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iPhone 16 Features, Rumored Release Date And Pricing


The iPhone 15 series release is just around the corner. But with that being said, leaks for the iPhone 16 have already flooded the internet. Here are some of the rumoured features coming to the new iPhone 16 next year.

- Updated: 9th Aug 2023, 19:40 IST
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    What’s Rumoured to be New with the iPhone 16?
    • Size Changes
    • New In-House Display?
    • Apple A18 Bionic Chip
    • New Camera System
    • Can we finally have the iPhone 16 Ultra?
    • iPhone 16 Release Date

With the imminent launch of Apple’s next-gen iPhone, the iPhone 15 series right around the corner, it might seem odd to see articles in relation to the iPhone 16. The phone is not slated to launch for another year and, as such we should usually be unaware of what it might offer.

However, it seems that this year the case is a bit different, with multiple leaks and rumours suggesting that some big upgrades are slated for the 2024 release. Some of these include design changes, optical differences and maybe even a new body design altogether. All of this considered, makes sense to delve into all the leaks and rumours in the market.

Do note that nothing is concrete as of now, considering that even the iPhone 15 has not been launched, but, there might be major changes coming to the beloved iPhone in 2024. Here are some of the rumoured iPhone 16 features and specifications.

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What’s Rumoured to be New with the iPhone 16?

iphone 16 Features

There are multiple rumours floating around the internet for next year’s iPhone 16, the key of which could be in relation to the display of the new iPhone. It is rumoured that the 2024 model of the iPhone could make use of Face ID technology under the display, removing the need for a notch or the more recent dynamic island. It would be interesting to see how well the sensors would perform without a proper cut-out to house them.

Size Changes

iPhone 16 Size

Size differences might also accompany the iPhone 16, with the Pro model rumoured to get a bump up to 6.3-inches, with the Pro Max model measuring in at 6.9-inches, with Mark Gurman believing the same, stating that the Pro models will likely grow by a couple of tenths. This would make the 2024 version of the iPhone the largest iPhone ever. With this, the aspect ratio will also be bumped to 19.6.9 from the current 19.5:9.

Small phone users worry not, since the Non-Pro versions are rumoured to retain the sizes of the older iPhone models, with the regular version being 6.1-inch and the Plus model coming with a 6.7-inch display.

The overall shape may also see certain changes, with the possibility of a smoother rear design with rounded corners, but one cannot say for sure whether Apple would want to experiment or deviate from the current shape of the iPhone.

New In-House Display?

New Display for iPhone 16

Display-wise, it is expected that the iPhone 16 features a MicroLED display, which enables better colours and higher peak brightness, with reduced power consumption. This would be a new offering from Apple, so it might be a bit of a risk, but one cannot say for sure. miniLED could be another alternative if the MicroLED displays remain too new for the Cupertino giant.

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Apple A18 Bionic Chip

5G Modem for Apple iPhone 16

For performance, we assume that Apple will follow the annual SoC upgrade and offer the iPhone 16 series with the Apple A18 Bionic chip. As of the time of writing this article, there are no concrete rumours in relation to storage and chipsets to be used in the upcoming models.

There may even be a built-in modem, which is something Apple has been trying to offer on its flagship smartphones, with the intention being to replace the Qualcomm chips being used in the iPhones of the past. However, with these rumours coming up every year, it is not certain that the iPhone 16 will finally see it being implemented.

New Camera System

Improved Camera iPhone 16

According to famed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who seems to suggest that Sony will face semiconductor issues until 2025. This will be due to Apple making use of stacked design image sensors in the upcoming iPhone.

This CIS will allow the 2024 models to offer revolutionary upgrades over previous models, especially in imagery and even in videography. The entirety of the iPhone 16 series might come with the stacked-design CIS tech, which will be nothing short of amazing.

In terms of camera specifications, the iPhone 16 could make use of the same 48MP sensor likely to be found on the upcoming iPhone 15, coupled with 12MP ultra-wide, telephoto sensors. The Pro models could feature certain special elements to improve smartphone imagery. Certain sources suggest that a sensor size increase could be on the cards for the Pro models.

Can we finally have the iPhone 16 Ultra?

iPhone 16 Ultra

Finally, Apple could even bring a new Ultra model for the iPhone 16, making the Pro and Pro Max models not as special as they have been in years past. To do so, the company could discontinue the barebones Pro variant, but that is not sure.

It is uncertain just as to how Apple would be looking to offer an iPhone 16 Ultra variant, whether that be adding optical elements or making the screen bigger, but in one way or the other, this rumoured Ultra variant would have to be something special, especially if it would be looking to take the best smartphone crown away from the outgoing Pro Max iPhone models.

iPhone 16

Pricing-wise, while we cannot say anything for certain, there should not be major price hikes in the regular, Pro and Pro Max versions. For the Ultra version, there might be parity with other Ultra options from the likes of Samsung. Especially considering that if the iPhone 16 Ultra does launch, it will be Apple’s flagship smartphone and might actually cost $1800.

iPhone 16 Release Date

At this point, we can only speculate since the production of the iPhone 16 has not yet started. But, even if half of these rumours come true, the 2024 model could be one to look out for. Regardless of what comes, the iPhone 15 itself is likely to bring certain upgrades over the 14 series, which, at least in the Pro models was special for the inclusion of the Dynamic Island. 

In regards to when we can expect, the iPhone 16 features an improved design and most probably stacked camera setup. Angoing by previous trends, we will most likely see the new iPhone released in September of 2024. In relation to this, the iPhone 15 launch is just around the corner. Reports suggest that the 15 series may see a release in the second week of September, with multiple rumours suggesting an event being slated for the same day.

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  • iPhone 16 leaks have already started to pop up
  • New SOC, improved design and better camera setup is expected
  • iPhone 16 Ultra is also expected to be announced next year

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