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Top Deals on Smart Lights For This Festive Season


Are you excited about the festival of lights? Bring home smart lights and decorate your home wonderfully during the Diwali festival. You can purchase smart lights on several online platforms. Read the article to learn more about smart light deals and their availability.

- Updated: 18th Oct 2022, 10:58 IST
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    Best 6 Smart Lights deals
    • 1. Surya Smart Downlighters
    • 2. Wipro 9 W Smart LED Bulb 
    • 3. Mi 10 Smart Bulb 
    • 4. Wipro 12 Watt Smart LED Bulb
    • 5. Wipro DS22000 20 Watt LED Light
    • 6. GOHIGH Smart LED Strip Lights

At the end of the year, the festival season is at its peak in India right now. The festival of lights – Diwali, is just around the corner. Now, everyone is just about to get started decorating their homes with beautiful lights and diyas. In addition, everyone in the country celebrates this with candles, diyas, string bulbs, sweets, crackers, and more. However, a smart light bulb can be the perfect and most affordable way to start your smart home. Moreover, they can be controlled by a voice assistant too.

Here is the list of smart lights which you can check out ahead of the festive season:

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Best 6 Smart Lights deals

1. Surya Smart Downlighters

Surya brings to you a wide range of energy-efficient lighting solutions. This helps to brighten your homes with our innovative, user-friendly and unique spectrum of lighting products. Moreover, it helps to light up across India. This new range of 15W Smart Downlighters is part of its innovative Smart Light series.

Surya Smart Downlighters

Interestingly, they do not need Wi-Fi or internet to function and can be operated with a remote. Moreover, these smart lights are tunable, with the ability to change from warm to cool light with different intensities. They are also dimmable to allow you to change the lighting according to the mood that you want to set. Additionally, multiple smart downlighters can be controlled with a single remote, and a timer can be set to switch off the lights.

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Now, you can find it on Amazon retailing at a price of Rs. 5,149 for a pack of 6. Whereas its single Led Smart Downlighter with Remote is available at a price of Rs. 2,000.

2. Wipro 9 W Smart LED Bulb 

Smart LED Bulb

Wipro Smart LED Bulb has cool features, including a Music Sync Function. It lets your light dance by varying colours with the beat of your favourite music. You can control the bulb of your home from anywhere using the Wipro Next Smart App. Moreover, this smart light is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. You can tune up to 16 Million Colors (RGB) in this new Wi-Fi-enabled smart bulb. Moreover, one good part of this Wipro Wi-Fi Enabled Smart LED Bulb B22 9-Watt is that you can control it using your voice. The smart bulb is up for grabs via Amazon India and Flipkart at Rs. 635 and Rs. 715, respectively.

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3. Mi 10 Smart Bulb 

Smart LED Bulb

Mi LED WiFi light is the latest offering from the brand. It has a great design and is one of the eye-catching models built by Mi. This LED smart light is a good investment for your home and offers an 11-year long life. Moreover, the Mi 10 smart bulb comes with support for Google Assistant and Alexa. You can grab the bulb from Amazon India at Rs. 699 or at Rs. 799.

4. Wipro 12 Watt Smart LED Bulb

Smart Light -LED Bulb

These LED bulbs can be controlled via the Wipro Next Smart Home app. The app is available both on Android and iOS. One can set 3 levels of brightness: warm white, neutral white and cool white. Apart from the RGB colours for making this bulb look completely normal, traditional and ideal for day to day use. Moreover, presets available for the bulb such as party, reading, night, meeting, and leisure make the setup hassle-free. You can also set a timer for your smart lights bulb to switch on and power down automatically. Additionally, Wipro 12 Watt smart LED bulb supports voice commands from both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. 

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5. Wipro DS22000 20 Watt LED Light

Wipro with its innovative and great product lineup brings yet another product similar to its bulb version. The Tubelight supports 16 million colours with the normal light being the natural white. Wipro Next Smart Home app also provides presets with which the users can set the decoration for their home according to their taste.

Wipro DS22000 20 Watt LED

In a similar fashion, you can schedule the timer for switching on/off directly from your smartphone for these smart lights. The smart light accepts the commands from both Amazon Alexa and Google.

6. GOHIGH Smart LED Strip Lights


These are LED strips offered by GOHigh, unlike the traditional ones we are used to. Moreover, they are completely waterproof making them ideal for both indoors and outdoors. One also gets a 5m/16.4ft LED strip along with an instruction manual on how to set them up via your smartphone. The Strip lights support 16 million RGB colours to choose from. It also the lights are dimmable making them ideal for bedroom, kitchen, TV, party, gaming and outdoor decorations. Moreover, these smart lights also support music sync and can be scheduled according to your will via the smartphone application. For voice control features the LED strip supports both Amazon Alexa and Google assistant.

Head on right over to Flipkart and grab this deal, it is available at a price of Rs. 1,799 from its original price of Rs. 4,499.

At the end of the day, even after the festive season goes away, these smart lights will make your life easier and smarter. So, invest now in these products when they are available at discounted prices. These are only some smart lights and bulbs you can consider buying, to fill your home with colours and joy this festive season. We will add in more as the sale picks up its pace!

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