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8 Quick Tips To Charge A Phone Battery Efficiently


Want to save yourself from being caught in a world of myths to ensure battery optimisation? The tips and tricks to properly charge your mobile phone will give longevity to your phone’s performance.

- Updated: 25th May 2023, 19:43 IST
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    Best Tips To Charge A Phone Battery Properly
    • 1. Charging in flight mode
    • 2. Fast charging
    • 3.
    • 4. Do not drain your entire battery.
    • 5. Charging in public spaces
    • 6. Charging phone overnight
    • 7. Switch off apps like…
    • 8. A bit about battery saver app
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    Synopsis: Quick Tips To Charge A Phone Battery

Battery charging is a concern for everyone owning a smartphone. More often than not small careless attitude often leads to greater performance issues in the battery. Our quick tips to charge a phone battery efficiently will come in handy to solve the problem.

Ever wondered if fast charging is good or bad? From placing mobile phones on rice stacks or freezers to downloading battery saver apps to optimise battery charging, everyone is trying everything within their control to charge their battery superfast. Here, we have selected few useful tips to charge a phone battery in the most effective way.

The revolution in the field of the mobile lithium-ion battery, as compared to the traditional nickel-cadmium battery, is already a game changer. With fast charging and newer features like efficiency and conservation of charging, lithium-ion has come a long way.

Quick Tips To Charge A Phone Battery

However, simple tips and tricks may go a long way to ensure the best battery health for your mobile phones. To ensure you do not fall prey to multiple myths about saving phone battery, here we lay eight tips to charge a phone battery efficiently. 

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Best Tips To Charge A Phone Battery Properly

1. Charging in flight mode

charging in flight mode- quick tips to charge a phone battery

While disconnecting from the internet connection during charging may not always be possible, one should try to keep their mobile phones in flight mode. When the flight mode is switched on, the applications running in the background or requiring data for upgradation do not contribute to battery draining. Additionally, the energy is spent searching for mobile towers and nearby networks. In fact, the battery is conserved, and there is no data or negligible battery consumption, leading to healthier battery life.

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2. Fast charging

Have you seen the lightning bolt next to your battery status while charging it? If yes, it owes this to fast charging. 

Fast charging is a feature of almost all smartphones nowadays. This allows getting your phone at least half charged within an hour. Generally, a battery’s standard capacity is 5W; with fast charging, this capacity is increased to 10W – 15W, as per the specifications laid down by the manufacturer.

While it is one of the common myths prevailing these days that fast charging destroys the overall health of a mobile device due to overheating, it is far from true. The battery usually degrades after two-three years due to degradation, and fast charging is not always an issue for it!

3. Pillow charging?

never charge phone on cushioned surface

One of the worst observed phenomena is that people place phones under the pillow while charging them at night. Some keep it on the bed, cushion, or sofa, regardless of the impact that the phone might face. Once the phone is placed in such cushioning spaces while charging, the heat gets trapped, leading to greater warming faced by the device. 

One of the featured tips to charge a phone battery, in this case, is to place it on a hard surfaces like a table or metal board that does not trap the heat. 

4. Do not drain your entire battery.

It is not at all advisable to drain the entire phone battery. Instead, one should maintain an ideal range of 20-80 per cent charge. This means a phone must be plugged into charging before it drops below 20 per cent. Some mobile devices, like iPhones, provide a warning message at 20 per cent, while a few others, like OnePlus, give a signal at 10 per cent. Besides, you can plug off the phone at an 80 per cent charge instead of 100 per cent to ensure optimal battery health.

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5. Charging in public spaces

Imagine being in public spaces like shopping malls, railway stations, airports, cafes etc. In such places, there is a greater search for the nearest network signal and continued switching of mobile towers. This leads to our mobile phones draining drastic amounts of energy during charging.

It is expected to charge at least a 20 per cent slower rate than the home space. A typical solution to this problem can be putting your phone in flight mode and disconnecting from the network searches. Tips to charge a phone battery like this significantly improves battery charging.

6. Charging phone overnight

Many people believe that charging a phone overnight can destroy battery health due to excessive heating. While this could be true for Nickel Cadmium battery, it does not hold for Lithium-ion battery that comes these days. Even when your phone is 100 per cent charged, it automatically disconnects the charging process due to an inbuilt chip. However, as soon as it reaches 99 per cent, it again starts charging. 

In scenarios like these, these quick tips to charge a phone battery will not cause a worry at all! You can simply unplug it first thing in the morning, and it’s good to go.

7. Switch off apps like…

Ensure that a few functionalities and apps are switched off if not needed to save battery life. These are Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, and Facebook service apps like Facebook Installer (a kind of bloatware) that consumes a lot of battery charge. As the battery drain decreases, it proves to be one of the useful tips to charge a phone battery and save the charge too. 

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8. A bit about battery saver app

Third-party applications promising to save batteries and help optimise batteries are a big NO-NO! Such battery saver apps often drain more battery than save it. In most cases, they act as bloatware, and one should never install them in the hope of charging the phone even more. 

Synopsis: Quick Tips To Charge A Phone Battery

Sticking to the best industry norms specified by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to save the battery can work miles to conserve the battery life of mobile phones. Our set of eight quick tips to charge a phone battery will help you elongate its life.

Also, as every battery degrades with time, it must be necessary to do a proper health check for your phone if you see your battery is discharging or overheating or not charging at all most of the time.

The service centre for your phone is an excellent place to go, where they can advise you if the battery can be improved or not. If not, it’s time to sell old mobile phone and buy the new one. After all, a battery can not last for a lifetime, even if you take good care of it. 

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Highlights of the Story

  • Have you seen people placing their mobile phones on rice heaps and freezers to save battery?
  • It often feels weird to see these things happening around us. But there are numerous myths floating in the market about saving the battery.
  • People often employ multiple tricks to save battery, and our quick tips mentioned here will go a long way to save the battery.

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