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After Foldable, What’s Next? Maybe Rollable Awaits Us

- Updated: 19th Oct 2022, 17:03 IST
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    Motorola Rollable Phone Specifications
    • Concepts About The New Device

Motorola has surprised customers with a rollable smartphone that switches size with a press of a button. The company has briefly demoed the device at Lenovo Tech World. What is exciting is that with just a press of a button, the screen of the smartphone expands and contracts. The company brings the concept of Motorola rollable phones.

Motorola Rollable Phone Specifications

The new Motorola rollable phones will use a flexible OLED display. It comes with 6.5-inches when extended and turns into “just over” 4-inches when retracts to its original form. It just happens with a click of a button.

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The new Motorola phone is actually packed at 4-inches high. Moreover, the extension is just not the only point. What is interesting about this new concept phone is that the content on the screen switches the display size, which includes the home screen and video.

Concepts About The New Device

However, it isn’t the first time concept of a rollable concept smartphone. There have been prior attempts for creating such rollable smartphones. Previously, Oppo and TCL both showcased rollable phones.

Not leaving LG, because the company was far closer to the commercial launch of a rollable phone. However, this concept stepped back. When LG stopped making smartphones completely last year.

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But this new concept of Motorola stands apart from the crowd. Also as per their concept, the smartphone will expand vertically. That is unlike the horizontal expansion of the screen. So, this speaks the intention of Motorola. It wants to make a phone that can switch screen sizes according to what you are doing instead of taking the route of a smartphone-tablet hybrid device.

Moreover, this announcement of a rollable concept phone has arrived at a time when almost every smartphone has the same looks. As per Expert say, phone innovation has hit a plateau but some brands like Motorola are giving smartphones a new touch. It arrives with a new phone form factor.

Even Samsung is yet another player which gives hard competition in the field. It is trying to bring in smartphones with foldable devices. Motorola itself launched three interactions of Razr foldable phones in the past.

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But Motorola has not revealed anything yet. The rollable phone’s specs, price, or even a possible release date are yet to be notified. Are even the rollable phones out of the lab yet or will they launch commercially? Is even a question at the moment. But what assures us is that it’s Motorola’s smartphone strategy. More details are awaited about this new concept.