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BGMI Complete Guns Damage List – 2022 Updated


Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is a very popular game. For the avid BGMI users we have made a list of the most lethal guns in BGMI and how much damage can they cause to your nemesis in the game.

- Updated: 4th Nov 2022, 01:20 IST
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    Category of Guns in BGMI
    • AR (Assault Rifles) Guns in BGMI
    • SR (Sniper Rifles)
    • DMR (Designated Marksman Rifles)
    • SMG Submachine Guns
    • SG (Shotgun)
    • LMG (Light Machine Gun)
    • Pistol
    • Melee
    • Crossbow
    • BGMI attachments on Weapons
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Just like soldiers are taught to fight, the combat in BGMI also starts with the set of weapons you have as they give a good idea about your chances of being the ultimate survivor or not, so you need to have BGMI complete guns damage list to determine what will work for you. In the virtual battleground, you are no less than a soldier, and you need to have your hands on the best weapons to secure chances of being the sole survivor at the end. The more the fire rate a weapon has, the more damage will it give to your nemesis, and you can finally get that chicken dinner.

In this article, you will find the BGMI complete guns damage list based on their firing rate and damage done by them to have a solid chance to be the winner and get the chicken dinner. Along with the damage list, we have also categorized them according to pistols, shotguns, rifles, etc.

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Category of Guns in BGMI

In BGMI, there are these many categories of guns-

  • AR (Assault Rifles) Guns in BGMI
  • SR (Sniper Rifles)
  • DMR (Designated Marksman Rifles)
  • SMG Submachine Guns
  • SG (Shotgun)
  • LMG (Light Machine Gun)
  • Pistol
  • Melee
  • Crossbow

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AR (Assault Rifles) Guns in BGMI

bgmi guns damage list

In the category of Assault Rifles we have curated a list of such guns that can shoot the entire clip automatically, in burst mode and single-bullet firing as well. These guns in BGMI will help you cause grave damage to your enemy in the game-

Assault Rifle NameBase DamageAmmo Type
AKM49 HP7.62 mm
M16A443 HP5.56 mm
SCAR-L43 HP5.56 mm
M41643 HP5.56 mm
Groza49 HP7.62 mm
Aug A343 HP5.56 mm
QBZ43 HP5.56 mm
Beryl M76247 HP7.62 mm
MK47 Mutant49 HP7.62 mm
G36C43 HP5.56 mm

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SR (Sniper Rifles)

bgmi guns damage list

Sniper Rifles help you kill your nemesis from a long range. We have a made list of really lethal Sniper Rifles that can help you destroy your nemesis with just a single shot of the bullet at the head from far away –

Sniper Rifle NameBase DamageAmmo Type
AWM105 HP.300 Magnum
Kar98k75 HP7.62 mm
M2479 HP7.62 mm
Win9466 HP7.62 mm

DMR (Designated Marksman Rifles)

bgmi guns damage list

With the help of a Designated Marksman Rifle, you can use a high-precision scope to kill your nemesis from far away. Such types of the gun are a hybrid between your service rifle and sniper rifles and provide a great range of shooting varying between 400-700 metres. Here is the list of best DMR in BGMI-

DMR NameBase DamageAmmo Type
SKS53 HP7.62 mm
VSS41 HP9 mm
Mini 1446 HP5.56 mm
MK1461 HP7.62 mm
SLR58 HP7.62 mm
QBU48 HP5.56 mm
MK1246 HP5.56 mm

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SMG Submachine Guns

bgmi guns damage list

There is nothing more fun to shoot with for close-range combat than a Submachine Gun as they are very lethal to nearby nemesis. Here is a list of the best Submachine Guns in BGMI for you-

SMG NameBase DamageAmmo Type
Uzi26 HP9 mm
UMP4539 HP0.45 ACP
Vector31 HP9 mm
Thompson SMG (or Tommy gun)40 HP0.45 ACP
PP-19 Bizon35 HP9 mm
MP5K33 HP9 mm

SG (Shotgun)

bgmi guns damage list

Want to make your nemesis be literally blown away a few feet then comes close to a shotgun in that case. We have created a list of the best shotguns in BGMO for you-

Shotgun NameBase DamageAmmo Type
S68626 HP/pellet12 Gauge
S189726 HP/pellet12 Gauge
S12K24 HP/pellet12 Gauge
DBS26 HP/pellet12 Gauge
M101424 HP/pellet12 Gauge

LMG (Light Machine Gun)

bgmi guns damage list

LMGs are very agile guns to use and can come in handy for close-range encounters with your nemeses. We have made a list of the complete list of LMG guns in BGMI-

LMG NameBase DamageAmmo Type
M24945 HP5.56 mm
DP-2851 HP7.62 mm

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bgmi guns damage list

Getting your hand on a pistol right after you land can help you from dying early in the game. We suggest you keep a pistol until you don’t get your hands on a powerful gun like Assault Rifle or SMG, etc. We have made a list of the list of best Pistols in BGMI-

Pistol NameBase DamageAmmo Type
P92359 mm
P191141.45 ACP
R1895557.62 mm
P18C239 mm
R4555.45 ACP
Sawed-off16012 Gauge
Scorpion229 mm
Desert Eagle62.45 ACP
Flare GunOnly for call dropN/A


bgmi guns damage list

For players out there who cannot get their hands on any gun, then melee would be 2nd best option to destroy your nemesis with the help of melee attack weapons. Here is a list of best melees you will find on BGMI-

Melee attack weapon


bgmi guns damage list

Lastly, we have the slowest reloading weapon but with very high-precision damage known as Crossbow.

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BGMI attachments on Weapons

AttachmentList of Attachments
MuzzleCompensator – Compensator is useful in close range combat as it helps you keep your gun’s recoil under check.
Suppressor – Use the silencer when you need to conceal your position and ensure your survival, especially when you are one of the top 2 or 3 men standing in the game and close to your chicken dinner.
Flash Hider – If you don’t have the Suppressor, use a flash hider instead as it helps in hiding your position effectively.
Scope2x scope, 3x scope 4x scope 6x scope, 8x scope – A bigger zoom number in scope means more zoom in on your nemesis and a better chance at a headshot.
GripThumb grip – The Thumb Foregrip will be only beneficial to you for close range combats. It is only suitable for recoil control and reduces the recoil by 5%.
Vertical Foregrip – The Vertical foregrip is for the gun’s stability. It is reasonably utilised for AR guns as it has a substantial vertical recoil and is good in close range combats.
Angled Grip – Angled Grip is the most suitable for long-range combats and reduces -15% horizontal recoil.
Lightweight Foregrip -The Light foregrip is suitable for close-range combats and is the best grip to use when using your gun in the single firing mode.
Half grip – The half grip is one of the best Foregrips for long-range combats as it reduces the vertical and horizontal recoil.
MagazineExtended Mag – This attachment expands the magazine capacity of the weapon it is attached to.
Extended quickdraw Mag – This attachment expands the magazine capacity of the weapon it is attached to and decreases the time required to reload it, allowing an overall more significant amount of firepower.
StockTactical Stock – The Tactical Stock is an attachment designed to reduce recoil and make the aim more steady.

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We have now stated to you the complete list of BGMI guns and their damage list as well. All these guns work much better when combined with their proper attachments. Hope this BGMI guns damage list helps you pick the right weapon for you.

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