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How To Improve Video Quality On WhatsApp?: 8 Tricks To Know!


WhatsApp video call quality not as good as it used to be? Read on to learn how you can improve your video call quality on WhatsApp with these tips!

- Updated: 23rd Jun 2023, 15:09 IST
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    Here’s How To Improve Video Call Quality on WhatsApp
    • 1. Clean Camera Lens
    • 2. Make Use Of Faster Internet Connection
    • 3. Disable Your Smartphones’ Battery Saver Mode
    • 4. Turn off ‘Use Less Data For Calls In WhatsApp’
    • 5. Turn Off Data Saving Mode
    • 6. Update your WhatsApp version.
    • 7. Clear Cache Data Of WhatsApp
    • 8. Upgrade Your Smartphone
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    Concluding Thoughts: How To Improve Video Quality On WhatsApp

Video calling is an essential tool that we all use for communication nowadays. It’s one of the best ways to help us get in touch with our near and dear ones. I’m sure that people of all ages, including you and me, have a video called at some point to our near and dear ones to take advantage of video calling benefits. One of the most widely used apps for video calling is WhatsApp. In this article, we tell you how you can improve video call quality on WhatsApp!

Some of us have begun using the video call feature on WhatsApp so frequently; then, it has become a crucial source for connecting with our colleagues, family, and relatives. However, we sometimes get bugged by unusual video quality compromises that come unexpectedly. What they end up doing is spoiling our mood to connect seamlessly to our network. This article is meant to understand how to improve video quality on WhatsApp.

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Here’s How To Improve Video Call Quality on WhatsApp

If you are imagining how to improve video quality on WhatsApp, here are some tips and tricks that can work wonder for you.

1. Clean Camera Lens

It’s easy to blame the internet connection for poor video call quality. However, most problems of unclear video and poor video call quality can be solved by the simple task of cleaning your camera lens! Make sure you use a dry and clean cloth (preferably microfiber) and clean your lens nicely and ensure there are no smudges.

Also, if you do have a screen protector or a lens cover, it may be another cause for concern. Try removing it and checking if it improves the video quality.

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2. Make Use Of Faster Internet Connection

Using a decidedly old-gen internet connection from an unreliable brand will obviously cause your WhatsApp video call quality to falter. Upgrade your internet connection to a fiber connection along with a router upgrade so you can access faster speeds with the 5GHz band instead of the standard 2.4GHz band. Better internet connections mean better WhatsApp video call quality.

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3. Disable Your Smartphones’ Battery Saver Mode

Disable Your Smartphones' Battery Saver Mode: how to improve video quality on whatsapp

Battery Saver mode in your smartphone will decrease its ability to achieve higher internet speeds. Due to this, you will face a compromise in the video call quality. Disable the toggle for the same in your smartphones battery settings from the settings app.

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4. Turn off ‘Use Less Data For Calls In WhatsApp’

Turn off 'Use Less Data For Calls In WhatsApp' : how to improve video quality on whatsapp

This feature in WhatsApp helps users save data whilst on calls for long hours. But this feature can also lower WhatsApp video call quality even if you have a faster internet connection. Make sure you disable this option right now. Here’s how you can disable it.

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Tap on three dots to access the settings
  • Tap on ‘Storage And Data’
  • Turn Off the toggle for ‘Use Less Data For Calls’

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5. Turn Off Data Saving Mode

Turn Off Data Saving Mode

Turning off the data saver mode can also help improve your WhatsApp video call quality. Here’s how you can turn it off

Open the settings app on your smartphone

  • Go to SIM card & Mobile Data
  • Go to data usage
  • Tap on Data Saving
  • Turn off the toggle for Data Saving Mode.

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6. Update your WhatsApp version.

Another thing you could do is update WhatsApp to its latest version. Go to the updates section of your Play Store or App Store and update WhatsApp. Similarly, you could search for WhatsApp and makes sure you’ve updated it to its latest versions.

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7. Clear Cache Data Of WhatsApp

Clear cache WhatsApp data: how to improve video quality on whatsapp

For an app to function properly on your device, it creates temporary files or cache data. Sometimes it may cause problems if the file is corrupted. Here’s how you can get rid of cached WhatsApp data.

  • Press and hold the WhatsApp app icon till you see a menu occur.
  • Tap on the app info button
  • Go to storage usage
  • Tap on clear cache.
  • Do not tap on ‘Clear Data’ as that will delete all your WhatsApp data. The Clear Cache option only removes temporary files and doesn’t delete important WhatsApp data.

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8. Upgrade Your Smartphone

Your WhatsApp video call quality may also be compromised if you’re using an ages-old smartphone. If that’s the case, it’s time for you to upgrade to a new one and find new phone. There are so many options in various budgets for various users out there. Most of these smartphones come with upgraded camera systems that should enhance your video call quality, provided you have a good internet connection at the same time.

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Concluding Thoughts: How To Improve Video Quality On WhatsApp

Undoubtedly, WhatsApp has become one of the best apps to connect with our dear ones. WhatsApp video calls have come a long way, for sure. I’m sure we’ve all faced an issue when it comes to the video call quality on WhatsApp at some point or other. From pixelated to blurry videos and more, we’ve all faced these issues during WhatsApp video calls which have compromised on is quality output. At some point, we do feel tired of these issues and prepare countermeasures for the same. The eight tips that I’ve mentioned above will make sure you don’t face issues with your WhatsApp video quality. Happy Calling!

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