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[Report] WhatsApp Mods- Stay Away From GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp


Wondering whether to download the WhatsApp modded versions or not? This article is here to help. We have talked in detail about GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp and more here.

- Updated: 23rd Feb 2023, 00:42 IST
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    What Do You Get With FM WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp or Yo WhatsApp?
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    Why You Should Not Choose FM WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp or Yo WhatsApp?
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    What The WhatsApp Officials Have To Say?
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    Final Thoughts

With over 2 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp has become the top favourite choice for messaging today. And not just that, the app lets you make calls, share media, send locations and do more. These are some features that the official WhatsApp lets you enjoy. However, you might have come across people using the modded versions of WhatsApp like GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp or Yo WhatsApp and enjoying a lot of additional features.

For example, keeping a text even after it’s deleted for everyone. Let’s face it, we all have that annoying friend who does that all the time. While these features appear tempting, you must know that these apps are not at all safe.

In this article, we will talk in detail about the modded versions of WhatsApp like FM WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, Yo WhatsApp.

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What Do You Get With FM WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp or Yo WhatsApp?

whatsapp gb

Before we talk about the cons, let us see what features these modded versions have to offer to the users.

  1. See Deleted Messages

You might have that one friend who replies to your deleted texts too. Well, the reason can be that he/ she is using a modded version of WhatsApp. With FM WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp or Yo WhatsApp, you are able to see deleted messages too.

2. Use Customized Themes

The modded versions offer you more than 1000s themes. So, you get a wide variety of options to choose from. You can also modify the text bubble, tick style, set DP as chat background and more.

3. Download Stories

The GB WhatsApp or FM WhatsApp lets you save the stories directly from the app.

4. Freeze Last Seen

If you don’t want others to know your last seen and also don’t want to hide it, you can choose the Freeze last seen option in the modded versions. So now, your last seen will get stuck to the last time you were online before enabling this feature.

5. Set Custom Privacy For Contacts

FM WhatsApp or GB WhatsApp lets you set custom privacy for particular contacts. For example, you can set privacy settings options like “Hide blue ticks, Hide second tick, Hide blue microphone, Hide typing, Hide View status”, etc for particular contacts.

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Why You Should Not Choose FM WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp or Yo WhatsApp?

The WhatsApp mods like FM WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp or Yo WhatsApp are not available to download on Play Store or App Store. From this only, you can get an idea that these are not official apps.


If you have to download the modded versions, you need to find them online on third-party websites. This means these apps do not come with Google security checks.

gb whatsapp fm whatsapp yo whatsapp

So, using these apps have a direct threat to your data. Also, when you download apps from third-party websites, there is a huge chance that malware can target your phone with the intention of committing fraud.

go whatsap apk

We thought to see how the download works and visited various third-party websites for the same. Every website had the link to download the modded versions but when we clicked on the link, we were redirected to some other page.

gb whatsapp fm whatsapp yo whatsapp

It was after several attempts that we were able to find the download link.

gb whatsapp apk

WhatsApp mods are not end-to-end encrypted, this means the messages that you send or receive can be accessed by hackers too.

What The WhatsApp Officials Have To Say?

We reached out to the WhatsApp Officials team for their comment on these third-party apps and here is what they have to say:

WhatsApp Officials also recommended not using these apps and have quoted in their FAQ Post, “Unofficial apps are altered versions of WhatsApp, which means they’re developed by third parties and violate our Terms of Service. We don’t support these apps because we can’t validate their security practices.

These apps put your privacy, security, and safety at risk. If you’re using them, there’s no guarantee your messages or your data, like your location or the files you share, will be private and secure. Your account might also be temporarily or permanently banned.”

However, when we asked what WhatsApp is doing to avoid the usage of these modded versions, they did not respond.

gb whatsapp fm whatsapp yo whatsapp

Final Thoughts

Of course, you can get quite some extra options with FM WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp or Yo WhatsApp but at what cost? These third-party websites are not at all safe for the user’s data. Also, since the apps need to be installed from third-party websites, there is a higher chance of malware or virus attacking your devices.

Disclaimer: Installing or using the modded WhatsApp is not the right practice and is also illegal. Cashify does not promote any such activity on its platform.

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Highlights of the Story

  • WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most used instant messaging platform, offering plenty of features to users.
  • However, there are some modded versions of WhatsApp available online too.
  • Here, we will talk about how safe is to download GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, or Yo WhatsApp.

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