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    10 Brawl Stars Tips And Tricks To Get You Started Right Away


    Brawl Stars has been a game that has come into the light for its super fun interactive gameplay and allows you to have fun teaming up with your friends online in this epic battle arena game. For the avid gamers out there who are about to be a part of the Brawl Stars community, this article will be helpful as we state some Brawl Stars tips and tricks to make you have a better understanding of this game.

    By Shivaan Tomar | 
    Updated: 4th May 2022 19:10 IST

    Table Of Contents

    • 1
      1)Auto-Aim is not the ideal option every time you play 
    • 2
      2)Make a team with your friends
    • 3
      3) Select a Brawler fit for the map
    • 4
      4)Be aware of the friends you make during Showdown 
    • 5
      5 )Be on the lookout for your thumb
    • 6
      6)Collect Gems for your entry to the Brawl Pass
    • 7
      7)Ensure that you are doing your daily quests 
    • 8
      8)Preserve your PowerPoints
    • 9
      9)Ranking up your Brawlers ensure that you get new gadgets
    • 10
      10) Be aware of your Character’s build
    • 11

    Highlights of the Story

    • Want to get a better understanding of the game Brawl Stars?
    • We have stated a list of all the useful Brawl Stars tips and tricks that will ensure that you can make a long-lasting impact in the game over your opponents.

    Brawl Stars is a multiplayer online fighting arena and third-person hero shooter video game. It’s been developed by the Finnish video game company, Supercell. The game offers diverse game modes, each with a distinct purpose. Brawl Stars came in June 2017, and the game has gained a lot of traction in the hearts of avid gamers and continues to have a substantial reach among people from all over the world. Here, we’ll discuss some Brawl Stars tips and tricks for beginners.

    Many newcomers have become a part of the Brawl Stars family in the last few years, and they are still trying to understand the essence of the game. In the recent Gears and Club League collection, the game can be overwhelming for first-time users. This article will tell you some essential Brawl Stars tips and tricks that can get a good grip on this game. 

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    1)Auto-Aim is not the ideal option every time you play 

    brawl stars auto-aim

    You will find that many players will use the auto-aim option in the game, thinking that it will help them in their game. The truth is that this is good for close-range Brawlers because some face more damage at point-blank range. But, there are some other Brawlers, such as your Barley or Piper, who will be able to reap the benefits of the auto-aim. 

    There are throwing Brawlers as well, wherein your nemesis can see the shot coming at them and can save themselves by dodging the attack. We suggest you manually make your aim and attack by anticipating the enemy’s movement. 

    For the Brawlers with a long-range attack, you can also manually attack them by aiming by reading your enemy’s movements. You may need to practice making these manual long shots, but once you master it, you will find that it is hard for your enemy to move ahead into a better position. 

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    2)Make a team with your friends

    team with friends brawl stars tips and tricks

    Playing Brawl Stars with your friends does bring out the best experience of this game. You can play 3 vs 3 modes and can team up with friends, which gives you a say in making a stronger team that will work amazingly together. 

    3) Select a Brawler fit for the map

    brawler for map

    You can see the information about the game’s event by clicking on the ‘i’, which is next to the Map menu. Witnessing the map’s information, you can understand the game style by being aware of the environment that will be set in the match, whether the environment is hazardous such as spikers, poisonous clouds and rogue minecraft. For such types of threats, you may need to choose a Brawler with a high-level health bar or who has the ability to teleport. 

    You can use it to your advantage if you know the map’s setting and layout before the game starts. For example, in wide spaces type of maps, long-range Brawlers such as Bea or Penny are an ideal fit. If in case, a map has a setting with a lot of walls, then Shelly or Rico would be great. It is a good practice to know your map before you risk losing your accolades in the game. 

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    4)Be aware of the friends you make during Showdown 

    be aware of friends in showdown

    In the case of the Showdown, more specifically the Solo Showdown, you will notice that other players are spinning to gain your attention. This spinning is an invitation from their side to ally so that you can work as a team to destroy the other players. If you are the last Brawler alive, you earn more accolades in the Solo Showdown move.

    There are also chances of you being double-crossed by these players who are spinning for your attention, so always be alert and maintain your distance even if you ally. 

    5 )Be on the lookout for your thumb

    check thumb brawl stars

    Many players are right-handed, and until you modify your settings, some players control their Brawlers from their left thumb and attack with their right thumb. If the players are hiding their Brawlers in the bushes and are constantly on the move with their default controls, the left thumb is there on the display screen for most of the games, which can occasionally clog your view. 

    You have the option to touch anywhere on the left side of your screen to make movements, but your thumb can create an issue by getting in the way. Therefore, we will suggest you be on the lookout for the enemies in the blind spots if in case your thumb tends to block your view while tapping on the screen. You can also use this issue to your advantage in Showdown and slowly sneak up on your opponents from the left lower side as their thumb can be in their line of sight. 

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    6)Collect Gems for your entry to the Brawl Pass

    collect gems

    Gems are the most crucial currency in the game as they let you buy tons of stuff like the Skins, Mega Boxes and the ultimate item, which is the Brawl Pass. There comes the point in every season of the game wherein you will be able to get your hands at the Brawl Pass for just 169 Gems which will ensure that you get your hands on special Skin, a new Brawler and tons of other stuff as well. 

    7)Ensure that you are doing your daily quests 

    daily quests

    The daily quests offer tons of Coins and PowerPoints for players who cannot afford the Brawl Pass. Many quests happen during a season, and players must complete them to earn Tokens. 

    The daily quests let your earn tokens easily, and in the game, you will find Token Doublers, which allow you to double your earned Token, helping you earn your prizes quickly. 

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    8)Preserve your PowerPoints

    preserve powerpoints

    Power points are important to increase the Brawler’s ability to take less damage from attacks and increase their health bar. Some players will use their PowerPoints equally among each and every Brawler’s development, while some upgrade their favourite Brawlers. Whatever way you choose, you can always not use these PowerPoints by the end of the season and carry them forward for the next season. The advantage of preserving your last season’s PowerPoints for a new season is that you can get the option to upgrade your new Brawlers in the new season. 

    9)Ranking up your Brawlers ensure that you get new gadgets

    ranking up brawlers

    Gadgets are game-changing aspect in the Brawl Stars, and most multiple Gadget options to select from. The Brawlers’ overall levels must be increased by using the PowerPoints on them. Once they reach Level 7, they can take their gadget. The gadget can be discovered in the Brawl Boxes. They can be bought from the game’s shop as well. This is one of the vital Brawl Stars tips and tricks.

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    10) Be aware of your Character’s build

    character build

    Most Brawlers are quipped with two Star Powers, which you can unleash after advancing to Power Level 9. These Star Powers are valuable attributes special to each Brawler, and it adds up a new level of excitement. 

    Once you reach Power Level 10, a Gears slot is opened with an extra slot given at Power Level 11, allowing gamers to be equipped with two Gears per game. You can make these bonuses with Gear Scraps and Gear Tokens found in the shop or Brawl Boxes. By connecting all 4 supplementary advantages, gamers now have multiple choices when modifying their Brawler before the start of each match. 


    We hope that these Brawl Stars tips and tricks have helped you get some insight into the game and a better sense of how the game works.

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