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How To See Deleted Messages On WhatsApp- Tricks You Need To Know


Annoyed because someone deleted the message before you could see it on WhatsApp? Stress no more!! Here, we will talk about how to see deleted messages on WhatsApp.

- Updated: 23rd Feb 2023, 01:04 IST
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    Tricks To See Deleted Messages On WhatsApp
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“This message was deleted”– I bet this one line can annoy you like anything. At some point in time, you might have wondered how to see deleted messages on WhatsApp. Of course, the original version of WhatsApp does not let you do so but with the help of some tips and tricks, you will be able to see the deleted messages.

When someone deletes a message for you on WhatsApp, you won’t be notified about it. However, it will reflect in the chat leaving you curious and annoyed at the same time. To help you get over that, we bring to you some methods to see deleted messages on WhatsApp. So, let’s get started.

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Tricks To See Deleted Messages On WhatsApp

Here are two of the best tricks to see deleted messages on WhatsApp. You can try either of them and do not let messages escape from your eyes.

  1. Notisave App
Deleted Messages On WhatsApp

The first method involves installing the Notisave app. You can find it on Google Play Store. As the name suggests, the app saves notifications for you. This app has thousands of users and does not let you miss the notifications you receive on your phone, including the messages that had been sent to you but later were deleted on WhatsApp. Follow the below-mentioned steps to install and use the Notisave app.

  1. Go to Google Play Store and search for Notisave in the search tab.
  2. Once you find the respective app, tap on Install.
  3. After you are done installing, open the app and grant all necessary permissions.
  4. The app will ask permission to access your notifications, photos, media, and files.
  5. Then, click on the Auto-start option and the app is ready to use.
  6. It will then make a log of all the notifications received on your phone. The app also comes in handy when you have accidentally removed a notification from the notification tab.

2. Notification History On Your Phone

how to see deleted messages on whatsapp

You can also read deleted messages on WhatsApp without installing any app. However, this option works only when you have a smartphone with Android 11 or later. Here’s how to do so:

  1. Go to Settings on your smartphone and find “Apps and Notifications”.
  2. Next, tap on Notifications.
  3. Then, tap on Advanced Settings> Notification History.
  4. Toggle on the button next to Notification history.
  5. Once you do so, all future notifications including WhatsApp messages will appear on that screen.

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Final Thoughts

The original version of WhatsApp currently is lacking this feature where you can read the message even after one has deleted it. Hopefully, in that case, our suggested methods will help you. However, some of the modded version of WhatsApp including Yo WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, etc. comes with this in-built feature that allows you to see the messages even after being removed or deleted. But we don’t really recommend using those modded versions as they come with major privacy concerns.

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