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Huawei, Airtel conduct a successful 5G trial in India

By Abhishek M - 
9th Jul 2019
5g trials india

Chinese smartphone maker Huawei is at the forefront of the 5G tech – it recently conducted successful trials of the technology in partnership with Ericsson in Europe. As India is trying to formulate a roadmap for the introduction of 5G in the country, Huawei is again becoming an active participant to bring about innovation in telecommunication.

Airtel Partnership

Huawei and Indian telecom giant Bharti Airtel in February announced that they have successfully conducted 5G network trials under a test set-up in India. As per several reports during the test trial, Airtel claimed that a user throughput of nearly 3 Gbps was seen.

For the uninitiated, this kind of speed is the highest which has been ever seen via throughput for a mobile network in the 3.5 GHz band with 100MHz bandwidth. The trial was apparently conducted at one of Airtel’s Network Experience Centre in Manesar (Gurugram) and the company said that they are looking for partners to quickly develop a robust 5G ecosystem in India.

The setup has shown that like China and many of the western countries, India is also ready to gain access to some of the 5G infrastructure that has been touted as the next big thing in telecom. A whole lot of things, such as AI, IoT, and Machine learning can be achieved with just being properly 5G ready. However, it may take up to 5 years to have any commercial 5G applications in India.


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