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BGMI Lite Launch Date, Gameplay & More | Everything We Know


Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite version is in development and will be launched in India in the coming weeks. This is a trimmed-down version of BGMI designed to run on entry-level smartphones.

- Updated: 18th Jan 2023, 12:11 IST
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    What is BGMI Lite? Why does it exist?
    • How is This Game Different from BGMI?
    • BGMI Lite vs FreeFire
    • BGMI Lite Release Date
    • How to Download the game for Android & iOS

It has been quite some time since the rumours about the Battlegrounds Mobile India BGMI Lite version surfaced on the internet. BGMI (Formerly known as PUBG) has been the #1 battle royale game worldwide for mobile devices. And with Tencent‘s PUBG Mobile being banned in India due to security reasons. And Krafton Inc bringing India’s favourite battle royale game back in the form of BGMI is a great comeback story in mobile gaming history.

It’s about a year since BGMI was launched in India, and the game has tried to attract PUBG mobile users to come onboard. And despite being the most intuitive game, BGMI still lacks to appeal to a larger chunk of the audience. And with rumours about BGMI Lite being announced soon, it could cater for a larger audience.

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What is BGMI Lite? Why does it exist?

BGMI Lite is a trimmed-down version of BGMI, which is being developed for low spec smartphones. With BGMI Lite, Krafton aims to acquire as much of a user base in India and to try to fill the void PUBG Mobile Lite has left.

While smartphone brands aim to deliver an excellent gaming smartphone with a flagship processor, a high refresh rate display and more. With all these specs, users can play BGMI at 90FPS and that too in UHD (Ultra HD) resolution. This delivers an excellent gaming experience, but this accounts for a small user base in India as not everyone can afford a flagship-grade smartphone. And that being said, many users were asking for a Lite version of BGMI so that everyone can enjoy and experience ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’.

With more than half of the population in India owning just an entry-level smartphone. It is important to have a battle royale game targeting this userbase with the lower-end devices. Many players still struggle on their way to having smoother gameplay on their budget devices and mid-range phones. PUBG initially provided the lighter version of the game, calling it “PUBG Lite”. While PUBG Lite acquired a good chunk of new users, BGMI Lite could replicate the success.

Also, the target audience for the BGMI Lite includes users with budget-friendly devices. And the purchasing power of these users is a bit low relatively. But it adds up to a huge amount of capital in the long run, and that is the reason why the developers are now focusing on providing the lighter version of the BGMI.

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How is This Game Different from BGMI?

The release of a lighter version of the BGMI could feature new modes that can run on entry-level smartphones. And this could bring the new existing modes of BGMI such as Domination, Gun game, and TDM with an overall revamp.

The BGMI Lite will overall have similar gameplay as we have in BGMI. The maps, game mechanics, guns and everything would remain the same. The only difference will be that the game would require fewer resources and can run smoothly on low-end devices. The map’s textures and overall quality of maps might be slightly trimmed. This can help the game run smooth with limited RAM and processing power.

BGMI Lite vs FreeFire

Free Fire was the most popular battle royale game amongst users as it was designed to run perfectly well on low-end smartphones. The Indian Government recently banned the game with concerns about National security. And since then, there has been a big void left to cater for the users who own mid-range or entry-level smartphones.

BGMI Lite and Free Fire are both battle royale games where a group of 50-100 users are dropped off on an island, and the last team surviving wins. In comparison, BGMI Lite will have an overall similar gameplay as BGMI with slightly trimmed down graphics.

The minimum system requirements for BGMI Lite should be the same as PUBG Mobile Lite. It requires a minimum of 2GB RAM, Android 6.0+ and 1GB of internal storage. While these are the minimum system requirements, most of the current smartphones have much better specifications than these.

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BGMI Lite Release Date

While there is no official release date announced by Krafton. Recently, they ran a poll in their discord server, asking for the specific changes to be made in the Lighter version of the Application. This recent activity indicated that the developer team is looking for the specific requirements of the app and the user needs. And we’d soon be able to get our hands on the final release with significant changes as per need.

However, as said earlier, there are no official statements made by Krafton yet. But many BGMI Mobile players indicate that the launch could happen in May 2022. The launch rollout will begin with a Beta Test for a limited set of users. And then, BGMI Lite will launch in a phased manner. The Android version of BGMI Lite should arrive first, and then the iOS version will arrive a bit later.

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How to Download the game for Android & iOS

The expected launch date for BGMI Lite is Q2 2022, and rumours suggest that the game could launch as early as May 2022. The launch event will begin with Beta testing amongst a limited set of users. Make sure to keep an eye on the Beta Signup forms, which will be available on BGMI‘s official website as the launch day approaches. And following this, the Pre-Registration should start on BGMI‘s official website, Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


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Highlights of the Story

  • BGMI Lite is specifically developed for entry low and medium-range smartphones.
  • The game has similar gameplay with slightly toned down graphics.
  • BGMI Lite is expected to launch soon in India in a few weeks