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How To Remove Bloatware From OnePlus Devices?


Has your OnePlus device suddenly started acting strangely? If you are facing slower speed, higher load time, and batter problems, you might be facing bloatware by now! Use our easy-to-understand guide to navigate through the system of removing bloatware from the OnePlus device.

- Updated: 25th May 2023, 18:03 IST
  • 1
    What is Bloatware? 
  • 2
    How does bloatware impact your mobile phone?
  • 3
    Types of bloatware in OnePlus
  • 4
    How to remove bloatware from OnePlus?
  • 5
    List of bloatware on OnePlus
    • Google bloatware packages loaded in your device:
    • Bloatware on Android running on OxygenOS
    • System Apps by OxygenOS
    • Third party bloatware:
  • 6
    Final Words: How to remove bloatware from OnePlus?
    • The biggest challenge

Bloatware has been a headache for mobile phone and laptop users for years now. In this article, we specifically focus on one major mobile manufacturer, OnePlus and learn the guided method of how to remove bloatware from OnePlus.

Many mobile manufacturers are infamous for selling their equipment loaded with bloatware impacting performance. However, OxygenOS run OnePlus, making it to the “not-so-famous” list, is surprisingly unexpected. It would be difficult but not wrong to say that OnePlus, which has worked with the uninterrupted motto of “Never Settle”, has finally settled.

The Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) packaged many applications that were less useful or functionally nil towards improving the performance of mobile phones. It was not until recently that OnePlus also started marketing its phone with pre-loaded bloatware.

So, for those unfamiliar with the term bloatware, the following few sections are dedicated to understanding the term. Additionally, we will lay down some easy-to-follow steps to remove bloatware from OnePlus. 

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What is Bloatware? 

how to remove bloatware from OnePlus

Bloatware is an unnecessary or unwanted app which may not perform any essential functions for the device. However, their presence often leads to an entire slowdown. They are generally pre-installed on a device as a part of the package by a mobile manufacturer or network operator. They try to sell it as a win-win deal to the customers, and as it comes pre-loaded, no one really cares what bloatware is. 

Besides, it impacts users only when the device’s performance decreases significantly. Next section deals with this in detail. 

How does bloatware impact your mobile phone?

Bloatware, which may have less to zero functionality, impacts our phones by:

-Slowing the overall device

-Causing frequent lagging when you try accessing an application

-Loading time of any software increases drastically

-Drains battery really fast

-Causes interruptions in working by frequent closure of apps or devices (at times)

-Displays way too many ads 

-Overheats the mobile phone due to extra memory usage

– Eats up significant data from your network.

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Types of bloatware in OnePlus

types of bloatware in OnePlus

The launch of the OnePlus 8 and the later versions improved the speed, camera quality, and CPU in the form of Qualcomm Snapdragon. However, it also brought to its end user many other installed apps which were never found before!

Yes, you heard it right. This is about the Facebook and Netflix apps that are inbuilt into OnePlus systems now. Even though OnePlus explicitly mentioned that Netflix was added as a pre-installed package to enhance HDR (High Display Resolution) playback, it is still debatable. The reasons cited for the inclusion of Facebook have been to increase battery efficiency.

However, if you look into the apps and services related to Facebook on your Android mobile, they constantly suck up a lot of data and memory. In this context, it appears more of a PR (Public Relations) statement to justify a deal with the leading giants than a real justification. 

In most of the OnePlus devices, you can delete these apps, while in others, you can just disable them. Besides, the services app related to Facebook, like Facebook Installer, continuously churns a lot of internet data usage, battery, and (maybe user data too!) cannot even be deleted. All you can do is disable them.

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How to remove bloatware from OnePlus?

One thing you might have done after reading the above sections is to check if your OnePlus device has the mentioned bloatware or not. If not, we suggest you do it right away. Here, we mention the steps needed to remove bloatware from OnePlus:

1. Enable USB Debugging and Developer Options on your OnePlus device. 

1.1 For enabling the developer option, 

– Go to Settings > About phone> Build Number. On the build number, tap seven times to enable the developer mode. 

1.2 For enabling USB Debugger, 

– Go to Settings > System > Advanced > Developer Options. 

– Under this, enable USB debugging > Press OK on the confirmation dialogue box. 

2. Open your PC and download Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool. Go to the folder containing it.

3. Right-click on the empty space in the folder and select the Open PowerShell window here.

4. Post this, connect your OnePlus device using a USB 

5. Navigate to Minimal ADB and type adb devices to verify the connection. Select Yes on the prompt message to start USB debugging, which would help to remove bloatware from OnePlus.

6. Type adb shell to start the uninstallation process. 

7. Enter the package name mentioned in the list (added in the following section) in the command below. 

adb shell pm uninstall –user 0 <package name>

8. Follow the step for all packages that you want to delete. This would remove bloatware from OnePlus altogether.

Disclaimer: Remove only those apps that you are confident of. The list of bloatware mentioned above is considered to be potential bloatware. If you feel like having them on your device, you can have them too! Disable the Developer mode once your work is done. 

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List of bloatware on OnePlus

bloatware on oneplus

An extensive list of the bloatware loaded on OnePlus is mentioned below. You can use the packages mentioned below to remove bloatware from OnePlus.

Google bloatware packages loaded in your device:

Bloatware on Android running on OxygenOS

System Apps by OxygenOS


Third party bloatware:

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Final Words: How to remove bloatware from OnePlus?

While OnePlus has always been famed for its user-first approach, the inclusion of bloatware in its latest versions disrupts the market value too. More often, it is evident that no one wants to live in the era of slow and hanging mobile phones due to processor performance. To remove bloatware from OnePlus may not be that tedious, but obviously, no one wants extra work!

A section of the audience has still not turned to iPhone, and OnePlus has been very careful in tapping them through customer engagement, influencer marketing, and attractive features like screen size, power charging, sound system, camera, and whatnot!

The biggest challenge

With apps like Facebook, the biggest challenge is trust. After all the news and public scrutiny of Facebook in many countries, people have begun losing faith in many social media apps. It is hard to choose, but OnePlus has a reputation at stake if the problems caused by bloatware are not tackled at an early stage. As a user, all you can do is- to remove bloatware from OnePlus device explicitly to avoid any performance issues.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Do you know that OnePlus was one of the few mobile manufacturers that rarely sent bloatware to the user through devices?
  • However, with time scenario has changed now, and its partnership with tech giants is causing much inconvenience to the users too!
  • Bloatware is part of pre-installed packages by network operators and original equipment manufacturers.
  • They often cause slowing down of the devices leading to performance issues.
  • If you want to remove bloatware from OnePlus device, then this is the spot to be!

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