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New WhatsApp Fact-Checking Bot Can Debug Corona Virus Hoaxes


To check facts, you need to you type 1, then the bot will ask you to send a short sentence related to the fact you want to check.

- Updated: 10th May 2020, 20:46 IST
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    How will it work?

WhatsApp had previously introduced a bot that can be used exclusively on the popular instant messaging app. WhatsApp bot enables you to engage on correspondent commerce and manage customer issues. It helps in connecting with customers.

The Poynter International Factory Checking Network has now launched a chat bot on WhatsApp to help slow the spread of Corona virus-related misinformation on social media.  With the help of the chat bot, users can smell corona virus hoaxes related information or myths that people are forwarding. This WhatsApp bot, with a database of 4,000 debunked hoaxes, can analyse user-sent information to help check whether a piece of news about COVID-19 is false or not.

Baybars Orsek, Director, IFCN said in one of his statements that the whole act uses the platform and the fact checker is more important than ever to mislead others during troubling times. IFCN has said in a statement that WhatsApp will also add people with independent fact-checker in more than 70 countries with the largest database of debunked lies related to the new Corona virus hoaxes.

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How will it work?

The IFCN chat bot will allow users to check facts checker through their smartphone and connect to a fact checker in their country.

IFCN chat bot is free to use. Users should save +1(727) 2912606 as the contact number and recite the word “hi” to start the bot. An automated message will pop-up which would offer 24×7 service to recognize myths and tell facts about COVID-19.

Then start with ‘1’ to start Corona Virus Fact Check. You can now reply with the question and send keywords related to the topic you want to ask. The bot will then reply with relevant information. Text Users will get several options to choose from such as Search for fact checks, Latest fact checks, Tips to fight misinformationn, Find fact-checkers near me, About us and Privacy.

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Initially the bot will be in English language only but IFCN have said that other languages ​​including Hindi, Spanish and Portuguese will be followed soon. WhatsApp has recently launched several initiatives in support of the global fight against the corona virus epidemic.  One of which is a grant of one million dollars to IFCN.

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