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Top 10 Podcast Apps You Should Be Using Right Now


One can simply google a topic and find a range of podcasts to listen to. However, at times it gets difficult, finding the right application that matches your needs and provides you with your choice of podcasts.

- Updated: 11th Nov 2021, 07:40 IST
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    Top 10 Best Podcast Apps
    • 1. Pocket Casts
    • 2. Google Podcasts
    • 3. Spotify
    • 4. Laughable
    • 5. Himalaya
    • 6. Cast box
    • 7. Procast
    • 8. Stitcher
    • 9. TuneIn Radio
    • 10. Luminary
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In the modern world, Podcast apps are gaining traction day by day. It is mainly due to their functionality and wide range of topics. No matter what topics interest you, you can always find a podcast meant for you. Unlike letters, articles or web series, you don’t have to look at the screen while listening to podcasts. This has made them the most common source of entertainment and knowledge for anyone when they are travelling.

Top 10 Best Podcast Apps

One can simply google a topic and find a range of podcasts to listen to. However, at times it gets difficult, finding the right application that matches your needs and provides you with your choice of podcasts. Below is a list of the top 10 podcast apps you can use to find a podcast that matches your interests.

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1. Pocket Casts

The features that have made this application popular are cross-platform syncing and auto episode downloading and cleanup. Though a paid application earlier, it has been a free for all application since 2019. It allows you to discover many new podcasts based on your listening habits. This helps you to keep discovering more talks about your favourite topics, Even more, it offers a simple set-up for organizing your downloaded podcasts. Few Additional attractive features include time skips, time sleepers etc. 

2. Google Podcasts

Our favourite and most used search engine has also launched its very own podcast streaming application. It allows you to easily listen to podcasts any time you want and picks up exactly where you left from. It even allows you to adjust the playback speed and add podcasts directly from google search.

3. Spotify

Spotify has been the most used podcast streaming application in recent times. It offers podcasts on a wide range of subjects, from Tv shows to sports to stories and poetry. It has limited playback options however, the wide variety of genres and podcasts covers up this lack.

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4. Laughable

If you are a fan of comedy and love laughing then this application is great for you. This comedy focused application has a massive database of comedians that allows you to search for your favourite comedian and listen to them while travelling. Even more, this application has a list of special appearances that they may have made on various platforms. It also allows you to listen offline, adjust playback speed and set up a sleep timer.

5. Himalaya

This application gives you a platform to listen to other speakers as well as one to start your podcast. With more than 270,000 podcasts, this application presents a wide range of topics and podcasts for you to choose from. Even more, it allows you to impost your selections from platforms like Google Podcasts, Spotify and TuneIn radio.

6. Cast box

Castbox is a perfect combination of a simple interface, selected great podcasts and a strong podcast audio search. One can sign in using their mail id and subscribe to a number of podcasts. It even allows you to stream through services like Chromecast and Echo.

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7. Procast

This application is best for you if you like sharing dialogues and parts of your favourite shows. It allows you to take snippets of the audio from any podcast show and share it with your friends and family. It even has an inbox for you to get the latest episodes of your subscribed podcasts.

8. Stitcher

It offers a curated list of playlists that include voices that we generally don’t get to hear. It offers a wide range of genres along with its originals. It allows you to set sleep timers, automatically skip episodes that you have already listened to, download new episodes and adjust the rewind and fast forward duration.

9. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn offers a wide range of genres for one to explore. It offers an array of podcasts for you on its home screen. The application is compatible with Alexa enabled devices and allows you to fast forward or rewind episodes, set alarms in between. You can even favourite a show if you want to listen to it later.

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10. Luminary

This is a paid application however, it can be called the Netflix of podcasts. It allows you to choose from a massive range of podcasts for just $4.99 a month. It offers you add-free podcast services and hence, provides the best podcasting experience.


If you love listening to podcasts, you should try these podcast apps at least once till you find the one that calls to your heart. Do mention your experience of different applications in the comment section to help us customize better lists for you.



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