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Apple Foldable iPad May Surprise Us, Check Details

- Updated: 20th Oct 2022, 14:47 IST
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    CCS Reports And New Foldable iPad

Apple may launch a foldable tablet in 2024. The company is expected to release it before a foldable iPhone. Analyst firm CCS Insights predicted this on Tuesday in its annual report. As per the firm, the company may bring in a premium iPad with a flexible display. Instead of foldable smartphones.

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However, this approach seems to be different from the strategy of other smartphone companies like Samsung. Since Samsung has launched four generations of its foldable Samsung Galaxy Z Fold smartphone.

CCS Reports And New Foldable iPad

According to CCS Insights in the ‘Predictions for 2023 and Beyond’, Apple will release a foldable iPad to the market in 2024. It predicts to launch before launching a foldable iPhone.

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Moreover, the new tablet with a flexible display is said to come in the ‘super-premium’ price range. Chief of Research at CCS Insight Ben Wood in a CNBC interview said, releasing a foldable iPhone could be a high-risk move.

The company even have to set the price of this foldable iPhone around $2,500 (roughly Rs. 2,06,000). It is to prevent it from hindering the sale of other existing models. As the current top-of-the-line Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max starts at Rs. 1,39,900.

Wood states that Apple is maybe trying to avoid any backlash from technical issues in a foldable iPhone. So maybe it will use the technology for creating “breathe new life” into the iPad.

Apple Foldable iPad
Foldable iPad

In a recent report, Apple acquired a patent for a foldable display with self-healing properties. It is a groundbreaking technology that enables a display for recovering from scratches and even dents.

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This healing material may be of elastomer. The layer may present either in the flexible region of the display or underneath the full display. Moreover, the report also claims that self-healing will happen without prompting.