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Leak: TCL’s New Phone Can Expand Into A Tablet

By Sidhant Gupta - 
Wed, 19 Feb'20
tcl foldable tablet leak

Foldable phones are coming out left right and centre in 2020. From the New Moto Razr to the Galaxy Z Flip, foldable tech has come a long way. But now TCL is bringing out a new phone that expands from the size of a normal phone to a full on tablet. According to the CNET leak, this could be possible due to the phone having a large flexible continuous display that just unwraps. Or perhaps there could be a different screen under there, that just comes out when the phone is extended. But this would make the phone pretty thick, something that’s not visible in the current renders.

The phone was expected to be announced at MWC, but since that was cancelled due to Coronavirus concerns, we’ll have to wait longer till TCL officially unveils what exactly is going on here. But rest assured that we’re pretty excited to see how far foldable tech has come, and the route it is taking. TCL’s gamble might just pave the way for tablet size displays right in our pocket.

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