10 Most Watched Netflix Movies You Must See Right Now


Every week, millions of moviegoers visit theatres to see the newest releases from Hollywood. Read on to learn more!

By Anuja Koul - 
Updated: 4th Jul 2022 09:52 IST
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    #1 Red Notice
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    #2 Don’t Look Up
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    #3 Bird Box
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    #4 The Adam Project
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    #5 Extraction
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    #6 The Unforgivable
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    #7 The Irishman
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    #8 The Kissing Booth 2
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    #9 6 Underground
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    #10 Spenser Confidential
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Are you looking for the most-watched movies on Netflix? Netflix is a streaming service with subscription plans that give users access to ad-free series, movies, and games on any internet-connected device. Also, you can enjoy the movies and series by downloading the Netflix app to your Windows 10, iOS, or Android smartphone and then viewing them offline. Even platforms like Netflix are offering you the most notable movies. Furthermore, most people still prefer to watch movies at home due to the pandemic.

Which movies have seen the most viewing hours on Netflix since their releases? The data gathered to know the amount of time people appear to spend in front of devices is alarming. Furthermore, check out the list below to see which movie you contributed to becoming a success.

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#1 Red Notice

red notice

Red Notice on Netflix brings lots of twists and turns to the table for the viewers. The movie Red Notice is about heists. An FBI profiler and two art thieves are looking for priceless works of art. Also, the Bishop and Booth are vying to take possession of Cleopatra’s jewelled eggs. The movie also features Hartley, the profiler, who is working to clear his name with the authorities. Rawson Marshall Thurber was the director, and Steve Jablonsky composed the score. Furthermore, Bad Version, Flynn Picture Company, and Seven Bucks Productions were involved as production companies. This movie performed amazingly well, with 364,020,000 hours viewed in the first 28 days.

#2 Don’t Look Up

Don't Look Up

It is a Sci-Fi movie where two astronomers go out on a media tour to alert people about a comet that is headed straight for Earth. The Astronomer’s characters, Randall Mindy (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Kate Dibiasky(Jennifer Lawrence), make the discovery. They then presented their findings to the press and the White House, expecting someone to act quickly to rescue humanity. It doesn’t, however, go as expected. This movie did exceptionally well, with 359,790,000 hours watched in the first 28 days.

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#3 Bird Box

Bird Box

It is a good movie and has a great storyline. The invisible monsters in Bird Box were primarily to blame for drawing viewers in right away. The potential presence of the monsters was the subject of a lot of speculation when the film initially came out, which practically served as a viral marketing campaign for it. Overall, the movie gets lots of viewer attention and has also been recorded as 282,020,000.

#4 The Adam Project

The Adam Project

The filmmaker and star of “Free Guy” from the previous year have created a popcorn-friendly film with “The Adam Project.” Ryan Reynolds mentors his younger self in the time-travel sci-fi epic, which also features heartwarming family scenes and spaceship dogfights. And the movies have provided us with some of our favourite tales of rescue operations involving time travel, whether it’s about safeguarding the future mother of the sole hero who can lead a rebellion against Skynet or ensuring that your parents fall in love so that you and your siblings will be born. The movie on Netflix has 233,160,000 hours of watch time.

#5 Extraction


This movie comes on the list of most-watched movies on Netflix, with Chris Hemsworth as the main lead. Sam Hargrave directs this movie. Also, the story revolves around the mission. When a veteran mercenary is sent into Bangladesh to save a drug lord’s kidnapped son, his mission speedily turns into a race against time to survive. Furthermore, the movie is quite exciting and even has 231,340,000 hours of views per 28 days.

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#6 The Unforgivable

The Unforgivable

The movie revolves around a woman imprisoned for a violent crime, but as she returns to society after being released from prison, society refuses to forgive her. Based on Sally Wainwright’s 2009 British miniseries Unforgiven, The Unforgivable is a 2021 drama movie that Nora Fingscheidt is in charge of directing and that Peter Craig, Hillary Seitz, and Courtenay Miles wrote. The movie stars Sandra Bullock, Viola Davis, Jon Bernthal, Richard Thomas, Linda Emond, Aisling Franciosi, and Vincent D’Onofrio. It comes in the list of top 10 movies at the sixth position with 214,700,000 hours of views. 

#7 The Irishman

The Irishman

The Irishman finds its spot in the list of top 10 most-watched movies. Also, it is a 2019 American epic crime drama film that Martin Scorsese directed and produced. Its title onscreen is I Heard You Paint Houses. I Heard You Paint Houses, a factual book by Charles Brandt published in 2004, was the inspiration for this novel by Steven Zaillian. With Bobby Cannavale, Stephen Graham, Ray Romano, Anna Paquin, and Harvey Keitel serving as supporting cast members, the film stars Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Al Pacino.

The movie centres on truck driver Frank Sheeran (De Niro), who teams up with the crime family led by mobster Russell Bufalino (Pesci) as a hitman. Including his employment under the ruthless Teamster Jimmy Hoffa (Pacino). The movie represents Scorsese and De Niro’s first working relationship in 24 years and their ninth overall. This movie stands in the seventh position in the list with 214,570,000 hours of views.

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#8 The Kissing Booth 2

The Kissing Booth 2

The year 2020 sees the release of the American teen love comedy The Kissing Booth 2 that Vince Marcello will be directing from a screenplay he and Jay Arnold wrote. The movie is the second in the Kissing Booth trilogy and a direct sequel to The Kissing Booth from 2018. The movie, starring Joey King, Joel Courtney, and Jacob Elordi, is based on Beth Reekles’ The Kissing Booth books. Furthermore, this movie is the eighth on the list, with 209,250,000 hours of viewing.

#9 6 Underground

6 Underground

The story revolves around the six world-renowned experts in various fields, each at the top of their field, who were picked not only for their talent but also for their singular goal to erase the past and alter the future. It is an action-thriller movie by Michael Bay. Also, the star cast features Ryan Reynolds, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Mélanie Laurent, Adria Arjona, Ben Hardy, Corey Hawkins and Dave Franco. Furthermore, the movie got terrific reviews and was ranked ninth with 205,470,000 hours of view.

#10 Spenser Confidential

Spenser Confidential

The movie that’s on the tenth rank is Spenser Confidential, with 197,320,000 hours of watch time by viewers. This movie is an American action-comedy movie directed by Peter Berg. In the movie, the Ex-cop Spenser joins forces with his challenging roommate, Hawk, to catch the killer after two Boston police officers are killed. 

Final words

So, these are the lists of the top ten most-watched movies on Netflix. However, the Red Notice tops the list. Besides, we liked Bird Box and Don’t Look Up from the list. Furthermore, Netflix has now announced which movies have received the greatest total viewing time since their releases. The amount of time people appear to be spending in front of devices is significant. 

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