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    Top 10 Bluetooth Earphones In India, Best True Wireless Earbuds & Neckbands!


    With the elimination of 3.5mm audio jack from smartphones, Bluetooth earphones, be it wired or true wireless, are the only options to enjoy your favorite music. With so many options available in the market right now, prominent audio brands such as Sony, Sennheiser, and JBL. And now, with smartphone brands such as Realme, OnePlus have also portrayed in Bluetooth audio products category. Here we list out the Best Bluetooth earphones available in India.

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    Updated: 27th Oct 2020 21:15 IST
    Top Bluetooth Earphones India

    Highlights of the Story

    •  A bold decision to remove the 3.5mm audio port by Apple was highly criticized and now almost all brands have followed the same path.
    • Now, Bluetooth Earphones is the only way ahead to enjoy music on your smartphone.
    • Here we list out the best True Wireless Earbuds and Bluetooth Neckbands available in India.

    Apple made a major move with the omission of the headphone jack from it’s products back in 2016. Hard to believe that this move resulted in most premium devices losing their headphone jacks as well, because, well, it’s Apple.

    However, there is a silver lining in every situation, and in this case, it was in the form of the Apple AirPods. Four years later, the AirPods are far from being the best in the market. This is due to the wide range of True Wireless Earphones and with them, neckband style earphones. So, why not list out the top 10 Bluetooth earphones available in India, in multiple price segments. Let us do the same in this article.

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    1 .Sony WF-1000XM3

    While the naming scheme for these earphones seems to be done on another planet, the earphones themselves are probably the best sounding true wireless earphones, period. Coming from the makers of the excellent Sony WH-1000XM3s, another long-named awesome product, it is no surprise that the XM3s are a treat for audiophiles the world around. For just Rs. 13,999 this is also a great deal for the audiophile crowd.


    • Good design with loads of options for eartips
    • Adequate battery life
    • Best-in-class Active Noise cancelling
    • Superb, Audiophile level sound that promises a best-in-class audio experience


    • Lack of advanced Bluetooth codecs
    • Fit might not appeal to all users

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    2. Apple AirPods Pro

    From the makers of the original AirPods, the earphones that started the TWS revolution, come the AirPods Pro. With noise cancelling as good as the Sony offerings and a good enough sound quality, the AirPods Pro are amongst the best in the market and are more of an all rounder, when compared to the WF-1000XM3s.

    Add to that the new Spatial Audio feature, it results in a drool-worthy audio experience, with the quality of an Apple product. Considering the pricing of around 20k and the current situation, wherein you can get the AirPods Pro for 16.5k, it is a no-brainer of a buy,


    • Simple, functional design
    • Great ANC support
    • Good battery life
    • Balanced, high-quality sound
    • Ease of use with Apple Products


    • Reduction in sound quality when paired with an Android device
    • Fit may be tight for some

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    3. Senheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

    Another Audiophile focused earphone, the Senheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 try to be a better Sony WF-1000XM3 and they succeed to some extent. While the ANC leaves something to be desired in comparison to the aforementioned two options, the sound quality will leave you in pure bliss. Nothing new, considering the maker, still, worth noting. However, at around Rs 23,999 it is quite an expensive buy.


    • Great battery life
    • Simple, intuitive app
    • Detailed sound stage
    • Strong Bass
    • Proper ANC
    • Bluetooth 5.1+AptX


    • Expensive 

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    4. Oppo W51

    Coming to some of the budget options in this list, one of the best options under Rs 5000 is the Oppo W51. With sizable drivers, good sound quality and, most importantly, ANC support, the earphones are a great value for money proposition. These earphones also feature a good design and ample battery life with around 4 hrs with ANC on. In short, these are a good pair of earphones and for just Rs 4999, these are well priced as well.


    • Good design
    • Eartips for extra grip
    • ANC support
    • Ample Battery life


    • Might look too simple to some
    • No LDAC support

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    5. OnePlus Buds

    Another one of the budget TWS options in the list, the OnePlus Buds provides good sound quality, with ample amounts of bass (without overdoing the same). The Buds are most importantly popular for the battery life that they provide, with 7 hours on charge on a single charge, something that is frankly shocking. To add to that, one can avail the same on OnePlus’s site for as low as Rs. 4,500 with some coupons from OnePlus users. This makes the earphones a good option in the budget segment.


    • AirPods like design
    • Good sound quality
    • Astonishing battery life
    • Bluetooth 5.0


    • No App support for other non-OnePlus Android devices/iOS devices (to be launched soon, but not available as of the time of writing this article)
    • No LDAC/AptX support
    • Lack of ANC (Oppo Enco W51/ Realme buds Air Pro feature ANC support)

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    6. Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

    Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

    One of the more premium options in this bunch of true wireless solutions, the Galaxy Buds Live or, as the kids say, the beans are a compelling option. The earphones can be best described as jack of all trades, master of none. The reason for this nomenclature is the fact that it does everything that you expect it to, but, it does not stand out in the vast infinite land of true wireless earphones. It is a well rounded, decent buy and, for Rs 14,990, a good value proposition as well.


    • ANC support
    • Good sound quality with balanced sound stage
    • Unique design
    • Adequate battery life


    • Fit might not suit all
    • Tacky design (for select users)

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    7. JBL C100 

    The final TWS option in this list comes from JBL, in the form of the JBL C100. A budget set of true wireless earphones, these offer a decent build, a balanced sound stage (Bass lovers might be disappointed), decent battery life and a Micro USB port (that is a Con, Type-C everything in 2020) But, for just Rs 2,299 for someone on a budget, these are their best bet.


    • Decent Bass
    • Good battery life
    • Simple, ergonomic design


    • Micro-USB port

    8. Realme Buds Wireless Pro

    Coming to the neckband side of things, our first pick comes in the form of the Realme Buds Wireless Pro. These earphones feature massive drivers, with LDAC support, which result in amazing sound quality. They last a long time (17 hours with ANC on). All this for just Rs 2,990 (Price till Diwali end)


    • Solid Battery Life
    • LDAC support
    • Attractive Design
    • ANC support


    • Tinny at high volumes
    • No proper custom EQ settings in the app

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    9. OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z

    If the Realme Buds Wireless Pro are too expensive for you and, ANC is not your utmost priority, you can take a look at the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z. The earphones offer 20 hours of battery life, a balanced sound stage (with a Bass Edition of the earphones available for bass lovers) and a striking design. For just Rs 1999 or less (can be availed at Rs 1799), these are immensely good value for money.


    • Good looking design
    • Comfortable fit
    • Balanced sound
    • Awesome battery life


    • No ANC
    • No LDAC/AptX support

    10. Oppo Enco M31

    The final option in our list is definitely not the last product in terms of the value proposition. If you are an avid tech nerd, you might have heard about the M31 owing to the glowing recommendations from multiple reviewers.

    Well, these were the first budget neckbands to offer LDAC and for Rs 2,299 these caught the market by storm for their amazing sound quality. Considering these can be found for as less as Rs 1999, these offer amazing value as well.


    • Premium design
    • Rich sound
    • Good battery life


    • Lack of ANC
    • Poor Mic quality

    This concludes our list of top 10 true wireless earphones in India. We hope this has been helpful and you can make a decision on which of these products to get at ease. 

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    I have read your article it is very interesting and we are also writing the articles. For other interesting topics related to movies, web series, TV Shows, Cricket, Health, Food and Technology, subscribe to our blog!

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