Mkv file or Matroska Video File is similar to MOV and AVI files, however, Mkv files support plenty of audio, video, picture and subtitle files. You can identify Mkv files with the “.Mkv” extension. If you see the “.Mkv” extension, you must understand that the file contains high-definition online video as it contains descriptions, cover arts, ratings, or even chapter points.

In this article, we will talk about how to open and edit an Mkv file.

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How to open the Mkv files?

You might feel like opening an Mkv file is similar to opening any other video file. Well, it is if you have just one or two Mkv files, but in case you have 10 Mkv files, all from different places, it might happen that some of them do not play correctly.

Now, this problem arises because it might be that the correct data to open that Mkv file is already present on your computer before the video stream would render. If you are a windows user, options like MPV, MPC-HC, KMPlayer, MKV File Player, and The Core Media Player are the best Mkv file players for you. Besides, iOS users can play Mkv files through Elmedia Player or Roxio Software, and Linux users can open Mkv files through “Xine”.

However, the easiest way to play Mkv files is through a VLC media player. VLC works fine on both Windows and macOS devices.

Decoder Filters

Certain Mkv files require decoder filters to open them. You can find these decoder filters on the Matroska website.

Alternative Option: Download Codecs for Compatibility

The other way to play Mkv files is by downloading the support files or codecs. However, you need to be careful when doing so. With the help of these support files, your Windows media player or another video player that does not support Mkv files would be able to play it too. These codecs help your video player understand how to decompress the not supported files.

Why we said to be careful while downloading codecs is because sometimes these files contain malware that might harm your computer. However, if your source is reliable, you can download them easily.

You can get Codecs for your Mkv files from here.

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Converting an Mkv File

You can convert Mkv files into another format through free video converters like Freemake Video Converter. This platform can convert the Mkv file into any format, be it MP4, AVI, MOV, or you can even burn the video onto a DVD.

Download Freemake Video Converter here.

Editing an Mkv File

Like any other video format, the Mkv files can be edited too. There are certain free entry-level tools like MKVToolNix, which can add subtitles or help you edit the Mkv files on Windows, Linux or macOS.

MKVToolNix supports subtitle formats like SRT, PGS/SUP, VobSub and SSA. You can even delete or add custom subtitles to the Mkv files through this tool. There is also Chapter Edition Portion in the tool that helps you with making a start and end times for custom video chapters. Other features include cutting the length, merging different videos, etc.

Download MKVToolNix from here.

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