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Apple AR Headsets May Arrive With New Iris Scanning

- Updated: 15th Oct 2022, 12:51 IST
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    Apple AR Headsets

The Information on Friday reported that two unspecified sources have shown that Apple’s upcoming AR devices will have iris scanning for identifying a user. This will work when someone will put the headset on. Now a new report says that Apple Glass, or other Apple AR headsets, may have iris detection rather than Face ID or Touch ID.

The publication states, “The capability will make it easier for multiple people to use the same device and allow them to quickly make payments inside the headset”. Other than this even people mentioned it is just like iPhones which allow people to confirm payments using scans of their fingerprints or faces.

Moreover, the details in Friday’s report were rumoured before. Also, some are based on previous features or products. As they are not from Apple itself.

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The iris scanning will be used as a new biometric tool for user authentication. It is even possible that it can use Apple Pay. The ultimate use of it was reported even before.

Apple launched SensoMotoric Instruments for eye-tracking technology in 2017. In 2021, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo commented on the technology saying this acquisition will bring head-mounted display (HMD) to Apple.

He even mentioned, “We are still unsure if the Apple HMD can support iris recognition”. However, “the hardware specifications suggest that the HMD’s eye-tracking system can support this function.”

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Apple AR Headsets

Apple AR Headsets
Via MacRumors

The Information claims to have some who have worked on Apple’s project. According to them, the design will feature mesh fabrics, aluminium, and glass. It may be even thinner and lighter than Meta’s new Quest Pro.

The sources also state that the headset screen will function at low refresh rates. This is similar to iPhone and Apple Watch’s always-on displays. Its headset case is designed for preserving battery life.

Now recent reports suggest that Apple is working on at least three different Apple AR headsets. Also, one of which is at an advanced stage of development. It may debut in 2023. This may offer a pair of 4K OLED displays, and 15 camera modules around the side. It will cost up to $3,000 (roughly Rs.2,47,254).

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The headset will let the ones who wear glasses magnetically clip on custom prescription lenses inside the device. The exterior of the headset will have an outward-facing display. That will allow other people to see the facial expressions of the wearer.