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    How To Unlock New Legends Quickly In Apex Legends Mobile?


    One of the best things about Apex Legends Mobile is the limited but highly unique selection of Legends or Characters to use. With the addition of a mobile-exclusive character, things have just gotten more interesting! So, read on to know how you can unlock every single Legend in the game.

    By Sagnik Dasgupta | 
    Updated: 20th May 2022 18:59 IST

    Table Of Contents

    • 1
      Apex Legends Mobile: How To Unlock All The Legends?
      • All Legends:
    • 2
      Mobile-Exclusive Legend Alert! How To Get Fade In Apex Legends Mobile?
      • How to get Fade for free in Apex Legends Mobile?
      • Get Fade with Syndicate Gold
    • 3
      How To Quickly Level Up In Apex Legends Mobile?
      • 1. Play like there’s no tomorrow!
      • 2. Double EXP cards are your best friend
      • 3. Missing out on daily rewards is a crime!
    • 4
      Unlock All Legends In Apex Legends Mobile – Final Thoughts

    Highlights of the Story

    • Apex Legends Mobile has a total of 10 Legends to choose from and use in battle.
    • You can get your hands on most of the legends by simply levelling up in the game.
    • Apex Legends Mobile players can get the mobile version exclusive Legend called Fade in the game.

    It has been just a day since Apex Legends Mobile landed in India. So, it is not late for you to join the grind and unlock all the Legends in the game. The best part is that most of these characters or Legends, as you may call them, can be obtained for free in the game. There are a total of 10 such Legends to choose from and rush into battle. Of these 10 Legends, 9 Legends are free-to-play, and 1 Legend is a mobile version exclusive In this article, we will show you how to unlock all the Legends in Apex Legends Mobile!

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    Apex Legends Mobile: How To Unlock All The Legends?

    Most of the Legends, even some of the best Legends, are actually unlocked early on in the game. Apex Legends Mobile does not follow the same character progression mechanics as its PC and Console counterparts. By just levelling up in the game and its battle pass, you can get access to most of these skins.

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    Here’s how to get all the Legends in Apex Legends Mobile:

    All Legends:

    • Bloodhound – Already unlocked when you first start with the game
    • Lifeline – Is unlocked at Level 2
    • Bangalore – Is unlocked at Level 3
    • Pathfinder – Is unlocked at Level 4
    • Gibraltar – Is unlocked at Level 6
    • Wraith – Is unlocked at Level 15
    • Caustic – Is unlocked at Level 20
    • Mirage – Is Unlocked at Level 24 or Day 2 of Rookie Login Rewards
    • Octane – Is Unlocked at Level 40

    Mobile-Exclusive Legend Alert! How To Get Fade In Apex Legends Mobile?

    Fade is the newest addition to the roster of Legends in the game. What is unique about this particular Legend is that it is a mobile version-exclusive skin. This basically means that only Apex Legends Mobile players will be able to obtain this skin. So, players on other platforms will be missing out on this.

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    Furthermore, there are two ways to obtain Fade in the game. While one is 100 per cent free, the other requires you to cash in real money. Let us take a look at both the ways of getting Fade. This way, you can choose whether you want to grind for the Legend or just take the easy route.

    How to get Fade for free in Apex Legends Mobile?

    It is great that Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts have included a free-to-play method of getting Fade in the game. You need a total of 10 Fade shards to form the Legend and get it. These Fade shards can be obtained by just pushing through the battle pass levels.

    You get 2 Fade Shards in each battle pass level – Level 1, Level 9, Level 13, Level 17, and Level 25. Once you get all 10 Fade shards, open the Legends Menu from the Main Lobby and tap on the Unlock with Shards option.

    Get Fade with Syndicate Gold

    Or, you can take the faster way to get Fade in Apex Legends Mobile via Syndicate Gold. However, you need real money to get Syndicate Gold. You can also accumulate Google Play Credit Points for free via a multitude of different apps like Google Opinion Rewards. However, that takes a long time to get somewhere.

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    To purchase Fade, you require 750 Syndicate Gold coins. Now, to get that many Syndicate Gold coins, you would have to spend at least Rs. 899. With this pack, you get 935 Syndicate Gold coins and a bonus of 115 more coins.

    How To Quickly Level Up In Apex Legends Mobile?

    Levelling up in Apex Legends Mobile super fast takes just a couple of things to consider. Here are some tips to get you started with the level-up process instantly:

    1. Play like there’s no tomorrow!

    It goes without saying that, playing regularly and actively will get you through levels much quicker. Although there are a staggering 500 levels in the game, you can actually get all the Legends way early, as mentioned before. However, just playing the game will not single-handedly boost your Player EXP Points.

    Getting more and more kills in a match plays a significant role in boosting your level-up process. However, things are slightly different in the Multiplayer and Battle Royale game modes. In Multiplayer, your total number of kills is significant. On the other hand, battle royale EXP is determined both by the number of kills and your team’s standing.

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    2. Double EXP cards are your best friend

    Yes, Double EXP cards actually do increase your Player EXP Points by 2x. These cards can actually be obtained for free via the free crates and limited-time events. Use these more and more in the initial stages of the game to level up quickly and get all the Legends in Apex Legends Mobile.

    3. Missing out on daily rewards is a crime!

    If you are starting off with Apex Legends Mobile and are entirely new to the game’s mechanics, just keep checking the daily rewards section. These are easy peasy lemon squeezy straightforward, and free rewards that you just shouldn’t miss out on.

    All you have to do is just log in to the game every day and claim these rewards. You get Double EXP cards from these daily rewards, so get into the game and claim them right now!

    Unlock All Legends In Apex Legends Mobile – Final Thoughts

    Now that you know how to get every Legend in Apex Legends Mobile, you are all set to go out and explore the abilities of each of these characters. Who knows, you may soon come across your very own personal favourite character.

    Pssst! Our suggestion would be to give Gibraltar, Fade, and Bloodhound a try. These characters have incredible abilities and will help you get through the levels more efficiently.

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