini
A1428, A1429: iPhone 5
A1241: iPhone 3GA1453, A1457, A1528, A1530 or A1533: iPhone 5sA1660, A1778 or A1779: iPhone 7A1920, A2097, A2098 or A2100: iPhone XSA2176, A2398, A2400 or A2399: iPhone 12 miniA2483,
A2638: iPhone 13 Pro
A1634 or A1687: iPhone 6s Plus
A1303: iPhone 3GSA1549, A1586 or A1589: iPhone 6A1661, A1784 or A1785: iPhone 7 PlusA1921, A2101, A2102 or A2104: iPhone XS MaxA2172, A2402, A2404 or A2403: iPhone 12A2484,
A2643: iPhone 13 Pro Max
A1865, A1901 or A1902: iPhone X
A1332, A1349: iPhone 4A1522, A1524 or A1593: iPhone 6 PlusA1863, A1905 or A1906: iPhone 8A2111, A2223 or A2221: iPhone 11A2341, A2406, A2408 or A2407: iPhone 12 ProA2482, A2631 , A2634,
A2633: iPhone 13
A1387: iPhone 4SA1633 or A1688: iPhone 6sA1864, A1897 or A1898: iPhone 8 PlusA2160, A2217 or A2215: iPhone 11 ProA2342, A2410, A2412 or A2411: iPhone 12 Pro MaxA2161, A2220 or A2218: iPhone 11 Pro Max

And that’s how you identify iPhone model. Experienced users, however, can also identify the model based on build and external features. But the easiest way is to check the model name in Settings.

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