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Among Us for PlayStation & Xbox Coming Soon!

- Updated: 22nd Oct 2021, 14:26 IST
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    Among Us for PlayStation and Xbox: What More?

Last year, the role-playing game called Among Us suddenly reached the top out of nowhere. Although the game has been around since 2018, many people turned to it because of the ongoing pandemic last year. Now, Among Us for PlayStation and Xbox is the next big thing to look forward to.

Popular YouTubers like Pewidepie and Jacksepticeye turned to the game instantly. They livestreamed the game almost every day, further creating more and more hype around it. The game stood out as something very different. Moreover, it used actually communication and manipulation skills of players.

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This not only made it incredibly fun but a lot more difficult as well. If you sound even a tad bit off, chances are you will be discarded as the Imposter (even if you are not, which is the case most of the time). For now, we only have the game on PC and Mobile. However, console players will soon get it. Among Us is finally arriving to PlayStation and Xbox on December 14, 2021.

Among Us for PlayStation and Xbox: What More?

Among Us Gameplay

The most downloaded mobile game of 2020 with 264 million download worldwide, is finally arriving for console gamers. What more, the best thing is that Among Us for PlayStation and Xbox will come with cross-play as well. What this basically means is that console players of the game will be able to play with players on PC and Mobile as well.

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Besides, Among Us is now better than ever before with a new map called Airship, a Hide and Seek game mode and various other cosmetic items. In addition, upon release of Among Us for PlayStation, players will be receiving exclusive Ratchet & Clank in-game cosmetics. However, Xbox players will not receiving any such items, at least for now. All-in-all, definitely a release to look forward to!

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