The new PlayStation 5 is the next-gen gaming console from Sony replacing the seven-year-old Playstation 4 that launched back in 2013. After seven long years, the new PS 5 console unleashes new gaming possibilities that you never anticipated. But the question is how to Buy PlayStation 5 in India considering its limited supply?

The new PS 5 promises to offer such a leap forward in loading speeds with a much faster SSD. Moreover, it is powered by a custom Eight-core AMD Zen 2 CPU along with a custom AMD Radeon RDNA 2-based GPU that can provide 10.28 teraflops of graphical power. With 8K gaming and the right refresh rate gameplay at 4K resolution, the PS5 is a beast and runs any title that you throw at it.

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With top of the line specs and massive success throughout the globe, Sony is still not much serious about the Indian market. Recent data reveals that only 4,000 Playstation 5 devices were imported to India. This is much lesser than the PS 4 units imported seven years ago. With so much scarcity of the console and every buyer is looking to grab one, it’s quite difficult to grab one right now. Here we have mentioned all the methods using which you can buy the new PlayStation 5 in India.

Buy Playstation 5 in India

Talking about the pricing the PlayStation 5 is priced at Rs. 49,990 for the standard model and Rs. 39,990 for the Digital Edition.

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1. Using Third-Party Retails Stores

The PlayStation 5 is available at offline stores across India, some of the retailers that are official partners of Sony are Croma, Reliance Digital, Games The Shop, and Vijay Sales. While apart from there there are a lot of Electronics stores and specific shops that deal with gaming consoles are offering the units. Croma had a few launch day offers for buyers who had pre-booked the units. Now with the scarcity of units all across the country, most of these retailers have stopped pre-booking the units.

2. Official Sony Offline Stores

Sony Centers are the official offline store for Sony and you can buy your Playsation 5 from here too. You can check the availability of the units at a nearby store and if they have one in stock you can grab one immediately. If not you can anyways pre-book your console and it shall arrive in a few weeks. If we are lucky, we can get our hands and Buy Playstation 5 in India.

3. Playstation’s Official Website

Earlier you could pre-book PlayStation 5 from Sony’s official Playstation website but now they have disabled this option. You can check this option in a few weeks in case Sony decides to enable this option once again.

4. e-Commerce stores such as Amazon and Flipkart

e-Commerce stores selling play Station 5

Amazon and Flipkart are the official partners with Sony to offer the latest PlayStation 5 in India. Right now the PlayStation 5 is out of stock for both these stores. The best thing to do is, to subscribe to the email for the availability of PS5 and as soon as they are back in stock you shall get an email. Once you do get an email, Buy Playstation 5 in India via these channels.

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5. Scalpers (Olx, Quickr, etc.)


Buying a PlayStation 5 from scalpers is not the ideal thing to do, but these are the people who have already bought the PS5 from official stores with the intention of selling it later at a higher price as everyone knows that the stocks are limited. You can look at websites such as Olx and Quickr, where buyers would have posted their ads to sell their Playstation 5 units. These units are usually sealed packed and come with an official manufacturer warranty.

Note: We don’t recommend this method and be extra careful while using these sources as there are scammers everywhere.

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With all these options we are sure you might have gotten a Playstation 5 unit for yourself. If not, you can wait for a few weeks as Sony is in the process to import more units to India.

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