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Netflix Subscription Plans In India Explained


Netflix has become one of the most popular streaming platforms across the world. People can binge-watch content, including movies, TV shows, documentaries, etc., from all around the world as per the genre they like. In India, there are different subscription plans that offer different features as per the subscription cost. Here are Netflix Subscription Plans explained in India.

- Updated: 2nd Nov 2022, 21:00 IST
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    The Subscription Plans Offered by Netflix in India
    • Mobile Plan 
    • Basic Plan
    • Standard Plan 
    •  Premium Plan 
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    • Does Netflix offer a free trial? 
    • Does Jio offer Netflix free subscription to its customers? 
    • Can we download Netflix movies and TV shows/series?
    • How to Cancel Netflix subscription plans? 
    • Does Netflix offer advertisements? 

For all those who love to binge-watch TV shows and movies, Netflix has some amazing subscription plans ranging from 1 to 4 screens. Netflix even offers a plan, especially for viewers who only wish to watch on their mobile phones. Also, the content it offers caters to a variety of audiences with numerous genres like drama, romance, comedy, horror, sports, sci-fi, fantasy, crime, thriller, anime, etc. 

Netflix Original

All four Netflix subscription plans differ in resolution and number of screens, while the content catalog is similar for all. This signifies that the audience who opt for the most basic plan will be able to watch the same movies and TV shows as the people who go for the highest plan. 

In India, Netflix offers four subscription plans to attract its users. This article allows you to go through all the Netflix subscription plans explained thoroughly, from the most basic and inexpensive to the priciest ones. It includes the cost and benefits of different monthly subscription plans. 

Netflix profiles

Besides, Netflix also allows each user to create their independent profiles for a more personalized experience. You can create up to 5 different profiles with the same account no matter what plan/subscription you choose. 

The Subscription Plans Offered by Netflix in India

Let’s dive into the various subscription plans offered by Netflix in India:

various subscription plans offered by Netflix

Currently, the yearly subscription plans are not available in India. The monthly plans start at 199/- and go up to 799/- a month. The prices of all plans remain the same irrespective of the city you reside in across India. 

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Mobile Plan 

Mobile Plan

Its mobile plans cost Rs 199 per month, and it can stream movies and TV shows only on a smartphone. If you opt for this subscription plan, you will be able to watch Standard Definition content only on one screen at a time while it also allows downloading on a single device. This Netflix mobile plan can be logged in multiple mobile phones but not on smart TVs, FiteTV Stick, or laptops. 

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Basic Plan

After the Mobile plan, Netflix offers a Basic Plan, which costs Rs 499 per month. The plan offers almost the same benefits as the Mobile plan; however, the only difference is that you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies even on laptops and Smart TVs. Also, the number of screen usage and downloads will remain limited to only one device at a time. 

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Standard Plan 

The Standard Plan is best for those who wish to share their account with their family or friends as it increases the screen limitations to two screens at a time. It is priced at Rs 649 per month and enables Full High Definition content. It also allows users to download offline on two devices at a time. 

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 Premium Plan 

As the name suggests, Premium Plan offers premium services at a price of Rs 799 a month. The plan is perfect for a group of friends or family who wish to opt for the subscription together. It allows you to watch Full HD and Ultra High Definition content on your screens. Viewers using this plan can binge-watch and download movies and TV shows on four devices at a single time. 

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We hope the Netflix subscription plans explained above makes it easier for you to choose one of them as per your budget and preferences if you wish to watch your favorite TV series or films. 


Does Netflix offer a free trial? 

Netflix doesn’t offer a free trial to its new users now. So you will have to pay the price if you wish to try the catalog even for the first time. You can always cancel the subscription in the first month itself if you do not wish to watch any further. 

Does Jio offer Netflix free subscription to its customers? 

Jio recently offered a free Netflix subscription with its postpaid plans – JioPostPaid Plus. The postpaid plan offers Netflix Mobile Plan for free. 

Can we download Netflix movies and TV shows/series?

Yes, Netflix allows its users to download their favorite TV shows and films to view offline. However, the number of downloading devices depends on the subscription you opt for. The Mobile Plan allows its users to download on only one single device, i.e., smartphone, whereas the Premium Plan allows downloading on as many as four devices at a single time. 

How to Cancel Netflix subscription plans? 

Netflix allows it, users to anytime cancel its subscription plans in the following simple steps: 

Netflix subscription plans

Step 1: Select the Profile icon on the top right corner and select the option ‘Accounts.’ 

Step 2: Now select the “Cancel Membership” button to cancel the membership.

While canceling your plan, you will get an option to choose a plan one level lower than the one you are currently using or just cancel the subscription. If you cancel it, you will be allowed to use the plan till the date of its subscription, i.e., the billing date. 

Once you cancel the subscription, you will be able to retain your profiles, viewing list, suggested content as well as account details for a period of 10 months. So, if you recharge your account in those ten months, you will get the profile as it was when you canceled the plan. 

Does Netflix offer advertisements? 

No, the viewers can enjoy watching uninterrupted content, including Netflix originals, documentaries, movies, TV series, etc., in different languages. Netflix doesn’t show any advertisements. 

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Highlights of the Story

  • Netflix is the go-to streaming service that offers a huge collection of movies, TV series, Documentaries, etc.
  • Netflix offers a bunch of subscription plans for its viewers. The plans it offers are Mobile Plan, Basic Plan, Standard Plan, and Premium Plan.
  • All these plans differ amongst each other providing different viewing resolutions and number of users.

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