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What To Do About a Broken Phone Screen?


Staring at a mobile phone screen that is shattered into a thousand pieces is nobody’s idea of fun. However, ignoring it can be dangerous, ugly, and costly. Some opportunities, tips, and tricks to fix the problem can save the hard-earned money that you need to spend to buy a new phone. So, follow these tips to fix your broken phone screen.

- Updated: 11th Mar 2022, 11:45 IST
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    Reason To Understand Why Phone Screens Break So Easily
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    Things You Need to Do with Your Broken Phone Screen
    • Claim Insurance
    • Make Use of Your Old Spare Cell Phone
    • Try a DIY Approach
    • Visit the Official Service Centre
    • Buy a New Phone
    • Sell Your Smartphone
    • Recycle Your Phone
    • Continue Using it The Way it Works.
    • Get it Repaired Elsewhere.
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    To Sum Up

Are you worried about your broken phone screen? Well, you have just cracked a phone screen – whether it is because your phone slipped out of your hand/pocket, a heavy object fell on it, or you left it on top of your car while driving away, your concern is valid. However, don’t panic. Keep calm and take a deep breath. You have not lost your phone. It’s just your phone screen is broken, and there will be some way to fix it. You can have your phone back that looks and works like new with a repair most of the time.

However, before we deep dive into fixing a broken phone screen, let us first understand why screens break so easily?  

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Reason To Understand Why Phone Screens Break So Easily

Reasons Why Phone Screen Breaks So Easily

Ah, here the real question is – why a Smartphone that costs around $1000 is so prone to damage?

The reason behind it is – durability& design compromises, and engineering reality.

In simple words, nowadays, people want a phone that provides with an elegant design, including top-notch display technology. Therefore, to make the Smartphone’s edges slim and offer almost bezel-less screens, companies need to make some concessions in durability.

Of course, the design specifics matter a lot, but elastic energy really affects it.

Whenever you drop your phone, elastic energy, which is stored in the Smartphone’s glass, is converted into surface energy. The force of impact will overcome the surface compression that results in minor stress, and that is why you have to deal with the broken phone screen.

To overcome this reality, manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung continuously experiment with tougher kinds of glass to absorb the impact. Most companies are mixing zinc into aluminium to create a strong base for the phone’s body.

Now, as you know why you have to deal with a cracked phone screen, let us move to the next section – things you can do with your broken phone screen.

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Things You Need to Do with Your Broken Phone Screen

Claim Insurance

Have you purchased insurance for your Smartphone? If the answer to this question is YES, there is a high chance that you can fix your device without spending any money. All you need to do is contact your insurance company and check with them if the broken phone screen covers the insurance’s terms and conditions or not. Until your smartphone gets fixed, you have to stay without it, but you can easily manage it with the next solution.

Make Use of Your Old Spare Cell Phone

Make Use of Old Spare Cell Phone

It is an excellent practice to keep an old spare cell phone. However, it does not mean you need to store your home with lots of electronic junk. All you need to do is keep a spare Smartphone handy, which will last in any emergency situation. Therefore, whenever your Smartphone met with an accident, and the phone screen doesn’t work, you can transfer your sim on the spare phone. By doing so, you can at least enjoy the basic functionalities. If you do not have any spare phone, you can ask your friends or relatives to lend them their spare phone until your phone gets fixed.

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Try a DIY Approach

Try a DIY Approach

If you want to go for a DIY approach to fix your broken phone screen, you do it in the following ways.

  • First of all, scrub and clean your phone screen with toothpaste. It may sound weird, but in reality, it is not. So, apply the toothpaste to the cracked part of the screen.
  • Rub it gently and leave it for some time.
  • After that, you can use clean cotton to wipe it off after some time.
  • You can even apply nail polish to your cracked phone screen. For that, apply it to the broken area and let it dry. After that, scrape the nail polish with a sharp razor blade, and repeat this process.
  • You can even use a screen protector, which will help to prevent dust or water from entering your Smartphone screen.

Your phone screen is a delicate part, so if you do not have little experience in fixing it, you should not go for a DIY approach. It is because you might damage the phone screen completely. Also, other potential hazards and risks are also associated with the DIY approach, such as loss of warranty, wrong online guides, and much more. If you are not comfortable with this step, follow the next step.

Visit the Official Service Centre

It would be best if you visit the official service centre of your Smartphone. Before heading to the service centre, check if your device is in warranty or not. If it is in warranty, you will get some discounts. If it is not, fixing your broken phone screen will be an expensive affair. However, keep in mind that spending money on a cracked phone screen is cheaper than buying a new phone.

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Buy a New Phone

If your Smartphone is too old and you are not getting spare parts to repair it, buy a new phone. Of course, it will cost you more, but opting for an expensive repair and ending up replacing it after a few months, will be a waste of money and time. You can check deals on the online marketplace or visit an offline store and buy a new phone that is good and pocket-friendly.

Sell Your Smartphone

Sell Your Phone

If you have a Smartphone of a big brand such as Apple or Samsung, you will get a good resale value and exchange offers although having a broken phone screen. There are sites like Cashify, OLX, or eBay, where you can sell your Smartphone and get some money. With the cash that you got by selling your old phone, you can add some more into it and buy a new phone for yourself.

Recycle Your Phone

If your Smartphone is entirely shattered and there is no chance of getting it repaired or seems an expensive affair, you should recycle it. Various companies, including, Cashify, offers such service. All you need to do is visit their website and select the condition of your Smartphone. Once you answer a few questions, the company will offer you some amount for your device. So, take that money, add some more into it, and get yourself a new smartphone.

Continue Using it The Way it Works.

If you are on a tight budget and your broken phone screen is working, you can use it as much as possible and save money for a new one. Apply a screen protector to prevent further cracking of the screen. Remember that saving money and waiting for a perfect buy is always a smart choice.

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Get it Repaired Elsewhere.

The last option is to get it repaired from the outside. This option is in the last place because when you get your Smartphone repaired from outside, there is a high chance that the repair person is not using the genuine products. Many functions will not work properly if they use cheap replacements. You can never expect the same finish and fit from the cheap replacement because it is recommended only for emergencies.

To Sum Up

In summary, these are some things you need to do in case of a broken phone screen. You should handle the cracked phone screen cautiously as its shattered glass can result in major cuts on your skin. Of course, a broken phone screen is very frustrating, but it should not run down your mental health. Therefore, be calm and keep the above-discussed things in mind.

If you are planning to recycle old mobile phone or buy refurbished Smartphones, Cashify is here to help you out with its hassle-free service.


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Highlights of the Story

  • Broken phone screen seems like a costly fix affair. However, if you follow a few inexpensive DIY strategies or take some proper steps on time, you can bring back your phone to its normal conditions.
  • Remember, replacing or repairing broken phone screen is not a rocket science but the process require careful attention to details.
  • This blog will shed light on some tricks and tips that you can use to fix your broken or cracked phone screen.