In the past few years, we have seen a lot of people complaining about how there is nothing new to see in the iPhones launching every year. However, this is the biggest reason for our excitement today because we now have the brand new Apple iPhone 12 straight from the Unicorn, an Apple Premium Reseller.

Well, first let’s understand who is an Apple Premium Reseller or APR. 

APRs are Local Apple Experts who live and breathe everything Apple. They stock a full range of Apple products and employ friendly, expert staff who can answer your queries. So, basically, you get:

  1. Your Local Apple Expert
  2. Expert Advice & Timely Service 
  3. Full Range of Apple Products 
  4. Excellent Post Sales Service 
  5. Hands-on demonstrations
  6. Exclusive Loyalty Programs

However, there is so much new in the iPhone 12. This all-new shiny iPhone will make you want to upgrade if you are already an Apple user. Or, if you are not owning one already, this is the time you can buy the iPhone 12 with all its shiny and awesome features.

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There are a lot of features that are new to iPhone 12. Let’s not forget that this time around we got a hell of an upgrade. We have faster processors, better cameras and software. In addition to these we get the all-new OLED screen, new way to charge, refreshed design and yes, ofcourse, the 5G.

iPhone 12 First Impressions, Review, And Best Price In India

Offers On iPhone 12 –

Apple Trade-in Program at an Apple Premium Reseller (APR):

  • Exchange any old phone (not necessarily an iPhone) and get the value adjusted in your final bill amount.
  • Exchange any old phone with value greater than 5K and get extra exchange bonus upto Rs.6000/-
  • This Exchange Bonus Offer is only applicable on
    • iPhone SE(Rs.3000/- bonus), iPhone XR(Rs.4000/- bonus) and iPhone 11(Rs.6000/- bonus) – Valid till 26th Dec
    • iPhone 12(Rs.6K bonus) & 12Pro(Rs.6K Bonus) – Valid from 30th Oct 2020 to 2nd Nov 2020
  • Credit Card Bank Offers like HDFC Cashback etc. is APR specific. These offers cannot be clubbed with the trade-in bonus. 

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Aman jaiswal
1 Year ago
Aman jaisqal