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Android 12 Could be Named Snow Cone; Expected Features, Release Date, and More

By Susshmita Choubey - 
16th Feb 2021
Android 12

Android 12 is on the way and over the months, we are getting a lot of leaks on the same. Moreover, it looks like we are finding more leaks on it and what it will entail. As we all know the general name of the OS is purely numeric. However, Google still retains the dessert naming scheme for Android versions internally. It looks like the upcoming Android version, the operating system will be seemingly called Snow Cone.

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Android 12 will be the next iteration of Android from Google and can launch later this year. The information comes courtesy of internal development branches, which are apparently prefixed with ‘sc’. However, one should note that Google has not shared any information on the new OS. So one should take this information with a pinch of salt.

We know Google likes to have dessert names for its Android operating systems. Moreover, a report by XDA Developers states that the upcoming iteration can be called Snow Cone for Android 12. It also states that Android 11 was internally called Red Velvet Cake. Plus, there were references to “rvc” in the source code.

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On the other hand, in terms of features, there are many leaks in the same in the past few weeks and more. According to a report by 9to5Google states that Android 12 can come with a new face-based option for auto-rotate. Android’s auto-rotate doesn’t always work like you want it to. So with this new version, Google seems to be making some improvements. The smarter auto-rotate can use front camera of your phone to see the orientation your head is and rotate the display accordingly. This would be especially useful for those who use their phones while lying down.

Other reports also suggest Google will add a dedicated one-handed mode for Android 12. In addition, that users will be able to enable one-handed mode with a gesture. This one-handed mode can see downsizing only along the vertical axis. It will be bringing options that are too high up to reach closer. Additionally, users may be able to set a timeout period that will automatically disable one-handed mode.

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Separately, Gaming Mode in Android 12, according to reports, will have a new “GameManager service”. It will likely trigger when a game starts and manage settings like automatic brightness, auto-rotation, Do Not Disturb mode, and more. In addition, a new Battery API is being introduced as well. It will allow games to detect the battery level of the connected Bluetooth controller. As for the ‘reduce bright colors’ feature, it is allegedly for helping people with visual impairments. It may be part of the quick settings in Android 12.

Android 12 does not have a release date yet but Google may launch it towards the end of this year.


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