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Here Are Some BGMI Gun Recoil Control Tips For Excellent Gunplay


BGMI’s gun recoil bothering you? Follow these BGMI gun recoil control tips to decrease recoil and aim better, enriching your BGMI gameplay!

- Updated: 17th Jan 2023, 22:00 IST
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    Aiming Sensitivity
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    Gun Choice
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    Changing Stances
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    Don’t spray too early
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    Hand Usage
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Are you looking for BGMI gun recoil control tips? Even if you’re a seasoned BGMI player, recoil can be bothersome. Some of the guns in BGMI might do plenty of damage, but their heavy recoil often makes it difficult for the player to shoot properly. Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. We’ve brought you some essentials tips to help you control recoil in BGMI.

BGMI is a battle royale game and a realistic one at that. Initially, the game took inspiration from a military shooting simulator called ARMA III. Due to its roots, the game is one of the most realistic shooting games you could play, especially in a battle royale setting. Due to this, the shooting feels and sounds good as well. However, this realism comes at a cost. Most players will have to adjust with various guns and understand how the recoil works. For example, the MK14 EBR is an excellent gun choice. It’s heavy and offers a significant amount of damage. Regardless, the gun’s recoil settings often make it difficult for most players to aim accurately.

With the tips we’re about to give you, recoil control and aiming in BGMI will become much easier moving forward. Now, let’s have a look at the BGMI gun recoil control tips.

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Aiming Sensitivity

aiming sensitivity

Aiming sensitivity is a big issue when you’re playing the game. You can’t check the sensitivity settings that your friend uses and utilise the same settings. It’s different for each person. Moreover, since you and your friend might use different guns, you can’t apply the same settings at any time. However, you can check your aiming sensitivity settings in the Training Ground. Choose your preferred gun (hopefully something mid-level that’s found more commonly in-game) and try them out. You can change the settings according to your needs after that. Moreover, there are other settings for ADS sensitivity, camera sensitivity, and gyroscope sensitivity (if you’re using it). Experiment and find what works for you.

Gun Choice

Gun Choice BGMI gun recoil control

Needless to say, this will be a big factor when it comes to your aiming skills. Not everyone can manage with guns that provide huge kickbacks. If you’re a beginner, you’re better off using mid-range guns or a few submachine guns. Their recoil tends to be comparatively less and you can compensate for the lack of damage through better gun control. Even seasoned and enthusiast players try to avoid guns that have a huge recoil as it can be an impediment to the competitive edge of the game. Try out different guns, whether in-game or in matches. With some time and effort, you’ll know which gun works best for your playing style.

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Changing Stances

Changing stances crouching

A good rule of thumb to remember is that your aim will always be worse when you’re standing. Changing the stance to crouch or prone will make your gun and recoil control in BGMI loads better. Moreover, try not to aim and fire too much when you’re moving. This decreases your chances of hitting your target exponentially. When you’re prone or crouched, your movement is slower but your aiming will be far better. Of course, it goes without saying that you’ll have to find the appropriate cover. There’s no point in trying to aim while crouched or prone when you’ve got no cover to shield you from incoming fire.

Don’t spray too early

Guns have a certain hit radius. This hit radius increases when you’re spraying bullets onto your enemies. However, it also decreases the chance of you hitting the opponent successfully, and it increases the gun’s recoil. You should always stick to firing a few bullets first so that the recoil is less and your aim isn’t affected too much. Gun sprays are viable when you’re in the middle of an intense firefight and there are plenty of enemies in a particular area. For a smaller amount of enemies, especially at a distance, fire just three or four shots first. Any more than this and your gun will start to spray wildly.

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Hand Usage

This might seem like a no brainer, but plenty of players tend to forget this. How you use the game’s controls also have a stake in terms of gun recoil control in BGMI. For example, players who shoot with their thumb or play with three fingers for the controls tend to have better aim and recoil control in BGMI. If you use a claw-like grip or control scheme, it becomes difficult to control the recoil. Of course, you can practice and improve your aim using both techniques. However, as a beginner, it’s better to use three fingers or thumb style control grip.


Gyroscope BGMI gun recoil control tips

The addition of using the gyroscope to play BGMI is a welcome one. The gyroscope controls are difficult to use and there’s no doubt about that. Nevertheless, it’s a good option in case you face too many problems with gun recoil control in BGMI. Gun spray becomes much easier to handle when you’re using the gyroscope controls. It will be difficult to use and if you’re habituated to using the normal methods of gameplay, it will take time for you to adjust to this. We’d recommend you practice using the gyroscope in a few matches and see if it’s a good fit for your playing style. If it is, you’re likely to have better aim and gun recoil control in BGMI.

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Like any good shooting game, BGMI allows you to use certain attachments for specific guns. These attachments come in different shapes, sizes, and perks. How you choose your attachments will also determine a significant amount of your gameplay. If you want better recoil control for your gun, find suitable attachments for them. The stats of these attachments are always shown when you’re playing the game. While some attachments can reduce gun recoil in BGMI, they will also give a hit on damage or other stats. So, you’ll have to decide what works better for you. If you can sacrifice certain gun stats for better aim and gun recoil control in BGMI, you should go for the attachments!


So, these are our BGMI gun recoil control tips and tricks. Hopefully, at least a few of these will come to your aid. While this sounds like a cliche, the best way to get better at aiming and understanding recoil is through practice. You’ll have to play multiple matches to find a gun that works for you and adjust accordingly to its recoil. Practice, practice, and more practice – this should be your ultimate mantra for getting better at BGMI.

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