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iPhone 17 Features: Pricing And Rumored Specifications


Apple is gearing up for iPhone 17 series with upgraded tech including LTPO panels, upgrade A19 Bionic chip fabbed on 2nm node for improved of performance, and more. The series will get under the display Face ID, in-house Wi-Fi & Bluetooth modems as well.

- Updated: 9th Aug 2023, 19:46 IST
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    iPhone 17 Features, Rumours, Pricing and Specifications
    • 1. iPhone 17 Features: All About The Displays
    • Apple 2nm A19 Bionic Chipset
    • iOS 19
    • Custom-made wireless modems
    • 100% Recycled Materials In Use
    • iPhone Fold and iPhone SE to Join
    • Apple iPhone 17 Series Release Dates

We are in the third quarter of 2023 and there’s still a long way to go for the iPhone 17 series to mark its debut in 2025. However, leaks have already started pouring in from left and right and we are quite certain that at least a few of the rumors (mentioned below) are true for sure.

Here’s our take on all the things we know about the iPhone 17 series almost two years after its official launch in the last leg of 2025.

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iPhone 17 Features, Rumours, Pricing and Specifications

Here is a compilation of all rumoured iPhone 17 features, specifications, pricing and release date.

1. iPhone 17 Features: All About The Displays

The upcoming iPhone 17 series is gonna be huge in terms of the displays. Apple has decided to up its display game including Dynamic Island on all four models, unlike the latest ones at the time of writing this. All four models will get LTPO displays with 120Hz ProMotion technology to etch their prowess in terms of fluid animations and transitions at a high and variable refresh rate.

The iPhone 17 Pro will get sometime more though. The duo is slated to get an under-the-display Face ID as the Cupertino-based giant is heading towards full-fledged all-screen bezel-less displays on its iPhones. With future iterations, we can expect Apple to get both the Face ID sensor and front-facing camera under the hood probably with the iPhone 18 series but let’s see what happens. 

Certainly, the entire iPhone 17 series will get a taller display thanks to an upgrade to the aspect ratio plus the reduced bezels. Additionally, we have heard that the iPhone 17 models will go for an Always-On Display along with the ProMotion tech.

Apple 2nm A19 Bionic Chipset

iPhone 14 Pro series got their hands on the 3nm Apple A16 Bionic chipset which is currently the best-performing SoC out there. Apple will stick to the 3nm FinFET process for A17 SoCs as well for the upcoming iPhone 15 Series, however, A19 Bionic SoCs on iPhone 17 series will get a one-up. 

Apple and TSMC have agreed on using the GAAFET process to etch its A19 chipset on a 2nm node. It will allow the A18 chipsets to be more powerful and power-efficient compared to their predecessors. You can expect a leap in performance when comparing a 2nm chipset with a 3nm one.

We have heard that 2025 will see a model dubbed iPhone 17 Ultra and there have been quite a few stories about it but take it with a pinch of salt at the moment.

iOS 19

New iOS 19 for iPhone 17

Every year, Apple launches new iPhone models with iOS versions. For instance, iPhone 15 series due in September 2023 will get its hands on iOS 17 and similarly, iPhone 16 gets iOS 18 and finally, iPhone 17 series in 2025 will get iOS 19 onboard. There’s nothing known about iOS 19 at the time of writing this but given the fact the iOS gets bigger with each iteration, we can expect iOS 19 to be manifold better than the current iOS versions. 

Custom-made wireless modems

Apple currently uses models from Broadcom on its iPhones for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. However, with the onset of 2025, we could expect iPhone 17 features that all new custom-made Wi-Fi & Bluetooth models developed in-house. If that’s true, Broadcom could face a major setback since Apple is its biggest client with over 20% of the total revenue coming from Cupertino. 

However, it could be a long shot and we might end up waiting for some more to get Apple’s wireless modems on the iPhones. Additionally, the 5G modems for iPhones have been delayed too given the overheating problems and other technical glitches. The chip is set to launch by 2024 although if not, 2025 appears to be at the sweet spot to get the 5G modem onboard as well.

100% Recycled Materials In Use

As of 2022, Apple confirmed using 25% of recycled cobalt in its batteries which is up from 13% in 2021. The Cupertino-giant is working on using recycled rare-earth materials across the batteries as well as circuit boards among other components that are extracted from mines with inhuman conditions. iPhone 17 in 2025 could be using more recycled materials than today, especially around the batteries given the fact that they are on the rise. 

Apple announced to go 100% recycled cobalt across its entire product lineup that includes the iPhones, MacBook, Mac, etc. The components use rigid main logic boards, flexible boards, wires and connect to cameras, and recycled gold for non-custom components.

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iPhone Fold and iPhone SE to Join

iphone Fold

Whether you are aware or not, Apple is working (or at least rumoured to be) on several innovative products apart from iPhones. Dubbed iPhone Fold/ Flip and the iPhone SE 4, both these models are expected to make their debut in 2025 sharing the limelight with the iPhone 17 Series. We have seen patents showcasing foldable iPhones as well. 

As Apple Vision Pro made its debut early this year, we are certain that future iOS versions will bring better integration to accommodate the Vision Pro with iPhones. Since we are still two years away from the iPhone 17 series (at the time of writing this), we are quite certain Apple will make quite a statement for itself in the MR space thanks to its smooth integration between xOS and iOS, iPadOS, and probably along OSes.

Given that its competitors have already set a stronghold in the foldable phone arena, Tim Cook-spearheaded Apple is likely to up its game as well. It recently ventured into the AR/VR/MR space with Apple Vision Pro which is getting stronger integration into the Apple ecosystem as per what we have heard so far. 

Apple iPhone 17 Series Release Dates

Usually, Apple usually launches its iPhones in the last leg of the year i.e. September or October albeit some make their debut in November too. iPhone 14 Series made their launch on September 16, 2022; while the iPhone 15 series is set for September 13, 2023 (unofficial date). It is safe to assume that Apple won’t change its launch schedule which means we could receive the iPhone 17 series sometime in the second week of September 2025. 


We covered a bunch of rumours and announcements made by Apple and third-party sources as of now. Leaks suggest that the Apple iPhone 17 features an all-new design and an improved camera system. Although it is two years down the line (at the time of writing this) which means, you can expect drastic and significant changes in the aforementioned specs as Apple finds it suitable based on countless tests it runs on prototypes before launching the series. 

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  • iPhone 17 is set to get under-display Face ID, A19 Bionic Chipset and more.
  • The iPhone 17 might be made from 100% recycled materials.