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    Identify Songs From Your Smartphone With These Top 5 Apps


    Another everyday example of the “Smart” in Smartphones, the ability to scan an audio database to figure out which song is playing at the moment is impressive and easy to access with these 5 handy apps.

    By Shantanu | 
    Updated: 11th Nov 2021 05:17 IST
    Identify Music and Songs from Smartphone!

    Highlights of the Story

    • Want to identify songs easily?
    • All you have to do is play the song these apps will do their magic.
    • Check out our Top 5 Apps to identify songs that are playing live! Most of these work on both Apple and Android.

    At a party and hear your next to-be favourite song but don’t know the name? As long as you’ve got an Android or an iOS Smartphone, you need a few Mbs to download one of the Apps in this handy list by Cashify. Come back to the music that enhances your mood anytime! Gain a headstart in surprising your friends and identify that cool song you heard together. 

    Most of the Apps on this list are cross-platform and run on both Android and iOS!Read ahead and download them from the App Store and Playstore links!

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    1. Shazam

    One of the earliest Apps that identify music from your smartphone for both iOs and Android, today it has a 4.8 rating and 500M+ downloads. Shazam! Identify any song, anywhere. Surprisingly, it works offline too.

    2. Musixmatch

    With a 4.4-star rating, Musixmatch lets you identify songs with lyrics and translations with a lyrics card feature. You can also share your favourite song lyrics with the backgrounds and original cover art of the soundtrack!

    3. Soundhound

    Rated 4.3-star, Soundhound plays music and finds any song with all its details. It has an inbuilt youtube music player that lets you play the song directly from the App. To save your playlists, you would require a Spotify subscription. also accepts voice commands

    4. Beatfind

    A 4.6 rated App, Beatfind lets you identify every song and explore best-seller Artists. Share your new favourites on FB, Twitter, WhatsApp, and many others. It comes with a flashlight party mode that lets you play flash beats with disco lights! The only drawback is that this App is exclusive to Android.

    5. Genius

    Genius with a 4.2 rating claims to have the world’s highest collection of song lyrics and crowdsourced musical knowledge. Find annotated lyrics and identify songs with this cross-platformAppp.

    Those were our Top Picks to Identify Songs from any Smartphone! Have other favourite Apps like these? Comment below and let the community know!

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